Try these Incredible Facial Toning Exercises

Having a beautiful face is synonymous with a healthy life so today we will present a series of routine exercises to tone your face.

You've probably heard of the trend that exists today: facial gymnastics. It consists of various exercises to tone the face. The key is the repetition of a particular movement, to work the different areas: forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Woman's face

Let's remember that our face reflects various aspects, such as health, age, lifestyle, feelings, and emotions. Therefore, it is vital to give some attention and care. Having a beautiful face is synonymous with health. Consequently, it is not superfluous for us to start our own exercise routine to tone the face.

Through movement, you will be able to activate the blood circulation, attenuate the expression lines, favor the elasticity of the skin and also the firmness of it. Like body exercises, these movements work the muscles of the face.

Rectangle with hands

The first of the facial toning exercises is very simple. You only have to form a square with your index finger and thumb. Place them on the right and the left side of your face, between the cheekbone and the eyebrows. Then open your eyes as much as you can and hold for three seconds (you can blink).

Then close them and relax with certain touches on the forehead with the tip of your index finger. Repeat this step four to five times. It will allow you to strengthen the muscles in your forehead. If you do this exercise on a regular basis, you will significantly reduce the expression lines in that area.

Inverted triangle

With your two hands, form two inverted triangles that run from the center of your face to the sides. Remember that they must converge between the eyebrows. Then look up for ten seconds. Turn your gaze to the center and make light touches on the sides of your face with the tips of your index fingers. With five repetitions.


Smile and press your chin with your index finger. Then place your lips together forward in a kiss for ten seconds, return to normal position, rest and do repetitions for five minutes. Finish by making small touches with your fingertips from the base of your face to the nearest part of your hair.

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If we already have very marked crow's feet, we can also massage and press with the tip of the fingers this area from top to bottom with a time of duration and rest of two minutes per session. Close your mouth, and then blow as hard as you can until your cheeks are inflated. Hold the air and release it slowly. Rest for two minutes and repeat the action four to five times, this will work cheeks and cheekbones.

You can also try eye creams to help with your crow's feet. Check out our Revision products buyers guide and see anti-aging choices that you can choose from.

Lip Exercise

Lip Exercise

Stop in front of the mirror staring at it, and then you begin to make a series of grimaces, movements, and winks. It will tone the entire area of your face. Open your mouth as wide as you can, point your lips in several directions. Here you will be working the whole area adjacent to your mouth.

It is one of the most sensitive areas of the face, where expression lines often appear. On the corners of your lips, place your fingers, pressing lightly, and try to form the letter O with your mouth. Also, set your thumbs inside your mouth and press inward.

With the chin

With the chin elevated we will stretch the lower lip upwards at the same time as the neck. Here we will be working the neck. This area is vital and is usually very revealing of our age, so we must exercise it along with the face.

With the thumbs

With your two thumbs at the corner of your eyes, blink for ten seconds. In this way, you will work integrally on the forehead and eye area.

Recommendations for Toning Your Face

It is recommended to do these exercises several times 2 to 3 times a week. The ideal time to do these routines is at night before bedtime or in the morning after the shower.

To apply these practices, we must have good hygiene. That is to say; we will have to have clean hands and face. On the other hand, it is recommended to apply a good moisturizing cream before performing these exercises to lessen the sensation of 'tightness.'

Also, if we want to tone the face without applying the cream, we can choose to use natural oils. We recommend almond oil because it will allow us to perform better massages while moisturizing our skin deeply. Come and start your facial gymnastics routine!

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