Tips for Matching Handbags with Shoes

One of the biggest fears that any woman has to face when dressing is to find the key to combine their handbags and shoes to get a perfect look.

For many women, this type of combination is easy, but not for many others. So, we want to show you some tips that can come very well to get the desired look.

First of all, we have to say that the key for these elements to combine correctly, is that both bags and shoes for women match but are not the same.

It is essential that these have a certain similarity of color with the clothes that are going to be used although it does not have to be of the same style.

Do not forget that every day that passes the fashion is more transgressor and what yesterday was frowned upon; today may be the latest trend.

Play with the contrasts

Cheer up and play with the contrasts

There are many occasions in which combining a black bag with a shoe of a more striking color is a success due to the higher contrast that is achieved. It is also fun to play with different shades within the same color range.

The size of the bag matters

Today, it is common to use large bags that do not go unnoticed by anyone. If you like this type of accessories, when combining them with your shoes, you should use some that are discreet. It is to avoid wearing an exaggerated look and that both elements collide with each other. For example, shopping bags go great with low shoes.

Beware of textures

The textures used in the manufacture of handbags and shoes can play a trick on us if we are not careful. For example, it is not advisable to wear patent leather shoes with hair bags due to the contrast. A combination widely used by many women is to wear canvas slippers with leather bags for a more casual style.

Printed bags

In the case that you choose bowling with prints, or that has in its design several colors, the best option we have is to use footwear of a single color. However, try to use shade of any of the colors that appear in the print of the bag.

Handbag with heel

Handbags are often used in special events. In many cases, they are real jewels with a very refined design which is why it is necessary to give them the treatment they deserve. When it comes to combining them, it is always a safe bet to do so with a salon shoe or high-heeled sandals. If the bag is striking, it is always advisable to use a sober pump.

Evidently, in addition to these tips, you apply your own tricks when combining the bags and shoes.

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