How to Remove a Tattoo at Home

If you think that you’re the only one who’s dealing with an unwanted tattoo, think again. Luckily, there are various things and solutions for you to try out. Now, don’t worry, going back to a professional salon to get your tattoo removed isn’t one of them. Professional salons offer tattoo removing methods, but it’s a well-known fact that this process is quite painful, expensive, and unpleasant, and let’s not forget its recovery time.

However, there is one at-home method that has been gaining popularity in the last year or so, and it involves a tattoo removing pen. Great thing about this pen is that you can find it online and then use it on your own body by following a few simple steps. Now, let’s jump into details of this life-saving product.

What Is A Tattoo Removing Pen?

The pen has 6 adjustments and levels from which you can choose. The great thing about it is that you can also use it on moles, freckles and blemishes, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it. In contrast to the methods used in salons, removing tattoos with these pens is a painless process.

If you learn how to use it properly, you won’t experience any bleeding at all. Since it came out a couple years ago, the producers made many improvements. They upgraded the chip and improved voltage stability. Also, the pen comes with a LED display, so you can always check your battery level. Good news is that the battery is also high-quality so it will last at least for five hours.  

Does It Hurt?

This is the first question that people usually have about tattoo removing tools. While it certainly hurts much less than the usual methods used in salons, the pain level will be different for various body parts. If you got your tattoo on your ribcage or thighs, and especially on your feet or fingers, you’ve probably experienced a lot of pain. Great news is that this process will hurt a lot less, compared to the initial process of getting a tattoo. Of course, if your tattoo is on other body parts, the pain will be minimum.

Does It Hurt?

Simple Steps For Using The Tattoo Removing Pen

1. Keeping It Clean

Even if you just got your pen, clean it before using it. You never want to risk using this pen while there are any bacteria or dirt on it. Applying some alcohol to a cotton pad and gently going over the pen will do the job.

2. Doing A Testing Trail

Before actually using the pen on the area where your tattoo is, test it out on some other body part. Choose a body part where you don’t feel that much pain, like your outer arm. This way you can get used to the sensation that this pen provides. Then, move onto the area that it covered with the unwanted tattoo.

3. Starting With A Lower Speed Option

The pen has six levels. No matter how stubborn or how deep your tattoo is, you should always start at the lowest level. You can do this by pressing the on button once. If you see that you need a higher level, then just push the button twice, and so on and so on until you reach the perfect level that will remove the tattoo most effectively and with the least amount of pain.

Going Section By Section

4. Going Section By Section

Before starting the process you can add some numbing cream. If you’re new to this product, you can use a stabilizer as well to make the process as simple as possible. The most important thing to know is that the needle should never be on the same place for too long. It’s always a good idea to make back and forth movements. Depending on how dark your tattoo is, you’ll need a couple of sessions. So, if you have a very dark tattoo, you’ll probably need around five sessions in order to see good results.

5. Disinfecting The Area

Again, safety and cleanliness of tools and your skin is very important. This is why you need to remove the needle immediately after using the pen. Disinfect it and let it air dry. You should protect your skin against excessive heat or harsh weather. Also, be careful when using creams or shower gels.

Are These Tattoo Removing Pens Expensive?

These pens are very affordable, you can buy them online and find great deals. The price is quite low compared to salon removal methods. Also, keep in mind that you will be able to use the pen for some skin imperfections such as moles, freckles and blemishes on your own and whenever you feel like it.

How To Treat Your Skin Afterwards?

There are some things that you can do after using the pen in order to make sure that you enjoy your tattoo removing experience. Some people with sensitive skin might experience some redness bruising and swelling. This is nothing to worry about since these symptoms will pass in time. Also, be very careful if you have sensitive skin since you can bruise the most.

How To Treat Your Skin Afterwards?

Firstly, use a carefully selected healing ointment that will restore your skin’s moisture. Not soaking your skin for 24 hours after using the pen is also a great idea. You can even take some vitamin E pills. And most importantly, don’t redo the process until your skin is fully healed.

What Will Come In The Package?

When you buy the package, you will be receiving:

  • A Tattoo Removal Pen
  • Six Disposable Needles
  • An instruction Manual
  • check
    A USB cable

Make sure you read the manual until it becomes fully clear to you how to use the pen. Also, do your research on the company which is selling the product. Some are better than others. The safest option is the beauty solution tattoo removal pen which is designed with German Technology. It uses the most advanced and most recent techniques and provides quick, painless and efficient tattoo removing services.

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