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Sleeping is an integral part of our life. In fact, we sleep around one-third of our lifetime.

Just as machines have to be shut to avoid malfunctions, we humans need sleep to rest and allow our body to restore its strength.

It’s true for most of us, but for some, it is a struggle.

Sleeplessness is a common dilemma. There are a lot of factors that lead to this condition. Whatever the reasons are, these people need help.

Many help-seekers have found an assistant to guide them to have a sound sleep again. What is it?

It’s Dodow.

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Dodow Sleep Aid Device

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Introduction to Dodow Sleeping Aid

Talking about help, there are already countless strategies and medications made for this purpose. Many of them have been proven safe to use and others are still under further studies.

Well, many of these activities are psychotherapeutic and usually take lingering development or strategies. They are potent ways to cope with sleeping disorders. However, they require time, money, and a lot of expectations, which are huge investments.

That’s why one team designed a device that would eliminate those drawbacks. This group of developers believed to achieve exceptional outcomes through this natural solution without concerning about the price and the convenience of usage. The aim is to offer sufferers a genuine solution in an uncomplicated and affordable way.

The founders themselves had gone through sleeping disorders.

They struggled to survive and recuperate from being bad sleepers. As a result, they also want to lift up other sufferers with the help of this sleeping device. They integrated their own abilities in different fields in order to come up with this idea. With the inspiration to help and the desire to put an end to this problem, they endeavored to model a device that could be a wise alternative to high-priced medical procedures and prescriptions.

Unilux, a cutting-edge company in France that produces essential office lightings, has a mutual business association with the founders. This alliance has contributed a lot to the manufacturing of this device, considering that 80% of its production is prepared in France.

We all agree that the structural positions and qualities of lightings create a positive atmosphere for the users. Sometimes, it’s beyond our consciousness. But, if we pay attention to every detail of how lightings affect our mood, it will surely beneficial to us.

You can’t probably wait to discover what this product is.

Well, let’s find out.

Dodow Review - Modern Sleep Aid Device

What is Dodow?

Dodow is a device that helps you drift off to sleep.

How? By following a breathing pattern based on the projected blue light. The breathing exercise encourages relaxation which is also the main focus of many health routines such as yoga and other therapeutic activities.

Dodow is structured to emit a blue light metronome which serves as the timing. This blue light doesn’t bother users but rather it is clinically helpful. Studies show that it fosters alertness and influences memory and cognition.

The white light that emits blue light rays are significantly used as the light source of some therapies such as to treat seasonal depression. Blue light plays an important part in managing the so-called ‘circadian rhythms’, which are the physiological processes and changes due to the amount of light and darkness in a 24-hour cycle.

That means blue light affects our state of alertness and sleep. But excessive subjection to it such as using computers for long hours may also knock down your sleeping habits. That may lead you to sleeping disorders or restlessness.

So the Dodow team strategically drafted the device to emit a well-controlled amount of blue light to benefit each user.

This relaxing light blue color or cyan has been found to be very calming and its properties are effective to ease someone’s mind.

Nevertheless, the blue light is dimmable or adjustable to the color saturation you prefer.

There are 3 levels of light intensities you can choose from. These intensities of the light should fit the height of the ceiling.

This dimmable blue light is not too bright to affect the release of melatonin. Therefore, it won’t interrupt your sleeping time.

This device is a must-try for those who want to overcome sleepless nights. No medication is needed to use Dodow. It’s all the natural way.

Let’s see how Dodow can change the way you sleep!

But before that, you should answer this principal question:

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night? Fifteen minutes? Twenty minutes? Hours?

While in bed, many people grapple for 20 minutes or more to direct their focus in order to sleep. But, they usually fail to do so.

Your mental effort to focus on something through meditation or relaxation is not a futile act. However, this sleeping remedy gives you a short-term solution to your sleeping problem. But Dodow offers you an extensive means to deal with it.

This sleeping device looks like a small round dish that measures 2.8 inches and weighs 10.6 ounces. It is light and portable.

All you need is 3 AAA batteries to operate Dodow. So, no need to connect to a cord to make it function. It can be one of the most important things to bring when you go out of town.

How Dodow Works

It must be thrilling to know how this new sleeping aid works.

Well, it’s not that the machine automatically dozes you off. Dodow actually teaches your brain and enthrall it to sleep.

The upper portion of the pad is very responsive to touch. One swipe activates the device to a shorter mode which lasts for 8 minutes. Touching twice turns to a longer mode which spans 20 minutes.

After the device is turned on, it flashes a luminous circle on the ceiling. This light blue halo is where the individual concentrates on and coincides his breathing too. This projected object won’t spin your head off. Rather, it lets you focus on one thing. With the help of this projected light above you, Dodow deludes the user to a visual disc and overwhelms their cogitation.

While paying attention to the timing when it compresses and enlarges, you correspond your breathing pattern to it. Your respiration process gradually runs slowly. By doing this slow breathing from 11 until the lowest 6 breaths every minute, your concentration transforms you to be absolutely relaxed in just a handful of minutes.

