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As the science of hair restoration, iRestore is proud to offer you products that target all the aspects of hair growth.

You may now take control of your hair loss in impressive ways using its clinically proven solutions.

Here are 4 of iRestore’s high-quality hair growth system products for you.

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Review of iRestore Hair Loss Products

iRestore Laser Growth System Review

The science of laser hair growth system has finally been realized after many years of clinical studies.

Now, iRestore offers you the ultimate hair restoration treatment. This device uses red light therapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT) just like laser comb and band products.

How does this helmet work?

It works in a fantastic way. The helmet is calibrated with 51 medical grade lasers and LEDs emitting optimal wavelength (650nm red light). It is engineered to radiate light energy absorbed by the hair follicles. This process enhances cell metabolism rate and enlivens follicles.
And the result?

Production of new hair. You can experience the changes in 3 to 6 months of continuous treatment. This visible hair improvement can be expected by both men and women. Your hair will grow thicker, fuller, and healthier immediately using this clinical-strength laser hair restoration technology.

This laser helmet is a drug-free and non-invasive product that can also be used along with other hair loss solutions for better results.

Physicians believe low-level laser can be enhanced with hair growth treatments such as biotin supplements, hair loss shampoo, foam, Rogaine, minoxidil, Propecia or finasteride, etc.

Though you can use the laser helmet alone, using supplements will accelerate growth and receive maximum advantages.

Here are the benefits of using the laser helmet:

  • Treats hair loss
  • Prevents alopecia
  • Stops receding hairline
  • Energizes and reactivates follicles
  • Enhances cell metabolism rate
  • Reverses thinning process
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Makes hair thicker, fuller, and healthier

Who are the common participants of this laser helmet hair growth system?

The answer is ‘Anyone’. Yes, anyone who desires to have thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. If you want to invest the time in improving your hair using this treatment, you are in. Anyone who wants to experience hair growth consistency will surely be satisfied with this product.

But, technically, the laser helmet is used to treat a condition we called alopecia. This is a partial or complete hair loss from the parts where hair normally grows. It is commonly called as baldness.

Baldness is a common hair problem for men. But it’s not only men who experience this, also women.

To prevent this alarming dilemma, iRestore laser helmet is to the rescue. Anyone who is suffering or has a family history of alopecia can use this laser helmet. The treatment will prevent or stop hair loss from being worse.


If someone has been bald for many years, it means the hair follicles are already dead and could not be revived again. This is not indicated for patients with severe hair loss.

In terms of age, it is tested for males between 18 and 48 and females 18 to 60. It has not been clinically proven for anyone beyond these ranges. But, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. Still, you need to consult your doctor especially when you are taking medications.

In a 2017 clinical study, iRestore hair growth technology has been proven to increase hair growth and thickness. In just 4 months of conducted research, 100% of active male and female test subjects had an average of 43.23% increased hair growth. However, do not expect any immediate results. This treatment takes time and you have to wait until you see the difference. You also need to extend your patience and get a rewarding result in the end.

How to start this astonishing hair regrowth session?

Using the helmet is very easy. Just place the device on your head. The ergonomic design has five super soft pads to equally distribute its weight on your scalp. The helmet gives a full coverage compared to using a laser comb or a brush. Therefore, this is a better choice to cover the entire scalp without moving the device around.

It’s hassle free! It is very comfortable to use. It is durable, lightweight and perfectly fits your head. Start by turning on the start button.

This hands-free device comes with a clear timer display or remote so you could start, pause, and resume your session anytime.

The treatment doesn’t require you of using your hand. Therefore, it’s not tiring and inconvenient. You can even do other activities spontaneously.

The treatment takes 25 minutes, every other day. It is recommended to do the sessions on non-consecutive days. Use the device on dry hair.


Do not stare directly into the laser light since it might cause irritation. Keep the device in a dry area away from the reach of children or pets.


  • Consists of 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs
  • Ergonomic design that fits the head
  • Hands-free and easy to use compared to laser combs and bands
  • With clear timer display to easy start, pause, and resume treatment
  • 100% clinically safe and proven
  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable


  • 25-minute treatment time, longer than a laser comb but less tiring

iRestore Laser Growth System Review​ Verdict:

This iRestore laser hair growth system is a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their hair growth and to combat hair loss in an effortless way. The ergonomic design of the laser helmet makes it comfortable and no hassle.

Fast Hair Growth Bundle Review

3-in-1 Hair Growth Supplement, Hair Growth Serum, and Hair Growth Shampoo

iRestore fast restoration bundle is an innovative system to combat hair loss. It contains 3 premium hair growth products to complement hair loss treatment. These non-invasive products fight hair loss and thinning for both men and women. They are effective with no side effects.

What completes this fast hair growth bundle?

Let’s take a look at these products.

