How to Take Care of Your Hair Before and After the Gym

Did you know that when we exercise our hair looks drier and loses its shine? When we go to the gym or go for a run, not only do we end up with unkempt hair, but the hair actually loses its natural shine. Why? Because when we sweat, the concentration of salt that we release causes the hair to dry out and break more.

Here are some tips you must remember when starting a routine at the gym and when finishing it:

The before is very important; we are going to hydrate the hair so that with the sweat, it does not dry so much. We can use some oil such as coconut. If we apply it from means to ends, we will achieve that. At the end of the training, the hair would not look so misty.

Woman exercising

Another crucial tip is to tie up the hair. There are many styles to choose from: ponytail, braids of all kinds, buns, wet looks. Today, boxer braids are very fashionable, which guarantee that you won't get your hair out of shape and add some wave to your look. Not only is it more comfortable to move around, but they also help maintain hydration.

It is super important to use fabric hair ties and not the rubber ones since the latter make the hair break easier. Also, with movement can produce greater hair loss.

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