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You should try out at least one out of these two best selling products by Sio Beauty! These patches will help women with fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

SiO Beauty FaceLift | Neck,...
Sio Beauty SkinPad Silicone Chest...
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4 patches come in the set
1 patch comes in the set
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SiO Beauty FaceLift | Neck,...
Our Rating:
4 patches come in the set
Sio Beauty SkinPad Silicone Chest...
Our Rating:
1 patch comes in the set

Sio Beauty Products Reviews

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SiO FaceLift Anti-Wrinkle Patches Review

A practical 4-piece pack which will do so much for your entire face. If you have wrinkles, fine lines, or any form of early aging you will find this kit helpful. Ideal for your neck, forehead and eye area, including also laugh and smile lines around your mouth.

These silicone patches will leave your skin wrinkle-free and will leave it looking smooth as never before! Your collagen production will be boosted, and you will regain healthy skin overnight!

No Needle Technology

Healthy skin can be achieved without the need for needles! Many women will be thrilled by this fact because a lot of them are afraid of needles and heavy chemical treatments.

Luckily, this is a practical and overnight facelift treatment in a form of a silicone patch which helps with aging lines down your forehead and neck. You can also use it around your mouth and eye area if you want to erase any fine lines and wrinkles.

The product itself can be used on your own, at home, and is clinically tested, dermatologically approved, non-irritating and reusable.

With your purchase, you will get 1 brow lift patch, 1 neck lift patch, 2 for your eyes and smile lines, and you can make even 15 uses out of one patch!

Their Ingredients

Sio beauty patches are made out of silicone and oxygen. These two components are very lightweight and breathable for any skin type. When combined together, they can encourage your skin to be hydrated and to look a lot plumper.

All of the moisture from your lower skin layer will be drawn on the dermis, which will automatically boost the collagen production.

Comfortable During Your Sleep

Sio skinpad made sure to give you comfort at all given situations, including when you sleep. The patches can even be cut if needed, just so they can suit your wanted area better.

All you have to do is place the product against your skin and let it work its magic overnight. In case the patch falls off or moves from the surface you can reapply it again once you see that it moved. The best part is that these patches can be used by any skin type, as well as age group as long as the person who is trying them out is showing some signs of early aging.

However, you shouldn’t use these on any open cuts, irritated skin or wounds. Also, women with super sensitive skin or allergies to silicone should skip on this product.

How To Use It?

The application process is easy, but know that you will have to place several different patches on top of your skin, which means that it might take you a bit more time to place them down.

  • Step 1: Clean your skin with your nighttime cleanser and dry your skin before you apply the patch on top. You should use oil-free cleansers and avoid any products that contain acids or oils since these substances might weaken the patch.
  • Step 2: Remove the plastic film and slowly apply the self-adhering patch on top of your wanted and cleansed area. Push them deep into the skin and take a 6-8 hour beauty sleeping session.​
  • Step 3: After you wake up the next morning take your patches and place them on the enclosed storage shield. Make sure to rinse them out with lukewarm water so that they are prepped for your next use. Put them back in the box till you are ready to use them the next night.​


  • A practical solution for wrinkles or fine lines
  • Can be used on your eye, neck, forehead, and smile area
  • Safe for almost every skin type
  • You will get 15 uses out of one patch
  • You will notice an improvement overnight
  • Non-irritating
  • Almost everyone can use it
  • Natural and pain-free
  • Never tested on animals
  • Affordable


  • Watch out if you are allergic to silicone
  • Might move if you are a wild sleeper

SiO FaceLift Anti-Wrinkle Patches Review​ Verdict:

If you are experiencing any signs of aging you should look into some solutions. For some women, those are at-home remedies, while others to turn needles. Luckily, you can go for this solution which is pain-free and quite natural. Sio beauty pads are an overnight treatment that you can use on your entire face, and even up to 15 times!

They are not expensive and are ideal for every skin type. Only women with severe allergies or easily irritated skin by silicone should skip on this product. Also, since you’ll be placing these pads each night before you go to sleep, make sure you push them deep into the skin so that they can’t move.

Some women who are wild sleepers might find their pads on an entirely different place during their sleep. In case this does occur simply place down the pad with a gentle push.


SiO Beauty SkinPad - 2 Weeks Supply Review

If you want to improve the texture of your skin around your chest area this anti-wrinkle set is for you! Contains a silicone pad which is constructed out of medical grade silicone. It can hydrate the skin and make it a lot more smooth, free of any wrinkles while also leaving it tight and rejuvenated.

