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Looking for the ultimate luxury skincare brand? Women worldwide have been hearing about La Prairie ever since Kim Kardashian said that she loves their line of products. Although being a boujee brand, La Prairie is still a reasonable choice if you want to receive only the best for your skin.

In this article, you will learn all about their history, their high-quality ingredients, and you will find an ideal cream for your skin type!

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream,...
La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid...
La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream...
La prairie Cellular Cream Platium...
Our Rating:
Helps with mature skin and wrinkles
Helps with fine lines and wrinkles
Helps with undereye wrinkles and saggy skin
Prevents redness and gives a nice glow
Editor's Choice
La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream,...
Our Rating:
Helps with mature skin and wrinkles
La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid...
Our Rating:
Helps with fine lines and wrinkles
La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream...
Our Rating:
Helps with undereye wrinkles and saggy skin
La prairie Cellular Cream Platium...
Our Rating:
Prevents redness and gives a nice glow

La Prairie Products Reviews

Editor's Choice

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Review

One of their premium and much-loved collections is the Caviar collection, thanks to its rich moisturizing properties. Amazing at providing everything for your skin type, yet an ideal choice if you need luxury and an at home pampering sensation.

Tight & Toned

With regular usage, your skin will become a lot tighter and toned. Its rich texture will give you hydrated skin while also firming it. Delivers firming agents and boosts the collagen production, all in one. Thanks to its Alpha Hydroxy Acid the skin will feel a lot more rejuvenated and will be retexturized.

Ideal For Dry Skin

Women in their 40’s will love the thick consistency of this cream the most. It is suitable for everyone besides those with super sensitive skin, or women who have clogged pores. When applying the cream it will penetrate deep into the skin, leaving your outer and deeper layers nourished, hydrated and glowy.

High-Quality Ingredients

Besides the caviar, the bottle itself is filled with water, palm oil and silicones which are good at protecting the skin.

The product is suitable for dehydrated skin and women who want to lift up their skin, or who need to fight some other saggy imperfections. The product can also be used on the neck and will firm the neck.

How To Apply It?

  • Use the cream morning and night as the last step to your skincare routine.
  • It is important to apply the product in the upward motions since this way you won't be dragging your skin and giving your self some unwanted wrinkles.
  • You can use the sleek spatula which comes with the product, or your clean fingertips.

However, the spatula might be a bit handier since it helps not to transmit any bacteria or germs onto your face.


  • Ideal solution for women in their 40's
  • Helps with wrinkles
  • Makes the skin tight
  • Can be used on the neck as well
  • Rich & thick texture


  • Some women with sensitive skin might find the product too harsh due to its silicone ingredient
  • Expensive

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Review Verdict:

The ideal solution that older women will appreciate if they need a one of a kind cream for their skin. Anyone with wrinkles or puffiness can enjoy this solution, besides those who have super sensitive skin, or who dislike silicone. The product can be used morning and night and will feel very refreshing once it sinks into your pores.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster Review

With their anti-aging line, La Prairie promises smooth and youthful skin. This serum will give out quick results and will make your wrinkles and fine lines disappear. Anti-aging in a bottle, as well as a hydration boosting product.

Fights Wrinkles

In about two weeks this product promises to take care of any fine lines, wrinkles, or saggy skin. It boosts the collagen and elastin production, and it minimizes the appearance of large pores. With regular usage, your skin will look a lot more radiant and will be a lot tighter around its saggy areas.


Although it is a serum, it features a lightweight and non-greasy formula that can easily absorb into the skin. Once it does, it will leave the top of your skin soft and smooth and will feel like a luxury moisturizer, and not just a serum.

Will give out the best results on women above the age of 40. The product can also act as a great base for makeup due to its comfortable and thick consistency.

Divine Feel

Some of its elements are plankton extracts as well as sunflowers and mimosas which can help with larger pores, exfoliation, soft skin, and with the epidermal water loss. The product will feel moisturizing on the skin and will hold in the moisture while giving an overall glowy complexion.

How To Apply It?

This serum gel will glide effortlessly onto your skin.

  • You can use it morning and night on your face, neck and décolleté, but make sure you avoid your eye area. The serum will penetrate deep into your layer and will create healthy skin from within.​
  • Clean the skin with water or by using your favorite cleanser and then reach for the serum.​
  • Use 2 squirts and apply it on the face, follow up with your daytime or nighttime moisturizer.​


  • Fights early signs of aging
  • Helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and larger pores
  • Leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Visible improvements in 14 days
  • Non-oily texture
  • Filled with high-quality ingredients
  • Acts as a primer for makeup


  • For older women with visible signs of aging
  • Needs to be followed up with a moisturizer
  • Expensive

La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster Review​ Verdict:

This serum is a great choice if you are struggling with early signs of aging and if you need a quick solution. It will leave you with an improved texture in 14 days, but you will have to continue with the usage if you want to maintain the results.

