Xpreen Professional Mole Tattoo Remover Pen

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available due to FDA regulation. Click the link below for top available Mole/Tattoo removal pens!

The Xpreen Spot Eraser Pro is one of the popular and expert moles and tattoo remover pens that works for the individuals with tag freckles spin and also for the dark spot. Also, works perfectly for the individuals with dark pigmentation skin. It comes with a USB charging and replaceable needles and offers professional results.

The Xpreen spot Eraser Pro uses advanced technology and helps you to take care of different skin spots, tags, moles, freckle, wart, etc, instantly and effectively using the perfect needle and without any bleeding and hurt. The pen tattoo & mole remover is safe and easy to use.  It can enhance your skin and brings an unbelievable change in your life.

If you want to how to use this incredible tattoo remover pen, then, the first thing you should do is, select the proper needle and place it properly on the pen point. Now, click the power button for about three seconds to turn ‘on’ the pen and use the same process to turn ‘off’ the pen.  You have to press the power button to select the ideal level and click the power button twice to ‘on’ the spotlight and use the same procedure to ‘off’ the spotlight.

But, it is important to practice and know how to use the device properly before using it on your skin.  Use some animal skin like pigskin till you get used to it. Also, do not clean the affected part of the skin with any kind of scrub or washing with powerful alkaline, just small treatment is fine.

Also, after using the more and tattoo remover pen, remove the needle immediately, clean it and sterilize, then dry it absolutely.   Also, you should remember that at the recovery time, i.e., about one to three months, do not eat hot food, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should not scratch if you get a scab itch, and also do not wash the device in the water.  If you are not using the pen for a longer period, then make sure to keep the device in a cold and dry place. If you don’t know how to use the device, then better stay away from using it, also keep it away from kids and pets. 


  • Effective and Quick Tattoo  and Mole Removal Pen: This Spot eraser is a profession and Xpreen  pen that quickly and effectively removes dark freckle, spots, wart, mole, tattoo, etc, on your skin as it uses high-tech and EIC (Electric Ion Carbonation) functions.
  • Easy and quick Operating: This skin tag device is easy-to-use and it allows you to use it anywhere and at any time. Before using the device, read the instructions clearly and follow every step accordingly.
  • Six-level setting tattoo remover: It comes with six-level setting for different healing methods.  Lower-level is used on freckle and spot, whereas, higher-level is used on skin tag, mole, and tattoo. It is an absolutely safe tattoo remover as it does not cause bleeding.

We liked

  • Convenient and safe
  • Six-levels for various treatments
  • LED Spotlight & USB Charging

We didn't like

  • Needle screw design is inappropriate
  • It may cause itchiness for some people

The Verdict

Overall, it is one of the best tattoo and mole removers that you can find in the market. Improved Design of the device contains LED spotlight located on the pen point. It assists you to clean the spot perfectly using inbuilt Li-battery, you can charge it easy with USB cable, and it works five hours once it gets completely charged.  It contains ten replaceable needles and three coarse needles. Though they are made with perfect, sturdy, and durable design, still the individual may feel pain while removing the tattoo or more, when they are using higher-level.

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