Your collagen production will be boosted and your chest area will transform overnight into a lot healthier and younger looking skin.

Its tapered shape is ideal for the cleavage area, the product can be worn over a shirt if needed. However, the ultimate results will be achieved if you sleep with it overnight.

Ideal For Anyone

Made out of medical-grade silicone, these patches are super thin and ideal for any woman no matter her age or skin type. They can easily adhere to your skin and will create a microclimate which will hydrate your skin and kill of any chest wrinkles.

The product itself is super easy to use. There is no need for any fancy equipment, and it is also clinically tested and allergy tested. Your skin won’t experience any irritations or redness, and you will get quick results.

In this kit, you will get 1 large silicone chest pad and you can use it 15 times or even more on your decolletage area because the product is reusable.

Nice Texture

Made out of silicone as well as oxygen. These two compounds, when mixed together, will allow your skin to breathe and not to feel clogged. The material will help your skin to rejuvenate itself in time, but visible results can be spotted overnight.

The microclimate which is created between the silicone and the layer of your skin will help your skin to heal a lot faster while also boosting collagen production. All of the moisture will be drawn on top of your skin, ideal for dehydrated skin types.

Also, these Sio beauty patches are recommended by dermatologists and doctors for women who have some scars. The pad will gently remove any dead skin cells and encourage new ones to appear. However, you shouldn’t use these if you have a sensitivity or allergy to silicone.

How To Use It?

Always use the product on cleansed and exfoliated skin. Make sure you avoid oil-based products and apply the patch slowly and precisely onto your dry chest area.

  • Step 1: Remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin with cleansing discs each night before you go to bed. Remove the plastic film from the patch and position it on your body. The patch can be left for 6-8 hours. This can be during your sleep, but you can also wear it throughout the day because no one will be able to spot a thing as long as you wear a proper shirt.​
  • Step 2: Enjoy plumped and smooth skin overnight. Let the product work its magic and try to sleep on your sides, or ideally on your back. Don't spend a lot of time sleeping on your stomach since this might move your patch.​
  • Step 3: Remove the patch the morning you wake up. You can follow up with a serum throughout the day. Wash the patches with lukewarm water and store them in a box.​


  • Affordable and easy to apply
  • Ideal for wrinkles, saggy skin, sun damaged skin
  • Will boost collagen production
  • Your chest area will look rejuvenated
  • Easy to use on your own
  • Non-irritating and pain free
  • You will get 15 uses out of one patch


  • Not ideal for women who have allergies towards silicone
  • You only get one patch

SiO Beauty SkinPad Review​​ Verdict:

You can say bye to saggy chest skin and welcome your new feminine, glowy, and hydrated decolletage. Women of all ages can use this product, as long as they have any skin that needs firming.

Your collagen production will be boosted thanks to often usage of this product. More collagen means more plumped and hydrated complexion. The pad itself can adhere easily and quickly onto your chest.

However, be aware that you will only get one patch, which can last you around 15 uses. This technically means that you will enjoy this product for 15 days, or a bit longer. After that, you will have to repurchase it if you want to maintain the results.

Besides this, be aware that it might irritate you if you are allergic to silicone, therefore it is ideal for any skin type, besides sensitive one.

Not too sure how to deal with wrinkles or saggy skin? Do you want to demolish signs of early aging? Well, did you hear about Sio Beauty Skincare line? It was founded by a model and a beauty publicist called Gigi Howard in her late 20’s.

This line of products soon became a statement and a must-have in every woman’s bathroom. It took Gigi 180 tries to develop ‘the one’ set of age-fighting products. After going through 2 clinical trials and 4 years of development, she created the ultimate wrinkle fighting weapons which you should try out!

Why Use Sio Beauty Products?

Does Sio Beauty work is probably one of the most asked questions by women worldwide. Luckily, we are here to answer your most asked question. In fact, their studies have shown that 9/10 women will wake up with significantly smoother and improved skin the next morning after only one use of their products. Thanks to their well known Sio patches, every woman will experience plumped and wrinkle-free skin, thanks to its medical-grade silicone substance.

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Are They Safe To Use?

Yes, all of their products are approved by dermatologists and are allergy tested. Also, they are cruelty-free. The company can vouch for visible results after the first use, but they advise on constant uses if you want to maintain wrinkle-free skin, as well as free of any creases.

Who Should Use Their Sio Pads?

These pads should be used by women in their early 30’s and above. Once applied, women can expect to get their money’s worth because one patch can be used for 15 times, or even more! These patches are also comfortable around the eye area, you can even sleep with them and enjoy at home pampering sensation.

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