3-in-1 Hair Growth Formula

This dietary supplement contains Biotin, Saw Palmetto & DHT Blocker. This multi-nutrient formula is made of essential extracts that have been shown to promote fast and healthy hair growth.

This exclusive blend combines the most effective ingredients that have been researched and proven beneficial to stimulate hair development. As a result, your hair grows thicker and fuller in at least 90 days.

Hair Growth Serum

The primary ingredient of this serum is Redensyl.

This formula is clinically proven biotechnology which reactivates hair stem cells, proliferates cell metabolism, and nourishes hair follicles for fast hair regrowth.

Redensyl is a patented molecule developed in advanced medical research laboratories to optimize growth environment and make hair full and healthy.

This is a clinically proven formula to thicken and strengthen hair. The significant increase in hair thickness and fullness will be visible in 3 months.

Hair Growth Shampoo

This powerful hair rejuvenating shampoo includes these key ingredients: Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, and other essential nutrients.

This shampoo is formulated for men and women with balding, thinning hair, and a receding hairline. It promotes a healthy scalp to enhance and strengthen the hair follicles. The optimal blend of ingredients restores damaged hair and increases hair texture for more volume. This advanced volumizing therapy combats hair thinning thus gaining shine and fullness of the hair.

These hair restoration products are commonly used with laser treatment for optimal benefits. They are made in the USA and had undergone advanced medical researches.


  • Effective hair loss products
  • A comprehensive system for hair regrowth
  • A bundle is consumable in 30 days
  • Clinically safe with other treatments
  • Non-invasive, drug-free, and no side effects
  • Budget pack


  • Growth is a bit slow but works faster with laser treatment.

Fast Hair Growth Bundle Review​​ Verdict:

This fast hair growth bundle is absolutely a comprehensive set of uniquely made products for hair growth. They are a perfect combination to be partnered with a laser treatment for more great results.

Hair Vitamin Gummies Review

iRestore is offering you an enjoying treat for your hair, skin, and nails.

Introducing…gummy sugar bears!

Now, you may start craving!

These colorful gummies are an all-in-one solution to your hair health. They are full of nutrients namely biotin, coconut oil, vitamins C and E, vegan, turmeric, and natural flavors that you would surely love.

What makes these candied gummy bears so nutritious?


It is a white crystalline and water-soluble vitamin of B complex. This powerful nutrient aids in the production of fatty acids causing the stimulation of hair, nail, and skin regeneration.

Vitamin C

One of the vitamins found in various food supplement containing key antioxidants for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

It also plays a vital role in iron absorption and is responsible for producing and maintaining collagen.

Vitamin E

It boosts your blood circulation promoting faster hair and nail growth. Vitamin E supports a healthy scalp through the presence of antioxidants which reduce the number of free radicals causing hair follicle cells to be damaged.

Coconut Oil

Many use coconut oil as a natural method to thicken hair growth. This is a rich source of vitamins and fatty acids which nourishes the scalp. By taking these gummies, your body will soak up coconut oil’s anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing, and anti-bacterial properties thus giving you healthy growing follicles.

Black Carrot Juice Concentrate

Black carrots contain anthocyanins which are rich in antioxidants. This concentrate also has anti-inflammatory properties that help your skin retain moisture and maintain a youthful glow. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties from black carrots control scalp itchiness and nourish hair with essential nutrients.


Turmeric is packed with compounds called curcuminoids which have the power to penetrate and alter cell membranes with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory results. This means long-term improvements in your skin, hair, and nails.


Pectin is a soluble substance present in ripe fruits containing flavonoids that flush toxins from your bowel which allows your skin to regenerate and glow in and out.

These ingredients are responsible for providing nutrients that work together to maintain strong healthy hair, skin, and nails. This product is part of the iRestore hair growth system to fight hair loss in men and women.

As a result, you would get denser, healthier, and thicker hair. Once the hair receives nutrients, it will grow to its fullness. This supplement also nourishes the skin and strengthens the nails. The proprietary blend of natural extracts is an easy and enjoyable remedy for thinning hair, balding, receding hairline, breakage, hair fall, split ends, dullness, and hair loss.

If you are dreaming of thicker, stronger, and healthier hair, this is the easiest solution for you. Additionally, since the skin and nails are nurtured with proper nutrients, you can now say goodbye to acne, premature wrinkles, and brittle nails.

Why love these gummies?

They’re sugary. Anyone who has a sweet tooth would love these. 

The natural flavors of orange, lemon, and cherries are the taste your tongue could get hooked on.

They are vegan and cruelty-free, which means all the colors and flavors used in this supplement are 100% plant-based. So you will have no problem with any negative effects, unlike other products.

The product has no preservatives. It is also gluten-free and doesn’t contain animal products. Therefore, it’s very easy to include these hair vitamin gummies to your daily beauty regime. Just take 2 gummies daily with a meal.


