How to Clean Suede

Suede is one of the most delicate fabrics in the world of fashion, so its important to know how to clean Suede. Luckily, you are in the right place for that!

The suede is usually one of the fabrics that can give you more headaches when washing it but one of the most fashionable has been and continued to be. These types of garments are usually of high quality, so when they get stained, it's a shame.

For this reason, it is necessary to take into account a series of special cares that these garments require. This fabric is made from the tanned skin of an animal, and its porous finish makes it dirty very quickly, and this is what makes it difficult to wash.

A suede stain can be a death trap if you don't act fast, so one of our highest recommendations is to clean the stain at the speed of light.

Many stains when dry become a real problem. Remember that suede and water do not get along very well, so applying water is a mistake, the best option is always dry cleaning.

This means taking a cloth or napkin and letting it absorb the product that generated it. If your instinct leads you to wet the suede garment, which is what you would do with any other type of clothing, the best thing you can do is wash the whole piece so that the appearance of it is uniform. That is, some parts are not darker than others.

After washing, it is preferable to let it dry outdoors and always be careful with the sun so that it does not fall directly.

One of the most common solutions commonly thought of is to take the garment to the dry cleaner, but it is not the only resource available to you, nor the cheapest.

Proper cleaning of suede shoes

At home, you can make your suede garments look dazzling by following some simple and inexpensive tips that we will show you throughout this article.

Protective Spray

This option is the fastest, and you only have to buy the spray that they sell in shoe shops. One of the recommendations we make if you are going to use this option is not to use it too much because the suede can deteriorate, as it contains chemicals.

You also have to consider the distance at which you spray this spray so that it does not spoil. One of our recommendations to you is to clean the entire jacket once you have stained yourself. The reason is that there may be differences between the area where you sprayed and the area where you didn't spray.

If you clean only the affected area, it will be very evident that you have applied spray because there will be a small fence.

Suede boots

Talcum Powder or Starch

This recommendation is within reach of anyone because who does not have talcum powder in their home? This remedy is one of the most commonly used to combat grease or oil stains on any fabric. That's why talcum powder is the best friend of suede, which although currently in fashion, is very difficult to clean.

Simply sprinkle the talcum powder on the stain and leave for a few hours so that the powder absorbs the fat. Once the stain has disappeared remove the remains of the powder with a brush and goodbye stain and hello fashion garment.

Eraser Rubber

The eraser helps remove those grease stains that can become our worst enemies. It is vital that the eraser is clean. Otherwise, it can dirty the suede.

After passing the rubber through the stain, we must remove the remains of this with a soft brush to comb the hair of this material.

Water with Ammonia

Another measure that is also easy to do at home is water with ammonia. It must be applied delicately, and always with a soft bristle brush. After using it, you should rinse it to remove the remains and match the tone of the stain with the rest of the jacket.

Brush delicately


The brush can be our best ally against a stain on a suede garment, the metal bristle, we will use it against the grain and in very short passes. But if you do not have metal, you can always use a rubber.

You must remember that suede is a very delicate garment.

So you have to take care of it with a lot of attention and delicacy, as long as you clean a stain with a short brush pass and not do it very often so that this way we do not damage the suede.


In keeping these fashionable garments in good condition, it is necessary to follow a series of tips that can be very useful to you so that your suede garments are always ready.

First of all, before washing any suede garment, it is vital that you brush these clothes frequently, and if possible with a soft metal toothbrush. It is crucial that when cleaning this type of garment always do it in the same direction of the hair so as not to damage this fabric.

Although we do have a metal or rubber brush that are special for suede. It is essential to be careful when brushing garments with this type of material because if you don't have it, you can damage your shoes or clothes.

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