Kungber Mole Removal Pen Review

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available due to FDA regulation. Click the link below for top available Mole/Tattoo removal pens!

Kungber Tattoo Remover Pen comes with a portable USB charging and it helps you remove Dark Spots, Freckles, Moles, etc., and offers smooth and clear skin. The Kungber spot removal device comes with LCD display to remove the skin tags and other blemishes easily. To compare it to other similar pens, check our Spot Eraser Pro Buyers Guide.

This mole removal pen is designed with an advanced technology that helps you get rid of skin tags and makes your delicate skin smooth and clear.  The machine contains two types of needles that are used for different types of skin treatments. The thin needle is used to remove freckles, moles, spots, and small pigmentation, and the coarse needle is used to remove moles, warts, tattoos, etc.

This mole remover device offers six levels power adjustment for various types of skins and it uses step by step process to clean your skin tags. The spot removal pen is rechargeable, and it works five hours continuously once it is charged, also, it comes with OPL (Overcharge Protection Longer) service life.  The LCD display feature shows the batter and working level of the device, and it helps you manage the device easily.

The tattoo remover pen is effective and saves as it is designed with high-tech and advanced technology, and its electric ion carbonation technology can easily remove spots, freckles, tattoos without burning and hurting the skin.

The rechargeable pen is easy-to-use, and you need to press two seconds to on/off the power.  The short-press on/off button will change the speed level from one to six. Press and hold the ‘out’ button all through the procedure to make the device work.  Clean the needles with alcohol, just swipe it gently bank and front.  Also, you should not place the needle in one place for a longer time as it may cause damage to your skin layer.

The device comes with 100 percent money back warranty, in case, your mole removal device did not work or if you received a damaged machine, then you can contact the customer service department and ask them to replace the device.  You can use the instructions manual to learn how to use the device, in case, if you didn’t understand the manual, you can as well search on YouTube.

The Package Includes:

  • One mole removal pen
  • Six needles
  • One USB charging Cord
  • One owner’s manual


  • The device is featured with the IOC (Ionization Carbonization) Technology that can help you remove the moles and other skin blemishes without causing any damage.
  • The device contains six strength adjustable speeds and various power outputs, which make it the perfect device to remove freckles, skin tags, etc.
  • The device is easy to carry and it works 5 hours once it is charged fully.


  • check
    Removes all types of moles, skin tag, freckles, tattoos without hurting and burning the skin.
  • check
    Easy-to-use as the device uses electric ion carbonation technology to remove skin blemishes
  • check
    New plasma micro district technology that provides high frequency and low temperature.


  • Takes time to remove tough skin blemishes and tattoos

The Verdict

Overall, it is one of the best mole removal pens that are available in the market. Also, it is affordable and comes with various outstanding features. Get this tattoo removal device today and get rid of all your skin issues.

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