Hard Wax vs Soft Wax

Waxing is a beautiful way to remove hair in certain parts of the body. Hair is removed in the follicle so results can last up to six weeks after treatment.

Waxing is the most popular and oldest hair removal methods in the world. It is a cheap and highly effective hair removal method. There are two types of wax used for hair removal, and both have advantages and disadvantages.


There is no significant difference in the use of hard and soft wax. Both types of wax are heated before being applied to the treatment area. The temperature needed to melt the waxes is different, though.

Hard wax can be heated to a lower temperature than soft wax because it must melt the soft wax to a liquid consistency. After the waxes have been burned to the correct temperature and texture, they can be applied in the use of tools such as a spatula or roller.

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Hard Wax Beans


The two waxes differ in shapes they attribute to the treatment surface. Soft wax remains soft even after cooling of the skin and is removed with strips of cloth or wax strips. The fabric is attached to the wax and lifted by the skin when it is removed.

Hard wax is different because after being applied to the surface, the wax hardens. Hard wax is attached to hairs in the treatment area, and the skin can be removed without using any cloth or strips.


Either the soft or hard wax, strip your body hair which naturally produces some pain. Hard wax attributes no skin and hair while soft wax that sticks to the skin and hair during treatment leading many to say hard wax is less painful.

Strip hard wax only puts strength on the hair you want to remove and does not require you to pull on the hair from the opposite direction as the hair grows. The hard wax will leave the treatment area with less irritation and redness, making it ideal for sensitive or exposed areas such as the pubic region or face.

Applying hard wax beans

Removing soft wax takes more force and causes more irritation. Pulling hair from the body using the force applied in the opposite direction of growth is very painful.

Deciding which type of wax is best for you depends on the area you want to remove hair from and the density of hair in that area.

Some say that soft wax is best used to remove fine hair in areas such as the legs, face, chest, arms, and back.

Meanwhile, hard wax is best used on thick hair and can be used on sensitive areas due to its ability to hold the hair rather than the skin.

Removing body hair is never a comfortable process but using quality products will help reduce discomfort.

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