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16 Super Simple Makeup Steps for Beginners

Every person wants to always look beautiful. Some choose to go beyond the natural way and even go under the knife just to achieve their dream look despite the high cost and the risk.  Of course, there’s really nothing wrong with that as long you’re ready for the outcome, you can afford to pay, and most importantly you are happy.  But, if there is another way that is easier, painless, and less costly that you can do to get that amazing look you’ve always dreamed of, would you not prefer to choose this method instead?

Knowing how to properly apply a makeup is the answer to getting the beauty looks you love. While it is true that applying makeup is bad for your skin as it can cause acne, blemishes and other skin issues, makeup can actually help boost your self-esteem and confidence. To combat these kind of skin problems, i would suggest you check our recent review on Spot Eraser Pro(which you might have seen on tv!). You would not like to go to the office with a tired looking face or attend an interview with a potential employer with a stressed haggard look.

Applying a makeup is not as easy as brushing your teeth. It needs skills and tons of practice for you to learn. If you’re just a beginner and you have never applied makeup before, choosing the right products and tools can be very stressful for you.  Worry no more as I will walk you through it step by step below.

Remove your old Makeup

If you’re already wearing a makeup but needs to apply a new one, make sure to remove first your old makeup. Applying more makeup on the top of your old makeup is not a good idea as it makes your face appear unnatural, cakey, and uneven. Aside from that, it can clog your pores which can cause acne or skin irritation. To remove your makeup, make sure to use a makeup remover or an oil as a substitute.

taking off makeup
washing face water

Wash your face

You must not forget to wash your face before you begin to apply your makeup. Facial washing removes dirt, oils, dead skin cells, and other unwanted impurities that collect on your skin throughout the day which can cause skin infection. Make sure to rub and massage your face gently with a mild facial cleanser or any cleanser suitable for your skin type so that your skin looks fresh. Make sure to rinse thoroughly after.

Hydrate your skin with Moisturizer

Applying a moisturizer is one of the steps that is often overlooked when applying makeup.  Keeping your skin hydrated is as important as all the other steps. A good quality moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 is highly recommended as it protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause wrinkles and blemishes. It also helps maintain a flawless and even skin. To apply moisturizer, put a small amount onto your fingers and gently rub it from the center of your face and move upwards. You can then proceed with the next step once it dries.

hydrate moisturizer
apply primer

Apply a Primer

Well, basically if you have already put moisturizer on your face, you can skip this step. For me, this step is optional and I really don’t always apply this step in my daily makeup routine. But, if you are planning to run or do any physical activities that require you to sweat a lot, you have more reasons to include this step. A primer is a base to your foundation that helps cover your pores and fine lines. It can make your look lasts longer and can prevent your makeup from smudging or wearing off easily due to sweat.

Apply Foundation

Foundation comes in different forms. It can be in the form of liquid, powder or cream. But, all forms have the same purpose and that is to enhance the appearance of the skin making it to look more smooth, even, and flawless. Take note that choosing a shade that matches to your skin tone is important. If you’re wondering how to get that perfect shade for you, consider putting a small amount of foundation on the back portion of your hand. You’ve found a true match if it disappears without some sort of blending. Or you can also do test foundation colors against your jawline and check if it disappears.

The amount of foundation and the manner of application really depends on what kind of look you want. If you just want a light coverage look, you can use your fingers to blend it properly but make sure they’re clean as you don’t want to transfer bacteria and dirt to your face. You can also use an egg-shape beauty blender which I guess is everyone’s favorite beauty tool nowadays to better apply and blend foundation on your face.