8 Keys to Masculine Elegance According to Tom Ford

We love chic men, although male elegance may seem like a common theme in the fashion world, more and more men are worrying about being 'up to the task.' But what is an elegant man really like? Tom Ford, one of the world's most admired and elegant designers, sets the standard.

Money Does Not Give Style

It is one of the most crucial points of his speech about elegance. Tom Ford was not born rich and, once again, his story shows that a bank account does not determine the class in a dress.

Men's comfy fashion

No to Eccentricity

Tom Ford had a stylistic past from which he learned not to repeat certain mistakes. He once said: "At the beginning of the seventies I had long hair up to my shoulders, bell-bottoms, and shirts with cords at the neckline, but then I wasn't brilliant.

Above All: Comfort

Another of Tom Ford's star rules is comfort. He said never wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. He also said that you project what you feel.

Closed Jacket

In one of his interviews, Tom Ford made it clear. If there were a rule of style for him that every man should follow, it would be this: "Never unbutton your jacket. It is a way to show your figure.”

Wear Your Suit Every Day

The suit isn't just for parties. According to the creator, "an elegant man should pull the elegance of the suit even in his everyday life (even a tuxedo)."

Long Pants Always

As Tom Ford told a well-known Australian fashion publication, "A man should never wear shorts. You can only pull them when you play tennis or go to the beach.”

Beauty Care

An elegant man must pay attention to his beauty care, and Tom Ford is clear: "It is essential to clean and hydrate the face twice a day. We should also use eye drops. White eyes look healthy. Every man should have a magnifying mirror. If you are perfect in a big way, then you are ready to go.

Men should invest in skin care too

Makeup? Why Not!

If you thought a made-up man was a fork, then Tom Ford comes along and breaks your premise. The designer, in an interview for a well-known men's magazine, said that if you go to the Oscars, there isn't a man who does not wear makeup.

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