  • Natural ingredients, no side effects
  • Tastes good
  • Delivers long-lasting results
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin
  • Affordable price


  • None

Hair Vitamin Gummies Review​ Verdict:

You would surely love these hair gummy vitamins. There’s nothing more enjoyable and delicious way to treat your hair than this.

3-in-1 Hair Growth Supplement Review

iRestore Hair Growth Supplement contains 3 unique formula including Biotin, Saw Palmetto, DHT Blocker and Other Extracts. These proprietary ingredients are formulated to make hair grow thicker, fuller, and healthier.

This multi-nutrient blend has carefully been researched to be advantageous for those people suffering from hair loss.

The supplement promotes fast and healthy growth by targeting the root. The problem usually starts in the roots. Once the hair follicles died, they cannot be revived.

In order to prevent this worse situation, someone may need to take this hair growth supplement to rescue the roots. So, it would be beneficial to fight hair loss.

Is it enough to just prevent hair loss?

No. You have to treat your hair constantly by providing the proper care it needs. If hair growth is visible after a lot of uses, it should also be thick and healthy.

No worries about side effects. iRestore products such as this supplement are non-invasive, safe, effective.

You can actually see the results in just 3 months. Others found noticeable growth in thinner areas of the scalp in only a week.

The purpose is to fight hair loss and thinning. Scientific studies showed that this hair growth supplement contains vitamins that naturally improves your scalp health and enhances hair growth including skin and nails.

How does each ingredient work?

Well, let’s start with Biotin and B-Complex vitamins. Every pill contains 5,000 mcg of Biotin. These nutrients work to thicken the hair naturally. In order to reverse thinning or damage from hair loss, these nutrients support the adrenal glands. They do not only help hair growth but also nails and skin development.

Additionally, Saw Palmetto and DHT Blocker Blends target the hair root for treatment. The process prevents hair loss and thinning by interfering with the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme that eventually causes baldness in men and women.

The formula is gluten-free and has no harmful chemicals added. It is also made without preservatives. Each pack contains 60 tablets to be taken twice daily by adults. It is recommended to take 1 tablet at a time with a meal.

Here are some important information:

This iRestore product is manufactured in the USA in GMP-certified facilities which are also approved internationally.

However, this product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. It is purely a hair growth supplement and results may also vary in each individual. Therefore, this unique hair growth formula fights hair loss naturally by improving your scalp health and promoting hair regrowth.


  • Enhances hair, skin, and nails
  • Targets the root problem
  • No tiring treatment, just take the pill
  • Non-invasive, safe, and no side effects


  • (Not intended to treat a disease; It’s a hair growth supplement)

3-in-1 Hair Growth Supplement Review​ Verdict:

This is an easy way to treat your hair loss. The 3-in-1 hair growth formula is your partner in hair enhancement. Safe and effective.

About the iRestore brand

iRestore is the science of hair growth technology offering you products that could be used in different ways with one major goal.

The goal is to offer the customers a hair restoration experience without any side effects or risks in a long-term use.

Freedom Laser Therapy is the company founded by Craig Nabat, the man behind the iRestore hair growth system. Since 2003, the company aims to provide safe and effective solutions for improving beauty without compromising the health.

iRestore understands how disappointing it is to lose hair, not to mention the hair treatment products that made the situation even worst.

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Now, iRestore is offering you hope by means of products that will help you regrow hair giving you an effortless, elegant, and comfortable experience.

All the products are safe, no drugs, no known side effects, noninvasive, and no harm to your health. It prides its 100% satisfaction rate from all its leading products. If they don’t work, iRestore offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Ten Thousand people have tried iRestore. Over 90 % keep it.

iRestore Anti Hair-Loss Products Summary

The iRestore standard is to give you high-quality products with ingredients that with are non-invasive and 100% safe. It concerns about improving your appearance through the safe methods, so you can look beautiful and healthy.

No doubt that unlike drug-based hair loss products, iRestore is safe and drug-free with no negative side effects. These products are a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their hair.
These high-quality products are made with full knowledge and expertise in this field. They are also certified by world-renowned Intertek Testing Services.

iRestore laser helmet is a hair growth system product and is FDA Cleared medical device for treating hair loss, receding hairline, balding and thinning hair for both men and women. Its ergonomic design makes it the customers’ favorite.

The hair growth bundle is a fast way to improve hair using the supplement, hair serum, and shampoo. This is a combination that is surely for keeps.

Yet, if you want to try one of these products, you may start using the 3-in-1 supplement. Well, it’s easier to take a pill than do minutes of treatment. However, using this supplement along with a treatment is better.

The sugar gummies are also a fun way to gain the same nutrients. They are delicious, natural, and safe. You can easily pop one into your mouth.

Start collecting these iRestore products and make them part of your beauty ritual.

Thats it for this iRestore Hair review, Let iRestore make a difference in your life!

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