That’s the purpose of Dodow. It helps you slumber by creating a very calm state while synchronizing your breathing patterns with the blue light being projected.

By concentrating on one thing outside your mind, you are ignoring the ideas that keep you stirred up. This process alleviates someone’s trepidation. Dodow’s slow-moving and repeated light is systematized to immediately calm the preoccupied mind, decelerate breathing, and relax the body until it soothes you to a tranquil state of sleepiness.

Usually, in no more than 6 minutes, someone will be all set to feed their drowsiness. It will help them sleep quickly.

Finally, when the 8-minute or 20-minute mode ends, Dodow shuts off automatically. With this systematic exercise, it would take you fewer minutes to sleep and would improve your sleeping habit regularly.

Why do you need Dodow?

Many sincere help-seekers have been trying to find the best answer that suits them. Many of them find it challenging to choose the most potential method to defeat this nightly enemy. This condition may be a hindrance to achieving the passive state needed as a means to prompt the stimulation of the kind of relaxation to sink into bed.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of discipline to master the kind of activity you want. But, don’t you worry.

This exercise will be as easy as pie with your partner, Dodow.

Everyone who is having trouble falling asleep might not possess the ability to develop a successful relaxation response all by themselves. You are not alone. Dodow is here to help. It is easy to start off and to use. Place it within your reach when you go to bed. That would make it convenient for you to operate it.

People with serious sleeping problems have trouble paying attention probably because of the fight or response activated by the sympathetic nervous system. So, they may be inclined to lose track of their thinking throughout the exercise.

With Dodow, the individual needs only 8 minutes to go through with this technique. There is a signal that indicates that the activity is finished or not.

Dodow guides the user to this slow pace which starts at 11 times every minute.

It requires a lot of patience to attain the lowest and the slowest breath of 6 times per minute if you’re just alone.

Who needs Dodow?

This is a simple yet important question.

Well, Dodow is both for kids and adults.

There are already more than hundred thousands of people found relief and are sleeping well with Dodow. Many of them are from different age ranges. Some cases show that kids at the age of 6 and above are experiencing restlessness or poor sleeping habit.

This is also a way of coping the fear of darkness. It is perfect for those who want to prepare to sleep with a bit of light source, especially for most kiddos and seniors.

It won’t cause them an eerily scary feeling as some people do think. Definitely not. Dodow is here to tackle with their sleep hygiene and it will handle yours, too. It’s pretty easy to get used to this exercise in just a couple of nights.

This is a natural solution to stress, insomnia, waking up during the night, sleeplessness because of being pregnant, and anxiety and depression.

Let’s itemize these sleeping obstacles and try to understand how you could deal with each of them with Dodow.

Issues That Dodow Can Help With

How Dodow helps you cope with Stress

When someone is stressed, they usually have irregular sleeping time. Sometimes, they cannot sleep at all.

Dodow aims to stabilize your autonomic nervous system and get out of being awake fast. This process is one way to the relaxation state to fall asleep. It also frees you from the demanding situations that overwhelm you at the moment.

By correctly following the breathing exercise, you allow the baroreflex to bring back the stability of the autonomic nervous system. From the being awake to being relaxed. Dodow helps the user to transcend from the activated sympathetic nervous system to the relaxed state made possible by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Once this part of the autonomic nervous system is disabled, the chemical activities within you are changed and you become less responsive until you snooze.

The purpose of Dodow is actually to help those people suffering from sleeping problems caused by stress. However, it also has positive results for people experiencing jet lag or with unbalanced sleeping time.

How Dodow helps Insomniacs

We usually hear of people having insomnia or sleeping disorder. But actually, there are a variety of insomnias.

One example is middle insomnia which is also known as middle-of-the-night-awakenings.

The major trouble with this kind of insomnia is the inability to get back to sleep.

How does someone return to doze off?

Just tap your friendly Dodow and it will help you get back to the dreamland.

It restores the proper balance of your system and frees your thoughts of things that would hinder sleep.

So you won’t find waking up in the middle of the night bothering anymore. It won’t stop you from being awake but it will assist you to fall asleep again.

Unlike middle insomnia, chronic and acute insomnia are more serious. Chronic insomnia is characterized by the short-term sleeping problem. It could be experienced for a night to a few weeks while chronic insomnia could occur 3 nights a week in a month or more.

Anxiety is one common reason for these kinds of insomnias.

Deal with anxiety-causing insomnia using Dodow.

Remember that you are not alone in this fight. Win insomnia with Dodow's strategic breathing exercise that will drive you to sleep.

Choose between 8-minute mode and 20-minute mode to start your pre-sleeping routine.

Your goal is to let the device bring you to sleep. It’s not magic. It’s science.

While following the breathing pattern, you will find yourself battling with your own thoughts and trying to concentrate on the projected light. Closely pay attention to it.

You may start your exercise by choosing the longer 20-minute mode to let yourself to adjust and gain trust in the device. Once you drop down to just 6 breaths a minute, your peaceful state will be obtained successfully.

No need to take sleeping pills which are usually addictive and could cause harm.

Pregnancy could also cause insomnia.

Is Dodow safe for pregnant women?


