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Are you thinking of having a cosmetic surgery?

Do you think this is the only means to do away with your sagging skin and horrible wrinkles?

Well, take it easy! Sit for a while and read this article on how NuFACE can change your ideas about non-surgical beauty treatments.

NuFACE offers natural solutions to your worries. Consider the following products.

NuFACE Advanced Facial Toning Kit,...
NuFACE Attachment for use with...
NuFACE Optimizing Mist | Hydrate...
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335 microamp
175 microamp
3-in-1 mist
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NuFACE Advanced Facial Toning Kit,...
Our Rating:
335 microamp
NuFACE Attachment for use with...
Our Rating:
175 microamp
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NuFACE Optimizing Mist | Hydrate...
Our Rating:
3-in-1 mist

NuFace Trinity Product Review

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NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Set Review

Do you want to get a facelift without going under the knife?

“That’s impossible”, you may think.

Most facelifts are effective solutions to look younger, yet they require minimal to major excisions and could leave permanent scars.

You wouldn’t like that, would you?

You must be one of many people who like to avoid surgeries but still want to achieve a wrinkle-free complexion.

NuFACE microcurrent technology offers you a facial toning device that could do exactly that!

This device is included in the NuFACE Trinity facial trainer kit.

Let’s get to know more about this toning device first.

1. The Facial Toning Device

  • Boosts facial contouring
  • Tones facial muscles
  • Firms the skin

This Trinity facial toning device is intended to improve face and neck appearance by getting rid of the sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The device includes a removable attachment for facial toning. The facial trainer attachment has two circular nodules that seem to have eye-like features. These bulging eyes serve as the enhancer and the ones designed to touch the skin. They target the prominent areas of the face as well as your neck.

How does this facial treatment tool help you achieve firm skin?

It is made possible by its microcurrent technology. The device is designed to emit a very small amount of electric signals which is comparative to the body’s natural electric currents used to restore the skin and raise the levels of collagen and elastin. This process prompts these major components of the skin’s tissues to repair the damage and regain its natural properties.

When the device touches the skin, the nerves on the skin are then activated because the therapeutic currents being received have positive results. These healing effects allow the muscles to be well-shaped and healthy.

You will see big differences in your facial proportion and other important features to achieve your desired shape and total appearance. A perfect facial tone is another benefit of using this device. The repeated patterns of lifting act as a facial exercise which increases the density of your facial muscles making the skin looks firm and younger-looking.

Just like a surgical facelift, using this facial toning device eliminates your wrinkles and fine lines. Aging can have a variety of signs on the face, but with this device, you can at least reduce the structural aging of the skin.

This anti-aging tool is an effective alternative to many clinical surgeries that could be risky.

There is no fear of getting some pain on this procedure. A facial treatment using microcurrent is a pain-free and natural way of enhancing your facial definition.

NuFACE Trinity facial trainer kit also includes a hydrating gel primer to boost the efficiency of the facial toning device.

2. Gel Primer

  • Smoothens the skin
  • Provides hydration
  • Complements toning device

This water-based gel is formulated with hyaluronic acid which is known for its moisture-locking property to ensure the level of moisture the skin needs to stay healthy. The phytomoist complex is another moisturizing agent that acts like sodium hyaluronate, which easily penetrates the deeper areas of the skin to keep the water in place.

These primary ingredients are responsible for rejuvenating and nourishing lifeless skin and to provide the highest degree of microcurrent conductivity when used with the Trinity facial toning device.

It is soft and gentle to the skin. It makes the skin smooth and perfect for gliding the device over during the treatment. You can depend on this hydrating gel anytime your skin feels dull and dry.

How to Use NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Kit

Now you got the essential information about this set and you are wondering how to start the treatment.

Here is how.

Remember, the Gel Primer is the initial formula to start your toning session. There are 3 important areas in your body you could use the toning device for:

  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Neck

First, put on a sufficient amount of Gel Primer on your face and neck. In order to get optimal results, make sure to wash off dirt and makeup from your face. Use an oil-free cleanser and dry your face before applying the gel. Gently massage the gel on your face until all areas are covered.

After charging up the device for 12 hours, it’s ready for action.

Turn on your facial toning device and you will see a blue light that indicates its intensity. There are 5 levels available for your own comfort. Adjust the level according to your preference.

