Tips for Perfect Body Hair Removal

In this article, we share some tips from experts for you to get clean, comfortable and effective hair removal.

When performing the depilation process, it is essential to take into account some details that will make you get the best results.

Picking the right products is also essential to this process. We have recently reviewed some of the best waxing products out in the market right now. 

Although if waxing is not for you, there are other ways to remove hair on your legs. Read our Flawless Legs Hair Removal review.

And finally, here are some of the tips that will help you achieve exceptional results.

Tips for waxing at home:

  • Prepare your skin in advance: it is a simple procedure. You can perform a quick exfoliation in the shower by passing a vegetable sponge in small circles. The aim of this is to make the hair find its place to come out without it becoming incarnate. Some of our epilators have an exfoliating head to remove all impurities from your skin effectively.
  • Look for a place with an excellent light to depilate. It is best to take advantage of the natural light to be able to observe the surface on which you are working.
  • Select the head that corresponds to the area you are going to depilate, as they are specially designed to work on each one of them.
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    It is recommended to hold the device with the palm at an angle of 100ยบ concerning the skin. Do not exert pressure: just touch the surface of the skin.
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Simple leg waxing

  • When waxing, make small circular movements (as if you were brushing) in the direction of hair growth. With the other hand, tighten the skin in that area. When working on her armpits, extend your arm completely so that the surface is smooth. Do the same with your leg when waxing the back of the knee joint.
  • In the armpits, the hair grows in different directions, so you will have to pass the machine in all directions.
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    At the end of the process, apply moisturizing cream. If your skin is susceptible, you can use a cold gel with aloe vera.
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