Unlike medical drugs such as sleeping pills, Dodow is just a device. It won’t cause side effects. It won’t harm the baby and the mother. It’s very easy to operate and will surely be beneficial for pregnant women.

Most pregnant women follow some breathing exercise to prepare for the delivery of the baby and to maintain a sound mind. So, Dodow’s breathing exercise is not going to be completely different. This familiar exercise will help them forget the pains and bring them to sleep in a relaxed state.

This exercise is not far from other meditation such as yoga. Imagine you can do this technique on the comfort of your bed. It’s pretty effortless with Dodow.

How Dodow can help people deal with Depression

Depression is a persistent enemy.

Many live with antidepressants to survive or at least handle it for a limited period of time. People with depression could be sleeping too much or sleeping less.

What if your depression is causing you to sleep less and stay awake?

How will you cope with it?

You should know first how depression is linked to bad sleeping habit.

Here is one fact:

One of the common symptoms of depression is lack of sleep.

Clearly, if someone receives the proper sleep they need, they might have the chance to avoid depression. It’s just one, but there are more ways.

To work out on this issue, you need Dodow. It will teach you how to sleep. If you get awakened, it will help you get back to sleep again.

Plus, the therapeutic breathing technique will alleviate your negative thoughts and help you feel relaxed.

Dodow vs. Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are the most common and immediate solution for many people suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

They could be effective in putting an end to your problem right away, but in limited time only.

It is very essential to understand how sleeping pills affect you now and when used further.

One disadvantage of using these sedative-hypnotics is being prone to abuse. Many people with depression are so dependent on sleeping pills in order to sleep immediately. However, due to mental panic, they tend to overuse the pills by taking them beyond the dosage.

And what is worst is, taking a lot of pills to commit suicide. That’s why it’s not always safe to have these drugs within your reach.

Unlike sleeping pills, Dodow requires no medication. It’s totally safe. It’s proud to say that it doesn’t have side effects.

How to sleep with Dodow

Dodow is a multifunctional device with integrated principles derived from psychotherapeutic treatment, yoga, and meditation techniques. It doesn’t only help you to sleep but also takes back your body’s intrinsic tendency to fall asleep.

Once your sleeping nature is back, you may not need it anymore.

But for now, let Dodow take you to the first step to gain your sleep.

 Using Dodow requires only 3 easy steps:

  • Inhale
  • Exhale
  • Sleep

They may sound so easy and unbelievable, but they’re real.

You’ll see.

You can begin with tapping the device upper layer according to your desired timing. Then, you will find it flashes a blue light above you.

Start by synchronizing your respiration to the circular light. Inhale as it expands.

Secondly, exhale. You have to release the air as the light compresses.

Repeat this pattern for 8 or 20 minutes. The interval of its expansion and compression changes as it is nearing the end of the timer. You will find that the exhalation is quite long in order to acquire a feeling of weariness. When this feeling is prolonged, the body becomes vulnerable to sleep.

Then, you fall asleep. You won’t be conscious of the surroundings and you most likely forget the things that cause you stress. In other words, Dodow gives you the ultimate relief you need.

Don’t worry about the device because it turns off automatically when the timer ends.

While trying to connect your breath timing to the light metronome, Dodow does something to your metabolic processes. Specifically, the metabolism becomes slow affecting the breathing intervals from 11 to just 6 respirations a minute.

This similar rate is beneficial for heart breathing techniques to relax the body. Relaxing your body would contribute to the reduction of anxieties and other unwanted thoughts.



  • Better than sleeping pills
  • Therapeutic techniques
  • Adjustable blue light


  • Might be challenging to achieve the slowest 6 breaths a minute for first timers

Bottom Line

Dodow is an all-time sleeping assistance for people with sleeping problems due to stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and other sleep-related conditions that hinder the person from sleeping or staying asleep. It is designed to project a blue light metronome which guides the person to follow a breathing exercise that empties the mind until he is very relaxed and ready to doze off.

Take your Dodow anywhere you go with a stylistic and handy case.

Dodow Travel Case

Travel Case for Dodow Sleep Aid Device

This handy storage for Dodow is available in black, blue, gray, and pink colors. It’s designed by Aenllosi to be hard in order to keep your Dodow safe and protected.

The case is made of standard EVA, which is a tough vinyl and can resist shocks and other forces that may damage the device. It also disables water penetration to the case.

The inner part of the case has a small pocket where you could keep the batteries.


  • Sturdy case
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Well-organized
  • It’s water-resistant, not waterproof.


Aenllosi Travel Case for Dodow is a hard case to keep your device well-protected from damage. It is well-organized, light, and portable.
Now you have a pretty accessory for your Dodow.

Dodow Review Summary

Always remember that getting a good sleep contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, never underestimate the power of sleep and its benefits.

As possible, avoid cases that will deprive you to get enough sleep. If you sleep enough, you will have a healthy mind. If you have a healthy mind, you are ready to learn new things and become successful in whatever efforts you do.

 The moment you encounter any sleeping disorders, don’t forget to seek help from your friendly buddy, Dodow.

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