How To Revive Dried Out Color Street Nails

Reviving the color from your dried out and old polish can be hard. We will help you to revive dried out color from street nails in only 4 steps! If you want strong nails read about the hair skin and nails it works suplement!

Color Street nails are nails that don’t demand the use of any heavy or specific tools, not like acrylic nails. These nails are applied on top of your natural nail, with no glue needed! These are actually nails that come in the form of a sticker, perfect for applying on top of your short-long nails and with ease! However, the color of these nails can become plain and washed out in time due to air exposure. If this happens to you, here’s how to revive it, and what you should do!

How To Revive Your Color In 4 Steps

Nail Polish Strip Application

Since this is a nail polish strip you should focus on its application before you get to the restoring the color. Once placing these nail strips, make sure that they are applied immediately after opening the strip pack. The longer you expose them to air, the sooner & quicker they will dry out. 

Putting nail polish

Always start at the pinky as well as at the base and work your way upwards. If they are impossible and uneven to place down, follow the next steps!

Use A Smudge Fixer

A smudge fixer from any brand can work in bringing back the moisture to your dried out polish strips. You will need this solution in case you’ve opened up the strips, and have dealt with a lot of air exposure. If your polish strip is dried out (expired) or simply just old, you will need this oil to give it back the moisture to its taped side.

Apply It

Apply the smudge fixer to either your strip or your nails. Make sure you work with one nail at a time, and always apply a generous amount of product. Since it is very wet and oil-based, make sure you let it dry before you move onto the next finger. You will notice that the color and the strip will glide a lot smoother and more even over the entire surface, thanks to this solution.

Colorful nails

You Can Also Use A Fan

In the end, if you are out of these smudge fixers or nail products, you can use a blow dryer. Just use it to warm up the polish strip. The strip should be placed in a small zip-lock bag, and you should apply high heat for 10 seconds on each nail. This will warm up the product and will allow you to place it down smoother, more precise, as well as even. This method is a bit more time-consuming, so think twice before you choose your preferred option.

  • Nail clippers
  • A stainless cuticle nipper
  • Acetone
  • A nail file
  • Glass bowl
  • Cotton towels
  • An aluminum foil
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