does dermawand really work

Does the DermaWand really work? Effects and side effects

The quest for beautiful skin has always been a struggle for many people. There are a lot of factors that affect people’s journey to a clearer skin including money, hormones and genes, and products that just don’t work. Thankfully, science and modern technology have contributed greatly in order to offer consumers some more practical and more affordable solutions.

One of these great beauty inventions is the DermaWand. It’s a portable skin care device that uses high radio frequencies and thermal energy to make your skin look and feel its absolute best. It also gives off enriched oxygen and has a massage effect to bring better blood circulation and nutrients to your skin. The DermaWand works effectively when paired with a skincare line, such as the DermaVital and the Exposed Skin Care, to prep the skin as well as enhance the results.

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Instant Face Lift

Probably the most noticeable effect, when you use the DermaWand, is the instant facelift appearance. Sure, sometimes creams and lotions can produce the same results but it usually takes such a long time compared with the DermaWand. The massage effect of the device tones and tightens the skin, making it appear more lifted. The enriched oxygen it gives off help breathe new life into your skin making it look healthier and younger. DermaWand also works to soften fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize large pores.

DermaWand Side Effects

Just like any other product, results and effects may vary. A person’s skin type, condition as well as his or her allergies and sensitivities all play a role when it comes to the results.

Here are some reported side effects when using the DermaWand.

Peeling and Dry Skin

The peeling of the skin occurs mainly due to direct damage such as sunburn or infection. Other times, it can be from an immune system disorder or other diseases. Some people experience peeling skin due to certain ingredients in the products they are using or whenever they undergo certain treatments such as exfoliation. Most of the time, people who are prone to peeling have a dry skin, to begin with. That means there’s not enough moisture to protect the skin from any damage, causing the skin to heal itself by way of peeling.

The DermaWand system doesn’t claim that your skin will peel after a certain amount of use. It’s simply a common side effect that some people experienced. If you know for a fact that you already have dry skin and you’re prone to peeling, make sure to prep your skin very well with a good moisturizer before using the DermaWand.

Redness and Sensitivity

The DermaWand, although using radio frequency technology, delivers very gentle, microcurrents only. It was designed to have a low-amplitude, making it safe for in-home use. That being said, if you have sensitive skin, using the DermaWand may result in some redness. If you have Rosacea, this type of treatment may not work well with you. Rosacea is a skin disease that causes persistent redness mostly in the center of the face, but can also appear in some parts of the body. Using the DermaWand while having Rosacea can aggravate the situation.

No Effect at All

Just as there are side effects, sometimes there can also be no effect at all. There can be quite a few factors contributing to a no-effect result, and here are some of the reasons why.

  • You’re not doing it right.
  • Manuals and instructions are included in products and devices to teach you how to properly use it. Most of us would only glance at it one time and then go on with our lives. But it is there for a reason, and that is to guide you on how to properly use the product. Read the instructions and stick with it.
  • The products don’t match.
  • Topical products are vital to the results of using the DermaWand. That is why a cream or two usually comes bundled with the DermaWand device itself. Using your own creams, toners, and lotions are normally fine but if you don’t see results, it might be wise to change it up.
  • It’s just not meant to be.
  • If you’ve switched from a couple of skin care lines to match your DermaWand treatment and you still don’t see results, take it as a sign. But if you’ve been doing the treatment for many months already along with the countless skin care regimen, it might be time to put the wand down. Sometimes, products just don’t work for some people. It’s not necessarily the brand or the product’s fault, neither is it yours. If you know you’ve done your part well and have done it for a long time already, it just might be time to part ways and look for the one that will work for you.


The effects of using the DermaWand will vary depending on a lot of factors, but mainly it will always be personal. If you do choose to go forward with the treatment, have an open mind. According to the DermaWand website, it usually takes around 12 weeks for noticeable results to show. If you’re not patient enough, this product might end up disappointing you. But if you have persistence and you have all the means to make it work, it probably will. When it does, you’d still be you but with a more radiant, youthful looking skin.

Does the DermaWand really work? Effects and side effects
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Does the DermaWand really work? Effects and side effects
The quest for beautiful skin has always been a struggle for many people. There are a lot of factors that affect people’s journey to a clearer skin including money, hormones and genes, and products that just don’t work.
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