You may start gliding on your left cheek. There are 3 vital positions to be followed when lifting on your cheeks. Begin at the base of your chin or jaw then gently glide the device upwards to your lower ear portion. It beeps every after 5 seconds, which means you have to start from the bottom again but a little upper than where you started. It could be from the edge of your lips moving up to your temple passing the base of your cheekbone. Finally, glide the device from the side part of your nose through your prominent cheekbone until it reaches the temple.

Repeat the patterns in 5 minutes on your left cheek and do the same procedures on your right cheek area.

When treating your forehead, begin at the starting point of your brows moving upward to the hairline. Follow the 3 positions again and again for 5 seconds. In the same manner, you can reduce the sagging on your neck. Again, do the procedures 5 minutes per treatment area.

As a beginner, do this session 5 times a week for the first 60 days of use. After that, just do it 2 to 3 times every week to gain similar effects.

On every treatment, you will get the even flawless skin. After using the device, return it to its charging cradle.

You may get rid of the Primer Gel using a wet and clean towel. If you prefer, use any of NuFACE serums after this treatment.


  • Complementary items in a kit
  • Effective skincare treatment
  • The device comes with a changeable attachment


  • The kit includes only one attachment

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Set Review​ Verdict:

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning set with Facial Trainer and Gel Primer is a perfect combo for improving your skin quality and appearance. It is designed to be a professional tool to enhance your facial contour, tone, and density.

NuFACE Trinity ELE Attachment Review

After obtaining the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device, you could start collecting the other two attachments.

One of these attachments is the Trinity ELE.

What is this for?

The ELE Attachment

ELE or Effective Lip and Eye attachment is a microcurrent accessory you may need to complete your NuFACE Trinity treatment.

Why is this tool so important? Well, it doesn’t mean the other extensions are less important.

The point is:

Each of them has their own specific functions.

The original Trinity Facial Toning attachment is known to have bulging spheres especially designed to cover large areas of the face and neck.

However, this ELE attachment looks like two separated rods or wands with circular points. The purpose of this artistic formation is to reach tiny areas that are limited to be treated by the Facial Trainer.

The tips of this tool are small enough to treat the areas below your eyes, eyebrows, and lip line. These areas are considered to have thinner skin and a bit sensitive than the other parts of the face. This attachment is something you can trust if you are concerned about precision.

This microcurrent attachment makes sure that these areas are treated well just as the rest of the face to achieve a total glam of your skin. It carefully aims to reduce the look of the frown lines or eyebrow furrows.

When you frown, your brows meet and form furrow lines which could look like wrinkles. This condition gets worse as someone keeps on doing so as a habit.

Others find them annoying because they could be one of the visible signs of aging.

We hate frowning probably because we don’t want to see those unacceptable lines between your brows.

But when we smile, we also get to see wrinkles and fine lines around the outer edge of our eyes.

You may think this is crazy! But this is real. They are called crows feet.

Additionally, you may notice sagging skin on your laugh lines though you are not laughing, and worse when you are.

Everybody wants a perfect smile because it could cause a positive and lasting impression. However, if your smile lines remind you that you are getting older, you would probably hate it.

Reduce your frown and smile lines with ELE. It’s the same solution you could have to get rid of the crows feet.

It activates those delicate areas in order to reduce those issues of aging. This skincare attachment is professional in targeting the smaller areas of the face to develop the skin around the eyes and lips.

Once the face skin is stimulated and reacts to the microcurrent signals, it brings back its gorgeous look and its other natural properties.

The skin will regain its elastic state from being sagging. ELE enhances facial contouring and complexion and eliminates the obvious lines that get worse and worse as we age.

How to use ELE

ELE’s précised wands are strategically purposed for the areas surrounding the lips and eyes. We usually notice the uneven skin in these areas.

If you have your ELE attachment, just use it to replace the facial trainer on your trinity facial toning device. You can remove the attachment by strongly pushing the release-button at the back portion of the device and attach ELE.

In order to begin the treatment, you must wash your face with an oil-free cleanser. This is to remove all the excess oil, dirt, and makeup from your face leaving it completely clean, then dry.

Start by putting on Nuface gel primer on the area you want to treat. Smudge a sufficient amount of gel so it becomes really wet like a mask on your skin.

Turn on your device and adjust it to the level you desire. Place the ELE round tips on the specific positions.

There are different treatment points to follow to benefit from your device. The first area to treat is at the lower lip part.

