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Skincare Routine: 6 Simple Tips for a Healthy and Glowing Skin

Achieving a healthier and younger looking skin is one of the ultimate goals that people want to achieve. I live in a tropical country where the temperature is normally higher, and it makes my skin feel so dull, flaky, and dry. Aside from that, I’ve been so fond of putting heavy makeup on and I’ve been using a lot of different cosmetic products which tends to worsen my skin issues. These are just some of the reasons why I was more eager to learn and look for better ways on how to prevent the occurrence of such skin problems which I will be sharing with you all later.

But before we go on with the tips, let me just explain to you the importance of having a healthy skin. People with skin problems are prone to developing psychological problems. It can greatly affect your mental and emotional well-being. While it is true that beauty comes from the inside and cannot be measured by physical appearance, unhealthy skin still affects your self-esteem. If you look at the mirror first thing in the morning, you first notice how your skin looks. It is also the first thing that people notice about you. So, your skin really helps create a powerful first impression.

A healthy skin makes you feel more beautiful and confident. Every day, we meet new people; we talk and socialize with them. When you feel comfortable and good about yourself, you will be more motivated to work and face life’s challenges, and you get a higher chance of realizing your dreams. Of course, there are tons of cosmetics you can buy to cover up your skin problems. So why bother? The thing is no matter how skillful you are at putting makeup on, you are fully aware that underneath it is an unhealthy skin. There are many skin care products on the market that can help you with achieving perfect skin, som are cheap, some are expensive. We recently reviewed the Dermawand and its competitors, check it out if you are interested in modern skin care technology!

 You might think that in order to achieve a healthier and glowing skin, we need to spend on expensive products or go to beauty experts. You really don’t have to do this as there are natural and cheaper ways that we can definitely apply to our beauty routine.

Here are some of the tips you can do to get that radiant and healthy skin.

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking water has a lot of benefits to your body. Water flushes out toxins from your body and keeps you hydrated making your skin more moisturized, glowing and soft. So, it is very essential to always hydrate yourself by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day for a healthier and brighter skin. Eating high water content fruits and vegetables can also do wonders for your skin.

drinking water
cleaning your face

2.  Cleanse

While it is true that makeup can make you feel good and more confident, it can also cause long-lasting damage to your skin if not removed properly. Research shows that sleeping with makeup on can cause premature aging. Leaving makeup overnight can clog pores which results in the development of acne and other skin issues. Make sure to remove your makeup properly before going to bed by using a makeup remover or if unavailable, you can use olive oil as a substitute instead. Just put it on a cotton pad and gently apply it onto your face to remove the dirt and impurities.

3.    Exercise regularly

Exercising may not be that interesting for others. But, doing exercise regularly can actually improve your skin condition. Working out improves blood circulation making your skin more radiant and glowing. Sweating can help release toxins, dirt, pollutants out from your body which can also clog pores. Remember to cleanse your body properly after working out to be completely free from toxins and dirt. Make sure then to apply a moisturizer or olive oil to keep your skin nourished. Doing exercise doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym every day. By just walking at least 30 minutes a day, your skin can definitely maintain a healthy glow.

exercise regularly
get good sleep

4.    Get good quality sleep

A good night’s sleep can help promote a healthier skin as it repairs damaged cells and recovers skin moisture.  When you lack sleep, your body releases a stress hormone that can cause skin problems such as acne and eczema. It can also make your skin dry and saggy.  To prevent this, you should sleep at least 8 hours every night to help your skin look more radiant and glowing. Good sleep can also reduce puffiness around your eyes which is one of the signs of skin fatigue. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, make sure to turn off all your gadgets and other electronic devices as they can greatly affect your sleep. You also have to regularly wash your pillows and sheets as they collect dust and mites and keep your room dark, quiet and cool for you to feel more comfortable.

5.    Eat healthy food

Food is where we get vitamins and minerals which are essential for our body. When we choose to eat unhealthy food, our body will not be able to function well. And when it doesn’t get the proper nutrition, it will seriously affect how our skin appears. Eating the right type of food is one of the keys for a healthier and more vibrant skin. Make sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Food rich in protein and vitamin C increases the production of collagen which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Green leafy vegetables also help fight free radicals as they contain antioxidants which make your skin appear younger so make sure to put them on your plate.

eat healthy food
wear sunscreen everyday

6.    Wear Sunscreen everyday

While it is essential to get the daily dose of Vitamin D which we can get from the sun, too much sun exposure can damage our skin and trigger premature aging. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 daily prevents us from acquiring such skin problems. It shields and blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating the skin which can cause wrinkles and age spots to our faces. If you love to maintain a younger looking skin, make sure to always include sunscreen in your daily skincare routine.

 That’s it! Getting that gorgeous looking skin doesn’t really happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. But if you follow these simple tips religiously, you will surely achieve a more vibrant and radiant skin.

Skincare Routine: 6 Simple Tips for a Healthy and Glowing Skin
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Skincare Routine: 6 Simple Tips for a Healthy and Glowing Skin
Achieving a healthier and younger looking skin is one of the ultimate goals that people want to achieve. I live in a tropical country where the temperature is normally higher, and it makes my skin feel so dull, flaky, and dry.
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Kasil Jean
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