5 Shoe Styles that Are Perfect for Girls with Wide Feet

Some women's feet are wider than average, and there is nothing wrong with that, but shoe manufacturers tend to make them with a pretty narrow mouth, and that is when the real problem starts. There are no pairs that fit well and do not hurt a girl's foot. It is probably the reason why it is said that shoes can be the "downfall" of any woman.

Narrow shoes can hurt the instep, cause sores and even scrape the skin when walking, so it is essential to know which designs favor and which are the best for a girl with a wide foot. That is why here are the five types of shoes that can't be missing from your closet.

1. Square heel

The objective of this type of footwear is to create visual harmony and proportion to the body, in addition, it is more comfortable and does not hurt the foot when walking.

2. Boots

They are perfect for hiding the width of the feet because they cover everything, and they are also excellent allies for cold weather.

Square heel

3. Long tip flats

The design of the toe shoes creates the effect that the foot is more elongated and also has a wider neck, which makes it not so tight and hurt.

4. Nude Color

The color makes the legs look much longer and gives the effect that the foot is thinner than it really is.

Nude flat shoes for women

5. Sneakers

Tennis is becoming very popular, apart from the fact that they provide comfort and fit into any outfit. It is basic and essential that you have white ones.

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