Healthy Diet Tips: 30 Days Beauty Routine to Change Your Figure

Change your figure naturally through this proposed routine, but remember that any exercise and routine need consistency. You can achieve these objectives after you succeed:

  • Tonify the chest.
  • Reduce the waist.
  • Mold the buttocks.
  • Slim your legs.

Change Figure Without Surgery

Body shapes depend on genetic factors; others are on pace, lifestyle, diet, and habits.

Regardless of these factors that we cannot control, such as genetics, many exercises can be done to change our figure.

Daily routine

1. Slim, toned legs

You can stay fit by doing some exercises at home. The leg muscles become flaccid when we live too sedentary a life. Spending many hours sitting or even standing has repercussions on our thighs and calves. The consequences are excess fat and cellulite.

You must walk at least half an hour at a good pace every day. Go up and down stairs whenever you can, jump, bend down and get up again.

Walk at least half an hour a day

If you can’t run or go to the gym because of your lifestyle, you should include a series of home exercises in our daily routine.

When you go to bed, we can lift our legs and move them doing the bicycle, and in all the movements you can think. With this simple exercise, you will improve circulation and prevent cellulite and varicose veins.

2. Fine waist

  • Focus on some lifestyle and eating habits if you want to achieve a thin waist.
  • Avoid dining too late or too much.
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    Reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates made with flour (pastries, biscuits, bread, pizza, pasta).
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    Increase protein intake, but do not exceed in animal origin.
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    Eliminate sugars from our diet.
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    Drink two liters of water a day.
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    Try to have a good night's rest, with the necessary hours.
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    Avoid stress.

3. Molded buttocks

  • Squats-to-fortify-glutes
  • Squats are an effective and simple exercise to strengthen and firm the buttocks and can be done anywhere.

The molded, firm and round buttocks that some women have are the results of privileged genetics. However, in most cases, especially after the age of 30, we must perform some exercises every day to get them.

Exercise through squats

We will focus on the exercise of the squats, as it is simple and very effective. Also, we can do it anytime, anywhere. We can even take advantage of a break in work to do them.

The important thing is to increase progressively, start doing squats and change your figure with defined buttocks!

  • To start, stand up and open your legs at hip level.
  • Then bend your knees.
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    Then lower your body with your back straight to bring your buttocks to the floor and back.
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    Finally, if we want to add weight, we can grab a bottle of water.
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    We will start with three daily series of 15 sit-ups and will progressively increase until we reach five round of 20.

4. Firm chest

The breast loses firmness over time as a result of gravity, the use of bras, hormonal changes, and pregnancy. However, we can fight flaccidity in different ways, all very effective:

  • Try to have a good posture and avoid hunched shoulders.
  • Exercise your arms with little weight or with elastic bands. Pilates is an excellent option.
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    Avoid using bras that are too tight or that are not our size. Those without earrings are recommended.
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    Massage daily with almond or coconut oil. Both vegetable oils deeply nourish the skin, provide antioxidants and improve skin elasticity.

Do not hesitate. Change your figure with this routine, and in 30 days you'll get an hourglass body!

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