After applying gel primer, position the spheres and start lifting a little until you hear a beep. This beep sounds every 5 seconds and that’s the signal of changing to the second position. Do this pattern two times more.

There are two positions to consider for each side of the lower lip. It’s just exactly the same steps to follow for both right and left side of the lower lip.

The next treatment area is at the upper lip. Press the spheres against the upper portion of your lip near the philtrum.

Hold the device and gently lift it upward. The second position is near the tip of your upper lip. Do it again for two additional times.

The third part is the smile or laugh lines. There are 2 positions to lift around your smile lines where wrinkling and sagging are usually visible.

Another portion is below your eye area. We hate dark circles and how much more if you have got puffy and saggy eye bags. There are 3 positions to treat below the eye area. Start by gliding the device from the outer part of the eye to the inner corner next to the nose. Do the same pattern for the 2 more positions.

Next, position the spheres at the upper portion of the eye and follow the gliding pattern for the 3 positions and also for treating the lower portion of the brows. The brows need lifting in order to prevent drooping. Just hold and glide the device upwards to lift the brows. Do the same steps for both left and right brows.

The last area to treat is at the base of the forehead where we usually develop eyebrow furrows or frown lines. After positioning the spheres, glide them toward the middle part of the forehead just below the hairline.

Follow these treatment suggestions for 3 to 5 days every week. Start by doing them 5 times a week for the first 60 days of use and 2 to 3 days a week to continue.

It takes only 8 minutes a day to cover all the areas around your lips and eyes.

As recommended, use ELE in the morning. Enjoy the difference on your smile lines, wrinkles, crows feet, and eyebrow furrows.


  • Tiny spheres for targeted microcurrent
  • Benefits hard-to-treat areas around eyes and lips
  • Removable attachment


  • Limited to small surface treatment areas

NuFACE Trinity ELE Attachment Review​ Verdict:

NuFACE Trinity ELE attachment is an efficient collectible to complete your Trinity facial toning device. This attachment is strategically designed to treat minor areas around the eyes and lips to reduce the look of sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

NuFACE Optimizing Mist Review

During a dry summer day, we always want to get refreshed.

That’s why we need a mist.

NuFACE has an optimizing mist or a hydrating facial mist that helps the skin lock in ample moisture. This is one way to boost the skin’s hydration level and by applying it while using other skincare items.

For instance, spray mist before putting on a moisturizer and another spray before starting to apply makeup.

It works as an anti-aging infusion spray formulated with hyaluronic acid and other natural extracts.

It doesn’t only act as a moisturizing mist but also an anti-aging spray that you could use any time of the day once you feel dull and dry. This mist is a friendly companion you have to put inside your bag anywhere you go.

NuFACE Optimizing Mist Benefits:

  • Hydrates
  • Smoothens
  • Refreshes

There are multiple benefits this mist offers.

First, it is rich in aloe vera extract that is perfect in making the skin moisturized. Once the skin is hydrated, water stays in the skin and prevents wrinkles to develop. The skin and the cells beneath remain nourished and that makes the connective tissues strong enough to combat sagging.

Another leading ingredient that made this mist so powerful is hyaluronic acid. This formula is particularly purposed to eliminate dull skin while erasing the visible signs of aging.

NuFACE mist smoothens the skin. It helps makeup look extra vibrant all day long. It enhances the glow of the skin eliminating dryness and flakiness. Just a spray of a hydrating mist will keep your makeup stay longer.

The mist refreshes the skin. Since this is an optimizing spray, it mutually works with NuFACE Gel Primer to make the skin stimulated and hydrated while treating with NuFACE devices. As a result, the skin remains rejuvenated and freshened longer. It also makes the skin on your face and body smooth and younger-looking.

When to use The Mist

Use the Optimizing Mist to intensify any NuFACE Treatments or anytime you need moisture.

If you are going to treat using a NuFACE microcurrent device, spray a sufficient amount of mist on your face after applying the Gel Primer. Then, start the procedure. In this case, the mist provides the skin with an intensive hydration with the gel.

You can also use the mist before and after applying makeup. This is a solution to maintain a fresh look with your makeup so you don’t need a retouch.

Spray it anytime you fill dry and flaky on your face and body.

Love your skin with this hydrating mist.


