Rose Water for Hair Review

Most of us exert a lot of effort to take care of our skin, especially our face. We pick out nice clothes to wear for the day, complete with accessories so that we look presentable in public.

But oftentimes we forget that having a properly maintained hair plays a big part in our overall appearance.

Best Rose Water Products for the Hair

Eve Hansen Rose Water Spray Review

Product Highlights:

This rose water hair product from Eve Hansen is an organic and balanced toner made from quality Moroccan rose water which is the only active ingredient of the formula.

This is one of the finest rose water available in the market today with extracts from Rose Damascena rose petals or Damask rose.

Studies by the company have shown many benefits from this particular rose including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Although it can be used as a natural face toner and a makeup setting spray, its hair treatment attributes are what makes it special.

This rose water spray can be used as a conditioner spray to tame frizzy hair and add shine to the hair. It can also be used as a styling spray.


  • Calming and hydrating
  • Can relieve irritations and inflammations on the skin
  • 100% all natural and organic
  • Tames and conditions the hair while adding a nice shine
  • Uplifting and refreshing floral scent
  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee offer


  • Better for the hair than the skin

Eve Hansen Rose Water Spray Review​ Verdict:

The Eve Hansen Organic Rose Water Spray is a balanced toner to refresh and nourish the skin and hair. It can be sprayed directly on the hair and the face or spritz onto a cotton pad as a toner. With the Moroccan rose water as its only active ingredient, you can be sure that you will get the purest product with all the amazing benefits. It’s organic, non-toxic, and is safe for the environment.

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater Review

Product Highlights:

The Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater is made from pure, natural essence from European roses. It has a delicate floral scent that is universal enough to be used any time of the year. This rosewater is a versatile product with numerous benefits ranging from culinary flavoring to a revitalizing cosmetic mist.

This product can be used as a perfume, body splash, hair mist, or used as a final rinse for your hair and body. It can also be combined with various therapeutic oils to create your own unique beauty concoction. The Heritage Rosewater is formulated to be free of pesticide residues and has not been tested on animals. It comes in an 8-ounce pack of 3 and has an atomizer mist sprayer.


  • Light rose scent
  • Extremely gentle mist
  • Hydrating and soothing
  • Cruelty-free brand
  • Vegan formula


  • Some customer complaints regarding diluted and possibly counterfeit products

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater Review​ Verdict:

This rosewater from The Heritage Store is a well-loved product. It has been raved by customers as a regular part of their skincare routine. It’s popularly used as an after-wash facial toner and an all-over facial mist.

ECLA Skin Care Rose Water Toner Review

Product Highlights:

The ECLA Rose Water Toner is an all-natural product that can be used for the skin, the hair, and as a makeup remover. It has a lot of skin benefits including soothing, hydrating, and revitalizing effects.

As a hair treatment, it promotes hair growth while conditioning and moisturizing the strands of the hair. It also helps in treating mild scalp inflammations and dandruff. This lightweight formula is free from any preservatives, alcohol, parabens, and fragrances.


  • Pure distilled rose water
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Repairs and hydrates damaged and dull hair


  • Strong scent

ECLA Skin Care Rose Water Toner Review​ Verdict:

This organic rosewater toner from ECLA is made through a distillation process which ensures its authenticity and purity. Although it has claims of hair benefits, this product has better effects on the skin.

Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Review

Product Highlights:

This organic Bulgarian rose water is a USDA certified face and hair mist toner. It is distilled by Alteya Organics using fresh organic rose petals of Rosa Damascena.


  • Cleans and detoxifies skin
  • Suited for sensitive and irritated skin
  • 100% vegan


  • Doesn’t smell like roses

Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Review​ Verdict:

This rose floral water is therapeutic and food-grade making it suitable for skin care, cosmetics, and aromatherapy use.

​​​​Sky Organics Rose Water Toner Review

Product Highlights:

This rose water toner from Sky Organics is made from 100% pure and organic Lebanese rose water. Sourced directly from artisanal farmers in Lebanon, this toner helps clean the skin from any dirt or residue while keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

For the hair, spraying this rose water will keep your locks shiny and vitalized. It also claims to stimulate hair growth when the product is massaged on the scalp.


  • Pure and organic
  • Suited for the face, body, and hair
  • Delicate rose scent


  • The bottle is quite small

​​​​Sky Organics Rose Water Toner Review​​ Verdict:

The Sky Organics Rose Water Toner is a hydrating product to help keep your skin and hair revitalized. It has a lot of benefits including stress-alleviating effects as well as dandruff-fighting properties. The product is made in the USA plus it’s cruelty-free.