Ideal serum for older women who don’t wear a lot of makeup, but also for those who don’t mind the hefty price and the fact that you will need to invest in other skincare items as well, such as your cleanser and a moisturizer.


La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare for Unisex Review

An ideal unisex product that both you and your husband or boyfriend will be able to use. This eye cream recharges the skin and replenishes moisture while demolishing fine lines and wrinkles. Platinum technology is ideal for older and sensitive skin types.


The product is quite gentle and ideal for an eye cream, and it can absorb into the skin easily. It has a very mild, fresh, and overwhelming scent, as you’d expect from every La Prairie product. Comfortable and easy to use on a daily basis.


Thanks to its herbal extracts and peptides that are in it, the product will smooth out facial muscles and minimize the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles, while creating firmer skin. The cream will also help out with discoloring or any pigmentation around the under eye area.


The cream can be used by you and your significant other. It is comfortable, hydrating, and safe for every mature skin type.

How To Apply It?

  • Apply each night on cleansed and moisturized skin.​
  • Apply the product with either the spatula (which comes with your purchase) or with your clean fingers. ​
  • Dab the product with your ring finger and apply light pressure.​
  • Let it sink in before you go to bed.​


  • Great undereye cream
  • Fights wrinkles and fine lines
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Smells soothing
  • Feels moisturizing


  • Quite expensive for an undereye cream

La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare for Unisex Review​ Verdict:

This product is great at hydrating your skin around your eyes, getting rid of the puffiness, as well as of any wrinkles. With regular usage both you and your partner will notice a drastic change and will look a lot more glowy and youthful.

Although it is an effective product, you can only use it around your undereye area, so the price might be a bit hefty since it isn’t a dual purpose product.


La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare Review

The platinum rare formula is infused with the platinum peptide which helps with wrinkles and firmness of the skin. This cream by La Prairie is a fancy solution which will help every skin type experience moisture and a healthy glowy complexion.


This serum will help with the detoxification and will clear the skin from any radicals or pollutants that can harm it. It boosts the skins immunity system and helps your skin to feel and look a lot more radiant, energetic, and lively.


Its main ingredient is platinum, along with some other botanical extracts and vitamin C which are all anti-aging agents that help with fine lines and wrinkles. Also, the golden caviar pearl which is in it is great for reducing any inflammation on the skin and redness, yet protecting it from external factors.

Rich Texture

The texture of the product is rich and luxurious, while the product smells a lot like roses.

The cream melts into the skin easily without irritating it or leaving an oily residue. One drop of the product will do so much for any skin type, therefore the product can be used sparingly.

How To Apply It?

  • Use the cream each night before you go to bed.​
  • Make sure your skin is clean and free of any makeup before proceeding further. ​
  • Let it sink in and repeat in the morning. Can be used around the face and neck area.​


  • Soothing cream for many different skin types
  • Fights early signs of aging
  • Prevents redness
  • Smells nice and soothing
  • Makes the skin glowy
  • Doesn't feel heavy or greasy
  • Easy to spread around so you won't waste a lot of product


  • Very expensive

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare Review​​ Verdict:

An everyday solution that you can use and enjoy its rose essence. This cream is great at providing moisture and at firming your skin while leaving you with a glowy complexion. It is on a luxury side, and is really expensive, and only women who are on the lookout for the ultimate solution should purchase this product.


Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil by La Prairie for Unisex Review

An amazing oil which can help your skin to adapt to its everyday activities without damaging it. This product is great at providing a firm barrier. Restores the moisture and leaves you with a youthful glowy look.

Overwhelming Scent

The Swiss Ice collection smells soothing and high-end. This product is ideal at providing moisture and giving your skin a glow and is the perfect choice for drier skin types.

The artificial fragrance might be too harsh to those with sensitive skin, while others will fancy the powdery floral scent. The product can also be used by both men and women and is a versatile oil which everyone will find soothing.

Nice Texture

Due to its active ingredients of sunflower seeds, sweet almond oils and jojoba oils the product itself feels very nice once applied on top of the skin. 

Feel nourishing and moisturizing while not being too thick, too oily, or too sticky. Although it might feel a bit warm once applied on top of the skin, it still absorbs fast as you massage it in.

