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The skin is the ultimate epitome of beauty and the exact replica of one’s health.

In fact, what someone ingests is evident in the condition their skin has.

However, these days, external factors have been increasingly affecting our skin health. So, we need a skincare expert that will help us pull through both external and internal threats that our skin faces.

We discovered Neocutis.

NEOCUTIS Bio-Cream Bio-restorative...
  • Preserve with Growth Factors: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Improves skin tone, texture and firmness
  • Moisturize: Nourishing oils moisturize skin to promote a more refined tone and texture
  • Replenish: Helps restore skin’s healthy appearance after cosmetic dermatological procedures

Neocutis Product Review

NEOCUTIS Bio-Cream Bio-restorative Skin Cream Review

Bio-cream is the introductory cream made by Neocutis. It is an anti-aging cream extracted primarily to do away with the common signs of aging. It is one of the Neocutis leading products formulated with PSP.

So what does this cream specifically do?

First, it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, commonly in the face. Our face is the first thing people see and we always feel a bit awkward if we are not confident in the way we look. That is true especially when we seem to look older than our exact age. The culprit is those developing fine lines in our face. Wrinkles are visible around the eyes, too.

For you to defeat these aging problems, you need Bio-cream. It is a restorative skin cream which brings back the skin’s elasticity to make it look lifted and firm.

Bio-cream soothes the skin from inflammation or redness. After someone underwent a clinical peel or laser treatments, the skin usually appears to be swollen and red. That’s no problem with Bio-cream.

With the help of PSP, it gently soothes the skin until it recovers from these effects of dermatological treatments. The proteins in PSP could help erase scars after light surgeries and other causes of irritation.

It is beneficial to be used as a complementary solution to your skin problems. It mutually works with other topical essences to achieve a healthy skin. When the skin is soothed, it reveals its radiance. This cream is ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin.

Additionally, it helps the skin become healthy and lively all the time. That’s why it plays a big part in making the skin rejuvenated without any trace of stubborn wrinkles. It makes the skin smooth and well-toned.


Get ready with Bio-cream’s amazing results. It is easy to experience the Bio-cream wonders. Just apply the cream every night or according to your dermatologist’s recommendation. Put on the cream on your face and neck. This is to keep your skin rejuvenated and nourished.

After two months or regular use, you will see visible changes with the wrinkles and fine lines on your face and neck

Women's skin care

If you’re treating the skin to minimize scarring, just an appropriate amount of cream is needed to cover the skin area. Use it 3 to 4 times every day or as advised by your physician.

Repeat the process until the skin has revealed its normal texture within weeks.


  • Uses PSP technology
  • Fights signs of aging
  • Gives you a nice glow
  • Works well with other ingredients


  • It could be used for all skin types, however, outcomes may differ

Neocutis Bio-Cream Review Verdict:

Neocutis Bio-cream Bio-restorative Skin cream is an all-in-one solution to most skin concerns. It restores the affected skin either by fading unwanted scars or soothing the skin to bring back its natural glow. It fights common aging signs like wrinkles keeping the skin as healthy, moisturized, and vibrant as possible.

What is Neocutis?

Neocutis is a skincare brand that is absolutely zealous in providing exceptional beauty products. The brand’s panel of experts works hard to produce aesthetic items to deliberately satisfy the latest demands in the world of cosmetics.

It has been committed to developing skin care products that will fit the trend. That’s the reason behind its unbeatable records. Both dermatologists and consumers acclaim and put their faith in Neocutis. They strongly believe that it can supply them of the latest, well-crafted, and skin-friendly products.

In order to be outstanding in its own field, the brand aims to create specialized technological stratagems which are supported by recent studies. The goal is to integrate these unique strategies with the tested and proven formulation in order to achieve the best quality.

This effort makes it possible for Neocutis to produce the best products that will put an end to most problems related to our skin.

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The Neocutis Technology

Through rigorous studies, Neocutis is able to offer consumers the kind of products that have never been realized for many years. In terms of competition, Neocutis will never be left out. The formulations and the ingredients are properly utilized to ensure the brand’s benchmark.

The series of developments in science inspired Neocutis to pioneer various innovations. Using the ideal elements and technology, it has been motivated to make the best solutions available for everybody.

Before developing its in-house technology, one of the foremost objectives of the brand’s professionals was to be aware of the roles of the skin as an organ and the underlying reasons for all skin troubles. In order to perceive the details, they had to carefully research and relate the conclusions to the most common concerns about the skin.

Once the sources of the problems were realized, it’s time to create the most appropriate solution by choosing the best ingredients. However, if such things do not solve the trouble, Neocutis resourcefully make use of the recent formulas to invent new ones toward its purpose. The brand’s experts are well-trusted when it comes with crafting new ingredients from existing ones.

One pride of Neocutis technology is PSP. It stands for “Processed Skin Cell Proteins”. It could be found only in Neocutis products. PSP is one of the latest skin nutritive technologies which has been proven to reduce most signs of aging. It is a combination of natural proteins and polypeptides.

The role of PSP is to enhance cell development and skin restoration by controlling certain proteins in our system. The goal is to offer the best solution to meet the needs and achieve the healthiest skin possible.

PSP is a product of year’s research by top Swiss scientists and made it possible for Neocutis to be the sole beneficiary of this technology.

This new discovery has been made possible through the undying determination of Neocutis together with the experts to derive the kind of products we have been longing for.

They also want the clients to develop confidence in the brand and its products. They always guarantee only the highest quality and the effectiveness like never before.


Neocutis has more to offer you. Check out the latest products with their outstanding technologies exclusively created by Neocutis professionals.

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