Proper and Various Ways on How to Wear Lace

Lace clothing has outgrown the years, seasons and trends, remaining fashionable. It is a delicate texture of ornamental and transparent fabric that invites us to see the skin, the most feminine side of women.

The key is to use the textures as an additional touch and not to dress or overload the look. The lace looks much better if the rest of the pieces are as simple as possible. The use of this material should be in moderation, as something special in our look.

Today, lace and other genres that allow the skin to be seen through the fabric, such as transparencies, for example, are more valid than ever. They are a piece that should not be missing in your closet as fundamental as the black dress or white shirt. However, it is convenient to take into account some recommendations to use it without passing the line of elegance to vulgarity.

Lace fashion

Tips for wearing lace:

  • The lace is feminine, imperishable and very versatile. A lace top is easy to combine with a jean or a tubular fada. The secret lies in the balance.
  • If the piece you are going to use is elastic, make sure it is not too tight. If the fabric wrinkles on your skin, the piece will be small.
  • If it is a top of big eyelets, that is to say, that the lace shows a lot of skin, combine with solid pants or skirt, of poly skin or cowboy.
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    Try to use accessories that complement. Necklaces that are too eye-catching leave them for more neutral garments.
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    There are no limits to using lace according to your body. Feel feminine and exquisite with lace dresses and tops. Nowadays, the use of lace is not limited only to a classic style. Also, fluorescent colors, brightness and even the combination with other types of materials are valid.
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    With the use of color, the rules are the classics: white is associated with purity, red with sensuality, black with elegance and sophistication.
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    It is recommended to wear a lace garment with a dark color if you want to stylize the silhouette.
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    It can be worn in complements or accessories such as shoe designs, socks, gloves, as imposed by celebrities such as Katy Perry.
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    As lace is transparent, it is better to wear it at night and accompany it with simple accessories, as the star in the look is lace.
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    If you wear lace in blouses or any other garment that is transparent a little during the day, you can accompany it with a blazer or jacket.
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    Like any other garment, you should always be very cautious when combining with appropriate accessories.

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