You might be donning the most fashionable ensemble today, but that greasy and unhealthy hair will still make you look unprepared. So if you really want that put-together polished look, you may want to start tending to your hair more.

Caring for your hair doesn’t need to be complicated, nor does it need to be done with an array of expensive products. Just because it is a higher-end brand of shampoo, it does not mean that it will lengthen your hair and make the split-ends disappear just after one use. Life simply doesn’t work that way. However, it is possible to make it as simple as it can be.

Hair Care Basics

How we treat our bodies reflects on the outside. With that said, it is important to know that if you want to look your best physically, you need to mind what goes into your body.

Eating a diet of fresh food gives the hair the nourishment it needs. It is said that food that is rich in protein, like eggs, lean meat, fish, and dairy products, have great effects on the hair. Vitamins A, B, and C are also essential to keep your hair and scalp healthy. These vitamins can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Aside from caring for your hair from within, it is also vital to know how to properly wash your hair. This includes how much product you are supposed to use, how many times you are supposed to wash it, how to handle wet and dry hair, as well as when to use treatments. Unlike what most hair product commercials show, it is not necessary to use a lot of shampoo or conditioner.

When shampooing, the trick is to lather a small to medium amount of product and concentrate it on your scalp. This will be enough to wash away any dirt and impurities that have built up.

Finer hair means dirt can build up quickly, so you will need to wash every other day. For coarser hair, every 3 to 5 days is just fine.

When it comes to using a conditioner, it is also a misconception to use a lot in order to cover all the strands of your hair. The conditioner should only be applied at the ends of your hair, particularly from around your ear or jaw area to the tips of the hair. The conditioner should only be applied at the ends of your hair, particularly from around your ear or jaw area to the tips of the hair.

The purpose of applying this is to simply nourish and protect the oldest part of your hair which is the ends. 

They need more nourishment and they need the most attention. Treatments, on the other hand, is used to provide that extra care with the use of a more potent or concentrated product. Normal hair needs a treatment at least twice a month while dry hair requires it more often.

The best types of treatments are protein-enriched ones for strength, moisture-based to fight the frizz, and mud or clay-based treatments for a combination of the two.

Whether you have normal or dry hair, you need to be extra cautious when handling it. It is pretty common to rub the hair with the towel as to help dry them faster, but this is actually going to damage the hair in the long run. Studies show that cotton fabrics are the best to use when drying wet hair. If you don’t want to spend any more money, then just be more careful when toweling dry.

Gently squeeze your hair within the towel and work out any knots using a wide tooth comb. Handling dry hair is mostly where we get a little bit careless, and that has got to change. If you want healthy, beautiful-looking hair, you have to use hair items that won’t damage it any further.

Stay away from elastic bands that have metal fasteners as this will snag the hair and cause a lot of tangles. For the brush, use only the ones that are made with pure bristles as to not tear the strands of your hair. However, if you have tried and tested all these tricks and you feel like your luck has run out, don’t worry.

As we all know, no matter how popular a shampoo or conditioner is, they are still loaded with chemicals that might cause more harm than good in the future. So what is the next step? Go natural. One of the most buzzing natural product today is the rose water and it has become more and more popular thanks to its amazing benefits for the hair.

What is Rose Water?

Rose Water is a flavored water made by steeping rose petals in water. It is commonly used as a perfume due to its sweet scent, but it has been proven to contain medicinal and culinary values, as well.

In fact, it has significant uses with no side effects in different parts of the body such as skin, respiratory, eyes, wounds, immune system, and brain. Rosewater also contains skin nourishing properties.

Rose Water Benefits for the Hair

Most people, when hearing about rose water, immediately associates it with skincare and beauty. It can be used as a facial toner, a facial mist, and even mixed in with your bath water. But, is rose water good for the hair? The simple answer is yes. Rose water for natural hair is especially recommended.

It balances the pH

Rose water’s pH is closer to the pH of your hair, which means it can reduce the oil and restore the natural shine of your hair. This is one of the many rose water uses for the hair. Unlike the oil-removing shampoos, it does not leave your hair dry and frizzy.

It soothes and moisturizes without the greasy feel

Rose water can also soothe the scalp and moisturize it. Rose water helps in removing excess oil from your skin when used as a toner. It works similarly on your hair too. Some people have very active sebaceous glands, which secrete a high amount of sebum, an oily substance in the scalp, at the root of hair strands. This sebum can make hair feel greasy and oily, which not only looks unpleasant but also makes it easier for dirt to attach to the hair. So, to prevent greasy hair rose water can be used.

It fights the frizz

Rose water helps in controlling oil, but it also works well on dry and frizzy hair. Dry scalp ultimately leads to dry hair, and hence rehydrating the scalp really does the trick of eliminating frizz.

