How to Choose Jewelry for Brides for Their Wedding Day

Most weddings are events and celebratory acts in which finalizing every last detail is essential. There are many aspects to take care of, such as the place of the banquet, the decoration, the style of the bride and groom, etc. For this reason, it is not always clear where to start. Something that helps a lot is to decide the theme and style of the wedding so that, from that decision, one can begin to build the rest of the elements.

The wedding environment always conditions the style of the bride and the latter, in turn, also influences the choice of hairstyle, footwear, makeup, and jewelry. The small details mark the distinctive touch in the final appearance of a bride, so if you want your wedding outfit not to lack anything, the subject of jewelry should occupy an essential section within the stylistic project.

Correctly including the size, style and color of jewelry in a bridal look always brings elegance, glamour, and beauty.

Here is a generic guide and a series of tips to help you choose the type of jewelry that best suits your style.

Take Into Account the Cleavage of Your Dress

This point is crucial and must be taken into consideration if you want to wear a jewel in the form of a pendant or necklace. Currently, there is a wide variety of designs, and therefore you must choose a style of jewelry that looks and fits more to the personality of the dress and the shape of its neckline.

There is a generic rule that can be applied to the construction of any other outfit that advocates that, provided there is a balance between the volume of the accessory and the width of the neckline. The end result will be elegant and accurate.

If the neckline in question is as open, square or heart-shaped, the ideal is a necklace or pendant of slender design that stands out in its right measure on the skin. To leave the neck and also part of the chest area clear gives an elegant and thin aspect that should not be broken with a too large accessory.

Woman in a wedding dress

Pay attention that the pendant or necklace you choose is not so long as to be below the neckline itself. If you want to do without decorations in the neck area, opt for thin and long earrings.

For a closed neckline such as the halter neck or the illusion neckline, the ideal is to opt for very simple jewelry and a reduced size. We do not recommend the use of necklaces or earrings with this type of neckline, but you can decide on a button type earrings brighten up your face.

If you are not convinced by any of these options, dare to change the placement of jewelry and wear headdresses for the hair that will give a breakthrough touch to the bridal look.

Choose According to Your Hairstyle and the Shape of Your Face

This point will depend on your taste and how you look, but if you are a little lost and don't know what might be most beneficial for a particular type of hairstyle or facial structure, read on.

For example, for hairstyles that focus on a low topknot or a semi-upright that gets a clear face, it's ideal to wear simple jewelry in the ears, such as a button or pearl earrings, and pendants or necklaces a little more eye-catching but not exaggerated.

For hairstyles with loose hair, here you have the option, and the possibility of making your accessories stand out because surely the hair covers them or partially hides them.

For earrings, wear long designs with vibrant rhinestones that bring your face to life and get attention. This also applies if you have short hair and you decide to wear it loose because the maxi earrings will be your best allies.

Regarding the shape of your face, study the visual effect that specific accessories create as a whole in your face. If, for example, you have a square facial structure, ideally you should avoid those jewels that form a lot of edges and that you choose other more rounded and smaller ones.

Bride's accessories

If, on the other hand, your face is very elongated, do not add an extra length with long earrings and opt for those that are round or button type.

Finally, for rounder or smaller faces, long earrings that visually stretch the face are ideal. If you are a bold bride, follow the tips above and add a touch of colored gems to make the optical effect even more powerful.

Creates a Harmony of Colors and Style

If you wear more than one or two pieces of jewelry, always try to combine and complement each other. In other words, if for example, you want to wear a piece of jewelry bathed in white gold, try not to mix it with another piece of jewelry of a different color. Do not mix gold finishes with silver or classic styles with more modern ones. It is always preferable to create a harmony of design between the accessories themselves and also with the dress itself.

Also, think of the color of the wedding dress. If this one is of an impeccable white, the color of accessory that better will shine on the fabric will be the pearl, the white gold and also the silver one.

If, for example, the white of the dress is oriented more towards ivory white or broken white, the golden color will stand out and will make the own tone of the fabric stand out much more.

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