What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health

Believe it or not, your feet can say a lot about your health and what is going on in your body. Pay attention and take into account if you have any of these things:

Loss of hair on your fingers

You are probably having a problem with poor circulation, as its presence in that area tells you that you get enough blood supply.


If you experience frequent foot cramps, you are probably suffering from dehydration or nutritional deficiency. They could also be a sign of a slight foot injury.


If you have sores or an ulcer that doesn't heal, beware. It may indicate that you have diabetes.

Swollen feet

They may indicate kidney failure or problems with fluid removal. Another cause of swollen feet may be due to drug side effects and drug interactions.

Cold feet

This signal may indicate that you suffer from hypothyroidism. Also, it can be the result of a circulatory problem which is why you should evaluate with a specialist what is due to the condition of cold feet.


If you are sure that you have these signs, talk to your trusted doctor and seek immediate care.

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