It conditions the hair

Rose water indeed helps in conditioning your hair. Sometimes shampoos leave our hair dry and almost crunchy after cleaning it. This is a common problem because most shampoos contain several chemicals that may not suit our body and its pH.

To solve this problem, you can use rose water. All you need to do is simply do a final rinse with a cup of rose water at the end of shampooing. It deep conditions your hair and leaves it shiny throughout the day. Also, rosewater leaves a sweet, exotic scent in your hair that no conditioner or shampoo can replicate. Rose water helps in treating damaged hair and to some extent, can even reverse it.

It helps with dandruff

Dandruff can be very annoying and persistent at the same time. 

But instead of barraging your scalp with heavy duty chemicals that usually anti-dandruff shampoos contain, you can turn to rose water. Unlike the chemically enhanced shampoos, rose water moisturizes and leaves your hair well-conditioned.

Rose Water for Hair Growth

Although there is no scientific proof suggesting a link between hair growth and rose water, some have reported such a finding. To be sure, rose water does contain vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C and vitamin E, all of which are responsible for boosting hair growth.

The ancient Chinese used rose water as a hair strengthening remedy. What rose water does is increase circulation of blood in the scalp. Increased blood circulation rejuvenates the hair follicles and makes them strong. This, in turn, helps in better exchange of nutrients from the scalp to the tip of the hair. As a result, reduced hair breakage and improved hair quality can be expected.

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Buying Rose Water for the Hair: A step-by-step guide

1. How do I choose the Best Rose Water?

Since you are already going natural, it is important to choose only the best one. Selecting the right rose water might seem like an easy task, but there are a few things you need to consider when buying rose water. First and foremost, you need to how it was made. The most authentic rose water you will get is the one that has undergone a steam distillation. This is a traditional process where fresh roses are packed into a still while steam rises through the petals.

The steam bursts open the cells of the petals to release the plant compounds. Once the steam has cooled and has returned to its liquid state, it becomes enriched with microscopic particles of rose oil. This conventional way makes a distilled rose water much more effective than that prepared in a laboratory. Although that does not necessarily mean that those prepared in the lab is to be considered bad. It’s just that there are many other ingredients added to it including alcohol, essential oil, or synthetic rose fragrance.

If you want to be sure that you are going to buy an authentically distilled rose water, you need to know a few terms. These will help you make an informed decision about which rose water to buy. First, look for the word “distillate” in the list of ingredients. The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients or INCI has formally named a true distilled rose water as Rosa damascena flower distillate.

The terms rose hydrolat and rose hydrosol also refer to a rose product made via distillation. Another term you would want to find in your rose water is the word organic. That will most likely guarantee that the ingredients and the process are all natural.

Next, when you are checking the list of ingredients, check to see how far down the rose water component appears. If it appears at the very top, you can be sure that it is the main ingredient. 

However, if it appears lower on the list that is an indicator that there is less rose water in the product itself. Lastly, check if it is from a well-received company. It’s better if the brand has good customer service and equally, or better, reviews.

2. Where can I buy Rose Water?

Although there are many ways you can purchase products, rose water may be a little hard to come by depending on where you live. Most of the time, your best bet would be to shop online.

However, if you have many reliable suppliers around, chances are you will find one. Also, try your supermarket, specifically the ethnic food section or try asking some local facial clinics.

3. How long does rose water last?

This can be easily determined depending on how the rose water was produced. A pure distilled rose water has a shorter shelf life compared to one that has been made in a lab. Since our priority is to buy the most authentic one for its benefits, you need to accept that it will not last very long. Lab-made rose waters will usually contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives in order to extend its life and that might cause unwanted effects especially for those who are sensitive to additives.

What We Think about Rosewater Products?

From all these rosewater products, you might find it overwhelming to go and buy from just one brand. If you are looking to hear our insights, the Even Hansen Organic Rose Water Spray is our best bet. It’s made from precious Moroccan roses and distilled to perfection.

The rose scent it has is also very delicate. It can be used all over the face and body like a makeup remover, a facial toner, a makeup setting spray, a hair treatment, an aftershave, and as a light perfume. It’s also 100% certified to be USDA organic and it comes in a huge 8-ounce bottle. If you’re looking to start your rosewater journey, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Rosewater Product Summary

Buying that perfect rose water for you is a sensitive task. Sometimes, it can even take you a few purchases and a lot of trial and errors before landing the one that will really satisfy your needs. However, do not be discouraged by this. The many benefits of using rose water are surely impressing and that should be enough driving force for you to search the very best one. Not only will your skin and hair look great, it will also be at its finest state ever.

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