7 Tips to Prevent Your Eyelashes from Falling Out

Have you noticed that your eyelashes fall out more than usual? Although it happens to all people to a greater or lesser extent, we must find a way to control it when we fall too much and take a long time to grow back.

In this article, we share some practical and useful tips to stop the fall of eyelashes naturally. We will also be able to discover what is the most frequent cause of this distressing disorder.

What to do if your eyelashes fall out?


Discover the cause

First of all, if your eyelashes fall out, do not get anxious. Any problem gets worse if we suffer it with stress. We must bear in mind that eyelashes have a natural life cycle in which they fall out and grow back.

However, if we notice that it is becoming a problem, we can go to the doctor. Eyelashes not only beautify our eyes but also protect the eyes from external factors such as dust, sun or sweat.

Avoid aesthetic treatments

Nowadays some treatments are trendy to have more abundant, curved, long and thick eyelashes. Some of them use apparatuses or chemical products that offer showy results, but that weakens the hair.

We recommend dispensing with this type of treatment, especially if we have noticed that we lose hair progressively. It is not worthwhile to achieve temporary effects if we have to invest much more in recovering lost eyelashes.

Check your cosmetics

Eyelash mascaras vary greatly depending on the quality, components, and results they offer. Some mascaras can enlarge eyelashes significantly. However, this can be detrimental if our hair is fine and scarce.

Check your cosmetics

We recommend opting for natural cosmetics, made with vegetable ingredients and minerals. In this way, we manage to nourish and protect them while naturally enhancing our gaze.

In addition to avoiding the use of poor quality cosmetics, it is essential that you improve your diet to nourish the hair from the inside and reduce the fall of eyelashes.

Finally, do not forget to always remove makeup before going to bed. Many women skip this step due to tiredness after a long day, or they fail to do it properly. Ensure that you thoroughly clean your eyelashes and free of mascara every night.

Do you suffer from blepharitis?

Do you suffer from blepharitis?

In some cases, drooping eyelashes can be caused by blepharitis which is the inflammation of the eyelids. An excess of fat or dryness can also accompany it. These particles accumulate in the root of the eyelashes and promote their fall.

If we suffer from blepharitis, we must go to the doctor and carry out the appropriate treatment. 

We must also be cautious with eye hygiene and avoid the use of any cosmetic or product that is not natural in the affected area.

When your hair also falls out

If your eyelashes fall out and you also suffer from alopecia, they may have a common cause. Sometimes it can even affect the eyebrows and other parts of the body. The reason may be some hormonal disorder that should be evaluated by the doctor.

If this is your case, the following points in this article can be very effective in stopping this problem. You will need to bring nutrients to your eyelashes, both from the inside and the outside.

A more nutritious diet

Lack of nutrients will somehow show effect hair loss or, in this case, eyelashes. The body does not consider this a vital task, so it uses the nutrients for other functions of our body.

Biotin is one of the most promising ingredients in hair growth products. 

Eat healthy food

In fact, we have recently reviewed a great biotin product that helps boost hair growth. But if you want to try the natural way, there are some foods that can help us to avoid these deficits and, at the same time, reinforce our health:

  • Brewer's yeast
  • Coconut oil
  • Spirulina
  • Check
    Wheat germ
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Castor oil

Finally, on a local level, we can resort to a trick of our grandmothers to nourish, care for, lengthen and thicken the eyelashes: castor or castor oil. This vegetable oil, which is very popular as an intestinal purgative, is also a surprising homemade beauty secret, economical and easy to apply.

All we have to do is put castor oil on our eyelashes before going to bed. The easiest way is to use an empty, clean bottle of mascara. In a week or two we will begin to notice the effects on our eyelashes.

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