Makeup Tips For Older Women

Ten simple Makeup Tips For Older Women.

We usually pamper moms on their special day with gifts like clothes, flowers, food, but we rarely dare to give them a change of look. 

From 4th grade on, it is critical to hydrate face and neck. It is one of the vital steps for mature skin to look incredible. Here you will know ten tips to make up the queen of your house: your mommy.

Moisturizer and liquid makeup

Moisturizer and liquid makeup

Using creams specifically for mature skins is essential. Remember to double moisturize the dark circles and neck area.

The second step of the preparation will be with a pore filler, which will help to achieve much smoother skin.

Finally, for mature skins highly liquid bases are recommended because the more creamy the base is, the more expression lines are highlighted. Also, the watery base fills in the micro-wrinkles.

Use a sponge or beauty blender

The sponge will help you press on the base and fill in the pores well. It will make the skin look even smoother and less textured. You will have a better and lighter effect if your beauty blender is moist.

Massage eye bags

A good massage with a spoon will be the remedy anti bags, you just need:

  • Two spoons
  • Alcohol (as needed)
  • One glass of cold water
Beauty Blender

Disinfect the spoons with the alcohol and add it to the glass with water and ice cubes. Once cold, keep them for 15 seconds on your eyelids. Finally, remove and apply moisturizer as usual.

Corrector of crow's feet

Preferably a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the skin color. The trick of applying it is to the lower the corner of the eyes as it will help open your eyes more.

Corrector of the same color as a makeup base

For dark circles, a natural shade corrector will be better because this part of the eye naturally becomes whiter with age. Unlike young girls, women with mature skin should use a concealer of their same skin tone to balance the said area.

Color palette with warm colors

Color palette with warm colors

With age, a woman's makeup should seek to soften her face rather than harden it.

Cold tones make features stronger, so warm tones are better on mature skins because they sweeten the look.

A good blend

Just as cold tones harden features, an unblurred shadow creates a stark effect on the look. Instead, a good blurring of shadows will give softness to the eyes.

Avoid black eyeliner

The very dark and very marked eyeliners usually harden the features. When you're very young, you start by outlining your eyes to see yourself less of a girl, so - on the contrary - for moms with mature skins, it's better to have a blurred line with warm tones.

At the end very LOW translucent powder

Leave the powder translucent until the end. It will make the makeup base settle on the face and fill in any texture on the skin.

Only at the end, and when every detail is finished, can you seal with minimal (almost nothing) translucent powder so that the makeup lasts and the skin looks even smoother.

Woman doing her makeup

Focus more on contouring the neck

With age, the skin tends to lose the natural elasticity of the face, so the features of the cheekbones become more accentuated and create a natural contour. That's why there's no need to define "shadows" in that area.

Instead, it is best to focus on contouring the neck area as it will enhance the effect of a more defined jaw.

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