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In this fashion section, the goal is to inspire other women with tips and advice about the latest stylish clothes and shoes that make you your absolutely gorgeous.

I want us women, you and I, to feel we are something that we are important, beautiful and valuable, and then it does not matter if you feel good at the same time, right?

Proper and Various Ways on How to Wear Lace

Lace clothing has outgrown the years, seasons and trends, remaining fashionable. It is a delicate texture of ornamental and transparent fabric that invites us to see the skin, the most feminine side of

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Tips for Matching Handbags with Shoes

One of the biggest fears that any woman has to face when dressing is to find the key to combine their handbags and shoes to get a perfect look.For many women, this type of combination is easy, but not

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Various Styles You Can Pull Off for a Casual Dinner

How to dress for an informal dinner? You do not have to squeeze your head to choose a look dedicated to an informal dinner.It should be easy; the critical thing is not to fall into the excess and to know

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What is the Perfect Swimsuit Type for Your Body Type?

According to the most widespread classifications, there are five different types of female body: Oval or apple. Thin extremities, broad shoulders. The weight is concentrated in the middle of the body and

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How to Dress For a Job Interview

Moving around in the job market is something that every professional woman ends up facing sooner or later. And although our goal is to show a sober, competent and hardworking image, that does not prevent

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5 Shoe Styles that Are Perfect for Girls with Wide Feet

Some women's feet are wider than average, and there is nothing wrong with that, but shoe manufacturers tend to make them with a pretty narrow mouth, and that is when the real problem starts. There are

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6 Essential Jackets for the Midseason

The raincoats, bombers or cowboy and leather jackets are the 'must have' for autumn, ideal options to create spectacular looks.Mid-season days create real headaches for not knowing exactly which set to

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6 Ways to Choose a Pair of Heels for a More Stylish Silhouette

Heels will always be that accessory that girls love, not only because they make us look taller and have incredible legs, but also because they are ideal for stylizing the figure; you know, they make you

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9 Steps on How to Turn Your Wardrobe to a Sustainable One

Sustainable fashion is characterized by the low environmental impact of the materials used, the conservation of the planet's natural resources, attention to workers' working conditions and respect for

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8 Keys to Masculine Elegance According to Tom Ford

We love chic men, although male elegance may seem like a common theme in the fashion world, more and more men are worrying about being 'up to the task.' But what is an elegant man really like? Tom Ford,

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