9 Steps on How to Turn Your Wardrobe to a Sustainable One

Sustainable fashion is characterized by the low environmental impact of the materials used, the conservation of the planet's natural resources, attention to workers' working conditions and respect for animals.

Sustainability has been gaining ground in the fashion world and beyond and has become a real trend. However, this inspiring trend does not have a great propagation from consumption. And it is not easy to change the attitude as consumers, values and more structured methods, and it is less accessible to renew the wardrobe where to start?

1. Examine the Wardrobe

Separate all the garments and organize them in such a way that only those that are going to be used are kept. The fundamental criteria for getting rid of clothes are: they do not look good, they do not fit, they are stained or broken.

2. Swap Party

With clothes that are in excellent condition, you can organize a party to exchange clothes. This action will be the most ecological way to get rid of what you do not want, obtaining at the same time new clothes without spending money. Nothing more echo to renew our wardrobe in autumn!

3. Sorting Clothes

If you have clothes that have already passed their useful cycle, thinking about donating them, fixing them or recycling them is a perfect option that will benefit the environment.

4. Use Sustainable Detergents

Conventional detergents contain a multitude of substances harmful to the health of people and the planet. Using ecological detergents is the best option to take care of the environment when we go to wash the clothes.

Fashion wardrobe

5. Choosing Responsibly

The perfect way to have a sustainable wardrobe is to buy clothes of the best quality that you can afford, that do not harm your health or the planet.

6. Do Not Purchase Clothes Just for the Sake of Buying

The recommendation for acting for the benefit of the environment is to buy only what is needed for day-to-day activities, no more, no less.

7. Do Not Let Yourself Be Controlled

The best thing is not to make yourself be carried away. For this, establishing a budget and drawing up a list before going out to buy clothes is the perfect thing, investing first in those that are necessary.

Do Not Let Yourself Be Controlled

8. Read the Labels

It is crucial to be mindful of where the garments you are going to buy are manufactured. Each garment has a cost to the planet and probably also a high cost to the workers who produce and sell it.

9. Reuse

Recover the garments you already have, exchange with well-known pieces that fit the style of each one, visit different vintage stores, are other examples to achieve a sustainable wardrobe and, at the same time, be a trend this fall.

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