Fights Signs Of Aging

This oil seals moisture within your skin, and thanks to its crystal complex and plant extract it protects your layers from any environmental factors. It will provide continues hydration thanks to its hyaluronic acid.


The cream can be used by you and your significant other. It is comfortable, hydrating, and safe for every mature skin type.

How to Apply It?

  • Massage a small amount of this oil on the cleansed skin.​
  • You can also apply it to your body and enjoy the scent as it sinks into the pores.​
  • You can use as much as you want at any point during the day.​


  • Great oil for body and face
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Smells lovely and soothing
  • Protects the skin and gives it shine
  • Ideal for dry skin


  • Those with sensitive skin might not enjoy the scent
  • You can run out of the bottle sooner than expected if you use it on body and face

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil by La Prairie for Unisex Review​​​ Verdict:

This La Prairie oil is the perfect choice for men and women with drier skin. It can seal the moisture while boosting collagen production and leaving you with an overall glow. Can be used on the body as well, and it has a calming floral scent.

However, if you mind scented products you might want to pass on this one. Also, since it is quite pricey be careful with your appliance since you don’t want to run out of it sooner than expected.


La Prairie Cellular 3-Minute Peel Review

A 3-minute quick solution which you can use at the comfort of your home to promote new and healthy skin growth. This peel refines your skin while also getting rid of any surface debris. It can be used by both men and women who want to get rid of any dirt and minor imperfections.

Cleans The Surface

Thanks to its salicylic acid and many fruit acids this product can exfoliate and clean the surface of your skin. It will push any gunk that is in your pores onto the surface and will stimulate younger cells to the top. The peel has a soothing floral scent which many women will find appealing. Ideal for those with larger pores, but not for women with oversensitive or dry skin.

Silky Texture

After you wash off the mask you will be left with a silky texture which will calm down your skin or any redness. The peel will feel very soothing and the skin will look youthful and radiant. Ideal solution for skin that has lost its elasticity, which is really oily, as well as for those women with larger pores.

The product will give you a shiny outcome in time and will make your pores a lot smaller, while your skin will be able to breathe and to promote an overall glow.

How To Apply It?

  • Use the product along with a soft brush once a week.​
  • Apply it over the face and make sure you avoid your eye area. ​
  • Leave it on for exactly three minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.​
  • Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.​


  • A quick and effective 3-minute face mask
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Ideal for those who have larger pores or oily skin
  • Will remove any debris
  • Should be used once a week which means that you are saving a lot of the product
  • Good value for the price


  • Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • Might take time for you to spot a change since you'll be using it only once a week for 3 minutes

La Prairie Cellular 3-Minute Peel Review​ Verdict:

An effective 3-minute peel mask which you can use on your own to remove any gunk that can get stuck in your pores. This mask is ideal for women with oily skin, or both men and women with larger pores.

Not the best option if you need quick results since you can only use the product once a week, but a good idea if you need a long-term solution. Also, you should be really careful if your skin is super sensitive.

What Is La Prairie?

This brand was created in Switzerland on Lake Leman by doctor Paul Niehans in 1931. He only used high-quality ingredients, such as caviar and rare platinum as well as opulent gold as his active ingredients. This combination provided satisfaction and glamour to every woman, but to men as well.

At that time, Niehan treated even Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill, and he officially founded the company 47 years later. By then the brand already had a huge potential, reputation, and it made groundbreaking changes in the beauty community.

Why Use La Prairie?

Not only that it is recommended and highly loved by dermatologists worldwide, but many celebrities also can vouch for this line. La Prairie is very famous amongst older women since it can fight age, demolish fine lines, wrinkles, and leave you with a glowy complexion. La Prairie is highly advanced and the company even uses 3 different and separate labs- one for fermentation, other for micro-organism process, and the third one to blend all of the compounds together.

Even the workers at the company, as well as the chemist’s, don’t know the full story regarding La Prairie and all of its compounds. Doctor Paul wanted it to stay a top secret, and it has been even till to this day.

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What Product To Purchase?

They have several different lines and each and every one features 5-6 products. However, their lines of products are ideal for certain problems, and age groups, such as:

  • Purchase the platinum collection if you want to reduce major signs of aging.​
  • Purchase the caviar collection if you need an instant lift and firmer skin.​
  • Go for the white caviar collection if your skin is discolored or if you have an uneven skin tone..​
  • Radiance collection will work the best on dehydrated and dry skin.​
  • The anti-aging collection helps with fine lines and wrinkles.​
  • Swiss ice line will give your skin a glow and will help with any minor damages.​

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