Good Molecules Skincare

Thinking of switching onto a new skincare brand? Here is all you should know about Good Molecules skincare, and reasons why you should use their products!

Women love to experiment with different types of products on a monthly basis. We tend to get tired of our typical go-to hair-care, beauty, makeup, as well as skincare items. Are you interested in testing out and trying out something new? If so, you may appreciate the brand Good Molecules. They have some amazing skincare items, which we will talk about down below!

What Is Good Molecules Skincare?

This is a skincare brand that has a simple goal: allowing women to experience high-quality skin care, at a fair price. The brand was founded by a team of beauty veterans who were the top class chemistries, as well as beauty fanatics.

By working with top labs, the brand successfully created products that would help with several skin issues, such as hyperpigmentation, dryness, acne, as well as sensitivity. The best part? You can tell a difference after using their products just a couple of times, and you can experience top-notch quality that starts only at $6!
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What Does The Brand Have To Offer?

The most popular solution that you can purchase from the brand is its well-known 7-piece set. In that set, you get a lot of products, and those are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum: This is the perfect lightweight serum for women who demand moisture. Once applied on top, the product can leave you with a pleasant feeling of hydration and moisture. It is intended for drier skin types.
  • Niacinamide Serum: This serum will help out any skin type and skin tone to remove the unwanted texture as well as a dull-looking complexion.
  • Overnight Exfoliating Treatment: The product is made with a blend of 10% alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These two will smooth away any dead skin cells while helping your skin breathe on its own by unclogging all the pores!
  • Squalane Oil: Squalane oil has been a common go-to ingredient lately for a lot of companies and in their skincare items. This oil is 100% plant-derived and a must-have ingredient for dry skin types.
  • Super Peptide Serum: A blend of peptides that will give you a hydrated and brighter complexion no matter the skint type you have.
  • Ultra-Hydrating Facial Oil: If you prefer a mixture of light and natural ingredients, you will love the blend of camellia oil and sea buckthorn oil which is in here! These two will give out an amazing and dewy glow to the skin.
  • Wake Up Eye Serum: If you are experiencing any puffiness around your eyes and you need a quick & easy solution you will love the ingredients of their eye serum. It is filled with caffeine and pumpkin extract, perfect for a brighter appearance.
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When Should You Stop Using Good Molecules Skincare? When Will Their Products Expire?

Molecules Skincare products have an expiration date, just like any other skincare products. Once you open the product make sure you read the back label to see when it expires. 

You should notice an image of a small open jar with a number inside. Usually, it is best to use every product for a couple of months, and not longer than a year.

Can Anyone Use Good Molecules?

You should always do a patch test when playing with a new skincare, hair-care, as well as makeup items. However, the brand itself has a lot of items that are specifically catered towards different skin types and concerns, which makes it safe to use by anyone.

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