Nine Tricks to Have Long and Strong Nails

Handling unprotected cleaning chemicals is one of the factors that weaken and break nails, so we must take steps to give them a healthy and strong appearance.

Nowadays, many people are looking for methods to keep their nails long and strong. Although until recently they were underestimated, there has been a growing interest in doing regular maintenance to make them look healthy and beautiful.

Beautiful nail art

Although manicures make a significant contribution to improving their appearance, it is essential to complement them with other care. Although cosmetic products strengthen them, certain habits are decisive for keeping them in good condition.

For this reason, in addition to being concerned about aesthetics, it is essential to follow practices that guarantee your health. Understanding that not everyone knows them, below we want to share in detail the nine most outstanding. Take note!

Eating food with biotin

It is likely that some of your nail polish and nail products are "enriched" with biotin (vitamin B7). If not, you may want to buy them next time. Read our Biotin product review for more information.

In any case, it is best to get this nutrient through the diet, as it is key to achieving long and strong nails. Some foods that can provide it are:

  • Beef Liver
  • Eggs
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Check
  • Check
    Dried fruit
  • Check

Increase protein sources

A large part of the composition of the nails is proteins. For this reason, when their contribution in the diet is minimal, it is normal that there are problems of weakening and breakage. 

If what you want is a perfect manicure, do not stop consuming the sources of this nutrient.

Fatty fish

Choose healthy options such as:

  • Fatty fish and seafood
  • Pulses
  • Lean meats
  • Check
    Nuts and seeds

Increase water intake

Everything that has to do with beauty requires as support the consumption of water. Nails are no exception and are the first to reveal any level of dehydration.

Therefore, drinking plenty of water each day is essential for long, strong nails.

Eating healthy fats

Foods containing healthy fats can help strengthen the nails from the inside. This macronutrient helps to regenerate the structure of the nail and its cuticles, stimulating their healthy growth. Thus things, try to include in the diet food:

  • Almonds and nuts
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Check
  • Check
    Flaxseed oil
  • Check
    Sunflower seeds
  • Check

Moisturize the cuticles

The care and hydration of the cuticles also improve the health and appearance of the nails. Through this delicate area are absorbed nutrients that are key to their growth. It also has a protective effect against fungi and toxins.

Try to choose a moisturizer that contains vitamin E and antioxidants.

If you wish, choose to make your homemade cream with natural ingredients.

Wear protective gloves

Wear protective gloves

When you want to keep your nails in good condition, one of the worst mistakes you can do is to handle cleaning supplies without wearing protective gloves. Although at first glance it seems like a "harmless" habit, chemicals deteriorate the structure of the nail.

Make sure you protect them when doing any domestic work. In this way, you can guarantee that they won't have any contact with cleaners and dirty surfaces.

Do not use as a tool

By common sense, everyone should know that nails are not a work tool. In other words, their use to detach labels, uncover cans or force surfaces is discouraged entirely. Why? By forcing them too much, their structure weakens, and they are more prone to breakage.

If you need to do any such task, use spatulas, scissors, knives or any similar item.

Use extra virgin olive oil

One of the best natural treatments to keep nails long and strong is nothing more and nothing less than the large extra virgin olive oil.

Due to its antioxidants and fatty acids, its direct application nourishes the cuticles and promotes healthy nail growth.

Avoid too much nail polish

The use of nail polish is the most effective way to give them an aesthetic and elegant appearance. However, so that the health of the nail is not affected, the idea is to avoid the excessive use of this type of products.


Are they harmful? Some contain chemicals that damage the nail. However, the main reason for letting the nail "rest" from its compounds is because they need to be natural to regenerate optimally.

In conclusion, there is a lot you can do to achieve long and strong nails. If you have growth problems and breakage, start following all these recommendations from now on. You will be amazed by their effects!

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