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In the fashion world, it is increasingly talked about long-term and investment in clothing. Instead of checking on past trends, it is important to focus on their own distinctive character and show their own personal style. And of course, it is amazing. And all very well-behaved. What is a personal style? And how do you find it?

Emma Paulsen and Sophie Watson run the company Reborn Fashion, which specializes in helping to find the personal style based on the cover “You are your packaging”. Here’s how they describe what’s really meant with a personal style: “Personal style is when the outside, your” packaging “matches the inside and when you highlight your best qualities and your body using the right clothes, patterns, colors, shapes, materials, cut and haircut. ” If you need further inspiration on how to become your most beautiful self, be sure to check out our skin care section.

Having a personal style is therefore not the same as being different and standing out without reflecting who you are, whether you want to be visible and colorful or if you want to be simple and discreet.
Everyone can ‘put on’ a new style and change their outside, but personal style is much more than that. It’s when you wear the clothes and not the clothes wear you. When there is harmony and a fulfilled feeling and when you feel one with the garment.

Emma and Sophie believe that personal style can be both a success factor and a health factor and there are a lot of other nice benefits to landing in their own style.

1. Easier shopping and environmental thinking. It will be easier to shop clothes and you will not have a closet full of clothes that are not in use. You know exactly which gold grain you should choose from all the new ones coming in the stores. This is also very good from an environmental point of view.

2. Increased credibility. A personal style is often linked to authenticity and credibility. You know yourself and are perceived by others as being yourself in all contexts. People are easier to interpret if you have a red thread in your style, you recognize “your brand”. Even though your style is continuous, you can dress it up or down with different accessories and materials for parties or important meetings.

Find your style guide

Finding your personal style is not a “quick fix” and it may require multiple rounds of reflection and testing, but here’s a mini-guide to help you get started with the process.

1. Describe how you want to be perceived with three positive words without using the words happy, kind, positive and thoughtful. How does a person look like the words you choose? For example, what does a driven, strong and creative woman look like? What clothes does she wear?

2. Select. What garments in your closet match the words you chose? What reactions do you usually wear when wearing those clothes? Also think if you ever felt you were in “sync” with your outfit; that you wore clothes that you experienced helped you to perceive the way you wish, according to the words you chose earlier. Save these items and see what they have in common.

3. Clean! Look at all the garments you rarely use or never use! What is common for these? Remind you next time you stand in the store and hold a similar piece of clothing.

4. Let the color talk. Which colors best describe your inside? Just like a room can convey different feelings or take energy using color, even your clothes can do that, both to yourself and to your environment.

5. Highlight! Stand in front of the mirror and choose three body parts you are most pleased with! Focus on these using details or colors with the goal of highlighting instead of concealing. For example, choose a short necklace or loose earrings to put the point of view up against the face. Instead of trying to hide your stomach, if you’re less satisfied with it, with long accessories. The looks are drawn to the details you carry.

Let your outer show what you want

It may be important to reflect on their style if you are in a hurdle in your life and need to strengthen what you are in order to increase the chances of new opportunities such as a new job or a new partner. Changes in life, both positive and negative, create new values, new role distributions, and developing as human beings often also require a development of the style.

Changing the style can also be helpful if you feel “stuck” by yourself or if you feel misunderstood that you are attracting people you do not want or do not get the respect you desire.
Emma and Sophie often hear amazing stories about how their customers discovered themselves and gained a stronger and positive self-image. Many also feel that they accepted their body and stopped focusing on their shortcomings.

Still not sure about how to find your style? Watch this great video for further insiration and advice!

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