What Does Argan Oil Smell Like?

Have you ever used Argan oil outside of your kitchen before? Argan oil is an amazing skincare ingredient, and it has a specific scent that may intrigue you.

Before you jump into the article and find out more about argan oil and its scent, you should know that there are 4 different kinds of argan oil! Argan oil is a natural compound, found in many of our everyday hair-care, skincare, as well as makeup items. If you are a picky person who is constantly searching for the perfect product, you will enjoy this variety and the fact that you get to choose among 4 different kinds and scents of Argan oil.

Different Types Of Argan Oil

Naturally Scented Oil

Naturally scented Argan oil is cold-pressed and it smells quite organic. People would describe it as a mixture of citrus which is quite strong and easy to spot.

Active Carbon Deodorised

By adding the so-called carob powder, this oil will settle. Thanks to the carbon, the oil will lose its natural scent and will become a lot sweeter, almost like a perfume. This is why this oil is often found in perfume bottles and sprays.

An Unscented Oil

This oil has been very popular in Europe and in the U.S, while nowadays everyone loves to use it. This type of oil is often used on face and hair since it doesn’t cause breakouts, and it doesn’t give out a greasy outcome.

Oil in a small bottle

Deodorised Argan Oil

This is the last form of Argan oil which has no smell at all. It is even clear with a slight pale pinkish color. It is made with the help of steam in a vacuum. This oil is found in shampoos or soaps and is very mild.

Can The Way You Store Things Have An Effect On Argan Oil?

Yes, indeed. In fact, the way you store your Argan oil, in the long run, will have an effect on its smell, color, as well as texture.

Since Argan oil is high in vitamin E (which is a powerful anti-oxidant) you should go through it in 12-18 months. Try not to expose it to strong sunlight nor air since its anti-oxidants will wear off a lot quicker once exposed to any external factors. You will notice a thick white chunk, as well as a significant odor if you misplace the oil.

Skin care oil on woman's face

Which Oil To Use?

Every form of oil can be used for different purposes. As you were able to tell, there are four different kinds of Argan oil, and each kind is used for different cosmetic uses. Some women may prefer the naturally scented Argan Oil since it is better for inflamed skin and problems such as Eczema and acne.

Also, if you want an oil that’s gonna last you for more time use the one without the heavy scent. Sticking to a specific kind is a personal choice, and it is entirely up to you to figure out which Argan oil you need!

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