How to Dress For a Job Interview

Moving around in the job market is something that every professional woman ends up facing sooner or later. And although our goal is to show a sober, competent and hardworking image, that does not prevent us from also showing that we can be creative, feminine and with a lot of personalities. The street style comes to our rescue to offer us ideal looks for a job interview.

  • With simple black trousers combined with a colorful top, we get a simple and elegant look. You do not need to buy anything new for your first job interview.
  • If you want something more feminine, the combination of a long skirt or midi dress with a blazer is a sure thing. Depending on the type of work, they will look for someone more creative so that you can wear more color and more daring looks, or someone more serious and responsible, and then you must wear more formal and simple looks.
  • Other garments that can save us the job interview look are male blazers (even combined with jeans), white shirts, long coats, neutral colored tops, straight pants, and even monkeys.
Job interview fashion

What kind of looks should not be worn:

Job interviews are about building a good first impression, and you do not know what kind of person you have in front of you. What may not be too daring for you, for the other person may be. If you get the job, there will be time to wear different types of riskier clothes.

On the day of the interview, it is a good idea to check in front of the mirror that we are not uncomfortable with the clothes, that the combination of clothes looks good, and that we offer a serious and professional image to show that we are the ideal person for the job.

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