How To Remove Solar Nails

You can remove any manicure on your own and with ease! Here is how to remove solar nails without visiting the nail salon in only 5 steps!

Dealing with solar nails is fun and way more exciting since these nails are sturdy and long-lasting. They are an often go-to choice by women who need a beautiful French manicure, but they don’t want a set of acrylic nails. Although this manicure is way more exciting to get, its removal is not the same as it is with the typical gel or acrylic nails. Here’s how to remove solar nails on your own, and at home. Want stronger and helthier nails? Try “it works” suplement for nails and hair!

Step By Step Process On How To Remove Solar Nails: 2 Ways

Method 1: Acetone

Prepare the material

Make sure you have acetone, cotton rounds, a larger glass bowl (don’t use plastic), as well as petroleum jelly. Also, use a nail file and a nail buffer.

Pour it

Pour the acetone into a glass bowl and make sure you have your cotton rounds right next to you.

Protect your fingers

Before you dip your fingers and fingernails into a bowl, protect them with petroleum jelly (your skin and fingers, not your nails).

Beautiful nail art

Soak in

Let the product soak into the skin for 10-20 minutes. After that wash your hands with lukewarm water and some soap.

File away

Once everything is off and lifted remove the leftover parts with your nail file and a nail buffer. In case there are still some nails hanging, redo the entire process again.

Once everything is off make sure to moisturize your fingers and your nails with a nourishing cream.

Method 2: Aluminum foil

Colorful nails

Get the foil

If you don’t want to soak your nails in a bowl, you can try out this method. Make sure you have acetone, cotton rounds, aluminum foil, and a nail file.

Soak up

Soak your cotton balls in acetone and place one on top of each nail. Make sure they are soaked in product and then wrap them around with aluminum foil.

 Give it time

Let your nails sit like this for 15 minutes. Make sure you’ve only applied acetone as well as cotton balls to the tips of your nails.


Lift up the aluminum foil and see how far your nails have come. In case they are lifted, you can proceed further. If not, leave them to soak for 10 more minutes.

Shape & file

Use your nail file to remove and lift any leftover nail, as well as to give yourself your preferred shape. Make sure you are gentle enough since your nails will be sensitive (as well as being dried out from all the acetone).

Yet again, and as always, wash your hands and apply a heavy amount of moisturizer to keep them nourished and hydrated.

You can also get this service done at a salon, but the removal process is usually around $30, and not everyone works with solar nails. Keep that in mind before making your next move.

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  • Nail clippers
  • A stainless cuticle nipper
  • Acetone
  • A nail file
  • Glass bowl
  • Cotton towels
  • An aluminum foil
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