Does Shampoo Go Bad?

Ever wondered if shampoo goes bad? If you are intrigued in finding out a bit more about this hair-care product, here’s everything that you should know!

The shampoo is an essential and most used product that we use in everyday hair care. In addition to its primary role in cleansing and removing the build-up of sebum from the hair, the shampoo can also be nourishing to our strands. The right bottle can lead you to a great, rich and healthy dream hairstyle. And that’s what every woman wants, right? But, does shampoo has an expiration date? And what if our favorite shampoo has expired? What will happen and what impact will it have on our hair if we use a shampoo whose shelf life has passed?

Does Shampoo Have A Shelf Life?

Yes, it does. Like any other cosmetic product, the shampoo has a shelf life. When buying shampoo, you pay attention to the expiration date. The manufactures use a lot of different ways to label the shelf life of their products. The most usable is a symbol of a tiny little box who tells you how many months the products can be used after it was opened. So, make sure you memorize that date. Although that part can be hard or challenging, try and go by one simple rule: the average shelf life of a product is 12 months after manufacture. Almost any and every hair-care products will last you anywhere from 6-18 months.

Why Does Shampoo Go Bad?

Because of the ingredients. Even though industrial (regular) shampoo contains a lot of preservatives whose purpose is to extend the shampoo’s shell life, the natural shampoo doesn’t. They expire much faster, and you should go through your organic shampoos in 2-3 months.

How To Know If My Shampoo Has Expired?

Some indicators will tell you if your shampoo is good to go, or not. The first indicator is the smell. If your shampoo doesn’t smell the way it used to, it is time to throw it out. And of course, there is the consistency. 

Tub of shampoo

Bad shampoos are liquid, unconnected and discolored. If your shampoo is thick, chunky, and with an odor – throw it away.

What If I End Up Using A Bad Shampoo?

Using bad food can have a big influence on your health, however, a bad shampoo won’t kill you. But also, it won’t give you a nice, clean and healthy hair, ether. Besides that, there are a lot of other side effects. Old shampoos oxidize, and they make your hair tangly, dry and lifeless. The bacteria from the old shampoo can affect your scalp, which can lead to infections. Try and repurchase a new shampoo every 3 months to avoid any consequences.

What To Do With The Expired Shampoo?

If your shampoo expired recently, don’t throw it away. Here are some tips on how to use recently expired shampoos:

  • If you have very dry skin, treat your feet and hands with bubble water made with your shampoo.
  • You can also use your shampoo for laundry purposes. A shower curtain, sweater, and running shoes adore being sunk in a shampoo bubble bath.
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