How to Build a Wardrobe

How many times have you found yourself in front of your closet or with your clothes all over your bed and seriously thinking that you don't have anything to wear? Most girls suffer from that, not because we have nothing but because we don't know how to combine our clothes and accessories to make them look interesting and fashionable.

You may think that dressing well is not only expensive but very complicated, but the truth is that it's simpler than you think: you have to take away the fear of experimenting and you don't care what people say. Play with your style! It's all about fun and confidence.

1. Invest in basics

Having basic clothes in your closet can save those days when you need to dress in a certain way for an event and say, "I don't have anything to wear!” The basics are a white blouse, black and white polos, black coat, jeans, black cocktail dress, and a black blazer.

Invest in basics

2. Dare to leave your comfort zone

We know that there are certain garments, such as jeans and leggings that we prefer to buy again and again for their comfort, and mostly, they only vary in colors. There is a whole world of beautiful and flattering, garments! Invest in another style and discover the versatility of the garments.

3. Have fun with the colors

We don't quite understand why some women are afraid of bright colors, they don't bite! Enough of filling your wardrobe with black, beige and blue garments; give a chance to that yellow dress you wore in the store but thought you wouldn't look good, wear red pants, metallic blouses, green necklaces. Fill yourself with color and transmit vitality!

Collection of shoes

4. There are other shoes than sneakers

They may be very comfortable and versatile, there is no doubt, but there is no reason for you to use them every day! That is not to say you wore high-heeled shoes, but there's a lot of footwear that can be both comfortable and cute.

5. Enough of loose hair or ponytail

Tutorials are a great way to know more about new hairstyles, so your face looks different. If you don't like to comb your hair, try it for a week and you'll see that fixing your hair boosts your self-esteem and even people will tell you that you look good. Even if your hair is short, there are many hairstyles you can try.

6. Don't be afraid of the new make-up tricks

Just like clothes, the world of makeup is vast: curly eyelashes, mascara, and a cat-eye line, is the most essential thing and what many women invest in. Dare to use shades of bold colors, illuminator, bronzer, contour, and matte lipstick.

7. Accessories give you a plus

Any good necklace or ring can improve any fashion style. You don't need to buy a pile of blouses, skirts or pants but know how to combine what you have with sophisticated, modern and fun accessories like lenses, hats, chockers, and pins.

Palazzo Pants Fashion

8. Don't use the same style every day

The secret is not to be afraid to look different. How many times have you seen on the street a girl who looks great with a bohemian look and you think that style will never look good on you? Well, we've got news for you: you'll never know if you don't try! It's nice to have your own style, but don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

9. Know your body type and what clothes suit you.

Not all women are equal, and not all clothes favor us. It is essential to know your body type to dress well.

Oval or apple figure

Women with this body type often accumulate fat in the middle of the body. They are best suited for V-necked garments, A-shaped dresses, straight leg trousers, asymmetrical skirts and structured jackets that disguise the waist.

Pear Figure

Women with this silhouette are small from the top while their hips and thighs are wide. They are favored by A-line skirts and dresses, layered shirts, single-shoulder blouses and dresses, cardigans or waist jackets, eye-catching blouses, and simple-colored undergarments.

Rectangular figure

This is an athletic silhouette without many curves, so it is advisable to wear round necklines, shoulderless blouses, flared and high waist trousers, tight waist garments, hollow blouses, and thin jackets to help add more curves.

Hourglass Figure

This body shape is right on custom-made garments, such as tight blouses and dresses, pencil skirts, cross-dresses, jeans, and tight jackets.

10. Above all, it projects security

No matter how beautiful your style, insecurity turns everything off because what you project is what people perceive; even if you don't see yourself with confidence and self-esteem, nothing you wear will please you. Lift up your face, walk upright and be sure you look great.

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