How Long Does It Take To Get Acrylic Nails?

Not too sure if you have the patience for new nails? Wondering how long does it take to get acrylic nails? Here is everything you should know!

Women who can’t grow out their natural nails tend to get acrylics quite often. Usually, a set of acrylics will have a lifespan of 3-4 weeks. After this period you will have to get a new set (if you dont want fake nails read about this: hair skin and nails it works reviews. However, are you wondering what is the process like, and how much actual time you’re going to spend while sitting at the salon? Here’s how the process looks like, and here’s how time-consuming it can be to get acrylics! This article is perfect for first-time wearers, as well as women who never knew the answers to these questions!

What Is The Application Like?

After you book your appointment at a trustworthy salon, make sure you get there on time. Your nail artist should work with high-quality materials and will talk you through the process.

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Step by step:

  • Plastic: They will use a plastic tip at the bottom of your natural nail. This plastic will serve them as a guide, where they will see how much liquid they're applying. They will ask you for your preferred length at this point.
  • Application: They will use the acrylic liquid on top of your nail and will dip the brush into the acrylic powder. This monomer liquid dries down super fast, where the manicurist will have to work its way fast & precise.
  • Dry Down: Usually, this acrylic mixture will dry down in less than two minutes. The manicurist will place your nails in the UV lamp and will remove the plastic paper before you dry your nails.
  • Shape: They will ask you for your preferred shape and will file your nails with straight movements. At this point, the acrylic will completely harden, and none of your nails will move or wiggle around.
  • Color: They will finish the process off with your preferred polish color. They will apply two coats and dry them in the UV lamp.

How Much Time Does It Usually Take To Get Acrylic Nails?

Now, time-wise, this can be different for every individual. Some nail artists are pretty fast and handy, while others (mostly beginners) will take their time with their craft. This time period can vary from 30-60 minutes.

However, this also depends on you & your preferred wishes. The more complicated the design (think of art drawing, sequin, gems & glitter) the more time it may take your nail artist to give you your ideal set. Be open for suggestions, and always make at least one hour for your nail appointment. Here is some ways to revive your dried out color!

Beautiful nail art

How Time Consuming Is The Removal Process?

Are you going to remove your acrylics on your own or at the salon? Usually, a nail artist will remove them in 10 minutes with the nail file & a nail buffer. If you’re removing them on your own and at home, try and use 100% pure acetone and aluminum foil. This will remove your nails in 15 minutes (including all the nail filing and removal of the residue).

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