  • Boosts the efficiency of other NuFACE treatments
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Soothes and freshens


  • Very consumable if sprayed often
  • Quite expensive for a small bottle

NuFACE Optimizing Mist Review​ Verdict:

NuFACE Optimising Mist is an all-in-one anti-aging and hydrating spray that provides the skin proper moisture all day long. It also optimizes the efficiency of other NuFACE treatment products.

Introduction to NuFace

You must have heard of NuFACE but didn’t take time knowing the brand a bit deeper. Let me just tell you about it.

NuFACE is an influential brand that produces cosmetic devices and skin care products to eliminate the common signs of aging.

Carol Cole, the founder of the company, is a professional aesthetician. She noticed that most of her patients are having trouble with aging skin. Along with her daughters, they were inspired to develop NuFACE in 2005 and complement it to their normal clinical microcurrent procedures.

Nowadays, NuFACE is at the peak of its success. It has been proven to help the beauty industry tackle the common signs of aging using state-of-the-art microcurrent technology and essential skin care products. No wonder that it has reached a lot of potential customers worldwide and has received remarkable awards because of its efficacy.

NuFACE is known for its microcurrent technology. This breakthrough in cosmetic research has been discovered essential for treating the face. Microcurrent refers to a significantly low electric current which is equal to 0.000001 amperes.

It works by waking up the muscles especially those that are not usually used and tend to develop into wrinkles. When the muscles receive the signals, they become alive again and function normally. They return to where they were and that creates the lifting and toning effect on the skin.

Microcurrent devices exercise the muscles making them properly working. Another remarkable benefit is the rebuilding of collagen. These exceptional benefits of microcurrent technology are now dominating the cosmetic industry.

The latest NuFACE microcurrent product is the Trinity facial toning device.

NuFACE Trinity vs Mini

You must be wondering about the differences between NuFACE Trinity and Nuface mini.

Well, this is exactly one of the things you have to put in mind before planning your purchase.

First, let’s talk about their similarities.

The mini device simply looks like the Trinity facial trainer attachment. They both have the same functions. The eye-like spheres focus on the wide areas of the face and neck by sending microcurrent energy to the skin. They can both stimulate the skin and help reduce several signs of aging. As a result, they develop your facial features and bring back the glow of your skin.

When it comes to the treatment, they also have the same instructions.

On the other hand, there are some differences as well.

NuFACE mini is a smaller version of the trinity facial toning device and is more affordable.

However, it doesn’t come with other attachments. It has built-in treatment nodules used for facial toning treatment.

NuFACE Trinity comes with 3 distinct attachments namely Facial Trainer, Wrinkle Reducer, and ELE. The Facial Trainer attachment works like the mini. The Wrinkle Reducer offers a red and infrared light and targets 7 portions of the face during the 10 to 25-minute treatment. This is an extensive wrinkle reducer tool. Finally, the ELE attachment is designed to target the smaller areas around the eyes and lips.


Be part of the latest happenings in the world of skin care. NuFACE will bring you into a different dimension of loving your skin.

Explore NuFACE online shops and learn more about their beauty secrets.

But for now, let’s take a look back once more the products we just talked about starting with the Trinity facial toning device.

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning set includes The Facial Toning Device with a Facial Trainer attachment and a Gel Primer. This combination helps reduce skin sagging and erase wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin radiant every time. As a result, your skin becomes younger, well-defined, and firm.

The ELE attachment offers a targeted microcurrent energy to treat hard-to-reach areas near the lip and eye portions of the face. Its circular-tip wands focus on activating the sensitive skin areas to reduce puffy eyes, lift eyebrows, and smooth fine lines.

Bring back the vibrant look of your skin with The NuFACE Classic Facial Toning Device. It’s a traditional microcurrent hand-held device design for skin stimulation and toning at home. It’s proven to give the skin a toned and strengthened definition.

NuFACE Optimising Mist is an anti-aging mist that hydrates, smoothens, and refreshes the skin to maintain its vibrancy. It also boosts other NuFACE products and works together to prevent the signs of aging in just a squirt.

If you are planning to buy a NuFACE device, I suggest you choose the Trinity facial toning device. It’s a good start to collect the other two attachments to complete your anti-aging solutions. Though the Classic is much cheaper, Trinity is far better with 5 intensity levels, easy-grip design, and other up-to-date features.

After owning a Trinity, you could complement it with other NuFACE skincare products.

This is going to be the start of your transformation. Let NuFACE get you a new face.

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