Does Shampoo Expire?

Wondering does shampoo expire? Find out about shampoo storing, ingredients & expiration date, and enjoy flawless and shiny hair right away!

Not too sure if you’re using the right hair shampoo for your hair type? If you’ve noticed that your scalp is itching after each hair shampooing process, chances are:
A) You’re using the wrong kind of shampoo
B) It has expired

So, how to know if your shampoo has expired, and how to know about hair-care products and their actual expiration date in the first place? Here’s all that you should know about every shampoo, including organic & natural kinds!

Does Shampoo Expire?

Shampoos, just like any other beauty products, have an expiration date. You will know how long your shampoo can last once you look at its little label on the back side. Usually, every beauty item will have a 6-24 month long expiration date written in a small circle.

In case your shampoo does not have this label written anywhere on the tube, you can assume that your shampoo will last you for 12 months (this is the most common and optimal expiration date for almost every shampoo & brand).

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How Often Should You Change Your Shampoos?

Depending on your hair length, thickness, and type, every person will go through shampoo differently. However & ideally, one shampoo bottle should last you around 2 months. You should kill monotony and let your hair experience new ingredients every two months. By doing so, your hair won’t become dull, tired, and it won’t lack shine in the shine department! This is, at least, something that every hairdresser recommends.

How Can You Tell If Your Shampoo Has Expired?

The most common signs of your shampoo going bad and expired are:

  • Change in its consistency
  • Change in the color & texture
  • Different scent
  • It turned yellow
  • Got clumpy
  • Your hair feels dry once you wash it
  • Your hair started falling out in some weird places

Should You Use An Expired Shampoo On Top Of Your Hair?

By using an expired shampoo, you are actually exposing yourself, your scalp and your skin to possible infections and irritations.

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Also, keep in mind that natural shampoos that contain no sulfates and parabens will expire even sooner! This means that you should be really careful with the use and application of any hair-care products. If you’re using a natural and organic shampoo, try and go through that bottle in 6 months, or even less!

Will My Shampoo Expire Even If I Don’t Open It Up?

Once you purchase your shampoo or conditioner, you can use it in the following 12-24 months with ease. However, an unopened product (the one which is not exposed to air) can sit on the shelves for 3-4 years! Once exposed to high heat & air, the product begins to wear off. This is due to parabens, sulfates, and other preservatives that are in it.

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