Tyme Iron Pro Reviews

A high-quality hair styling tool which every woman will love, no matter her hair type! Ideal for creating soft curls or super straight hairstyles at home.

TYME Iron Pro 2-in-1 Hair Curler...
  • HEAT SETTINGS: 5 easily adjustable temperature settings: 300°, 325°, 350°, 375°, and 400° F
  • PATENTED ANGLED DESIGN: We put the twist in the tool for you. Get voluminous curls, beach waves or ultra-straight hair. With a slight change of the angle or your wrist, you can achieve any look
  • MEMORY FUNCTION & AUTO SHUT OFF: Temperature memory (iron turns on to last used setting). The iron will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of non-usememory (iron turns on to last used setting)
  • HEAT IN NO TIME: Heats up in 55 seconds. Achieve your good hair day in less TYME

What Is Tyme Iron Pro?

This is a relatively new hot tool by TYME which brings salon-like results to the comfort of your home. It is an iron and a curling solution, all in one! Featuring a bigger and more practical round barrel, this iron comes at a higher price and is the perfect luxury option. Women worldwide love it due to its stylish and sleek design, while the tool features several interesting and innovative options.

Who Can Use This Iron?

Almost every woman can use this tool, as long as they are being very careful when styling their hair. However, a lot of women are afraid of working with high heat, which is why it is essential to use heat protection sprays to prevent any damaging, as well as a heat protectant glove to protect yourself from possible burns.

The tool can administer high heat which makes it a bit hard to navigate if you are not used to these types of styling tools. If you are someone who has super thin, brittle, fine, damaged or colored hair then this iron might cause some splitting or breakage.

On the other hand, if your hair is normal, thick, or wavy and super curly, you will find this tool super useful. Once turned on, the iron will leave flawless and salon-like results. In the end, if you don’t find the iron practical you can take it back since it features a one year warranty.

Gold-Plated Titanium Plates

If you’ve ever played with an iron you will know that titanium plates are the best for any hair type. These are high quality and are highly recommended for any hair type, unlike the old-school metallic plates.

Luckily, this iron features gold-plated titanium plates, which are ideal because they can lock in all of the necessary hydration/moisture and prevent any kind of damage from happening to your hair. As long as you place the heat carefully and at the right place, you will have a frizz-free and flawless outcome, with a lot of shine.

The so-called ionic technology that this iron features will leave your hair silky smooth and super flat or wavy, based on your styling preference.

High Heat

The tool itself can warm up to 5 easily adjustable temperature settings: 300°, 325°, 350°, 375°, and 400° F. This means that its highest temperature is 400 degrees in Celsius. The TYME Iron Pro can warm up in 50 seconds and will allow you to achieve flawless results in 5-10 minutes.

If you are not too handy with high heat you should use heat protective gloves (which come with your purchase) and a heat protective spray to avoid any possible burns. Also, you need to be very careful when working with high heat around your face area, and try to be very steady around your cheeks because you don’t want to burn your face.

Once properly styled, this iron will deliver shine, smooth and silky-looking hair. It also features a rotating swivel cord which will come in handy if you need to reach the back of your hair when styling it, but it is also easy and comfortable to use on someone else.

Sleek Design

The design of the iron is very sleek, stylish and modern. It has a feminine rose & gold design, and it comes in one color only. This color will suit every woman, no matter her age, while the iron itself would make a great gift for birthdays or for the upcoming New Years Eve.

Besides being pretty, it also features a practical automatic shutoff which will happen 30 minutes after you’ve stopped using the iron.

This is very useful and handy if you are someone who is forgetful or if you are always busy. Besides the automatic shutoff, the iron also has a heat setting memory. This means that the tool will automatically turn on to the last used heat setting each time you plug it in. It works on dual voltage: accepts both 110-120V and 220-240V.

How To Use Tyme Iron Pro

Step 1

Turn on the iron by clicking the power button. The LED light on the front of your iron will blink until you’ve reached your desired temperature and then will stay turned on. To move and choose between the heat settings, you click the power button.

One light means 300 F, 2 lights mean 325, 3 lights mean 350 F, 4 lights means 375 F, and 5 lights mean 400 F. Once you are done styling hold the power button for 3 seconds till your tool doesn’t turn off. Make sure you always place it on flat surfaces and never drop your iron.

Step 2

After washing your hair get it completely dry. Use your everyday products such as a shampoo and a conditioner and then towel dry it until you are ready to blow dry it. Now, section it into four different sections to enjoy easier styling.

Turn your Tyme Iron on by clicking the on/off switch. You will notice a blue light which will tell you that the device is working. The brown lines down the iron are used for curling, while the gold plates are used for straightening the hair. If you are going to straighten your hair comb through it after blow drying it. If you are going to curl your hair comb it while it is still damp after you’ve just washed it.

Step 3

If you wish to curl your hair make wrist-action movements and move your hair and arm forward. If you are going to style the back of your head pull the hair up and make wrist action movements above the head.

Always glide the hair through by making slow movements. Patience is the key when working with smaller looser curls. Wear your glove and slowly place down the curls down your neck.

However, if you want to straighten your hair start with dry and combed through hair and use a heat protectant spray. Hold the iron against your head at 45 degrees. Don’t focus on the brown guidelines and only look at the gold plates. Work one piece at a time and put it between the plates without using a lot of pressure or tension. Once you are done with all of your sections seal the deal with some shine-boosting spray.


  • Very modern and beautiful due to its rose gold design
  • Heats up in 50 seconds
  • 5 different heat settings
  • Ideal tool if you are in a hurry
  • Will suit professionals the best
  • Ideal solution for thick, coarse, curly or wavy hair
  • You can achieve both flat and wavy hairstyles
  • Automatic shutoff button
  • You get a heat protective glove with your purchase
  • Smart heat memory
  • Frizz-free hair
  • Smart ionic technology
  • Tangle-free swivel cord
  • Large barrel


  • Quite expensive, although you do get a straightener and a curler 2 in 1
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Might be too harsh on thin, brittle, bleached, or colored hair

Final Thoughts

Looking for a new solution for your frizzy hair? This iron by TYME is an everyday practical tool which you can use on almost any hair type. It is the best choice for women who have curly, frizzy, coarse or thick and super long hair.

Women with brittle, thin, short or colored hair should be extra careful when using this iron since high heat can be hard and dangerous to work with because your hair is more prone to breakage.

Once turned on, this iron will give you 5 different heat settings to work with. You can turn it on and work with 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 200 degrees Celsius. The rose-gold design makes this iron beautiful and stylish, and will suit every lady as a thoughtful and practical birthday present.

Besides being beautiful, this iron has a smart heat technology, which will allow you to work faster and with the same level of heat as the last time that you’ve used the iron. Although being on a pricier side, it is an item worth the investment because you’ll get a 2 in 1 deal with your purchase.

You can enjoy curls or super flat hairstyles at the comfort of your home, and in less than 5-10 minutes! The TYME Iron Pro can warm up in 50 seconds, and it even features an automatic shut off option which will come in handy when you are in a rush.

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