Dermawand Reviews

In these Dermawand Reviews i have reviewed the latest and most popular Dermawands on the market! Are they any good? Which one is the best value for money? Well, these are questions that i have aimed to answer in these Dermawand Reviews!

Dermawand Review 2019

Ultimate Anti-Aging System Review

First up we have the Derma Wand Ultimate Anti-Aging System which specifically targets dull and older looking skin. This one is best for those in their 40’s and above. It is designed to improve fine lines and wrinkles and eventually improve your skin tone and texture.

Product Highlights

If you’re looking for a complete package to combat the signs of aging on your skin, or better yet to reverse the aging completely, then the Derma Wand Ultimate Anti-Aging System is for you.

This kit includes the Pre-Face, the Hydra Infusion, the Skin Mist, the Eye Recovery cream, and the Skin Quench Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer. These are 5 of the best-selling facial treatments from the DermaVital Skin Care Line which works best when using the Derma Wand.


  • Best kit for anti-aging
  • Great price for the value
  • Includes 5 top sellers from the DermaVital beauty line
  • 30 days money back guarantee from Amazon


  • Results may take a while and vary for some people

Ultimate Anti-Aging System Review​ Verdict:

The Ultimate Anti-Aging System targets to lift the eye area, smoothen deep wrinkles and skin folds, as well as blur any lines and wrinkles. It also works wonders in reducing the size of pores and minimizing laugh lines and puffy skin. The kit also includes a Beauty Guide as well as a cosmetic bag to put your Derma Wand or your products in.

DermaWand PRO Review - Newest Model​

The newer version of Dermawand Pro claims to be a lot stronger than their standard model. This one is ideal for older women and those who have problems with large and visible wrinkles, as well as pores.

50 Percent Stronger

This tool is 50% stronger than the previous model. Thanks to its three additional treatment levels it is a lot more powerful and ideal at fighting early signs of ageing. With often usage, the product will demolish any fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, and will leave you with an even and tight outcome with no pores or tired and sad puffy eyes.

Thermal Energy

Thanks to the gentle microcurrent and radio technology this tool can deliver thermal energy. 

Once it does, the skin itself will promote healthy and glowy complexion. The Dermawand will provide gentle energy at 100,00 micro-pulses per one second, which will leave you with a soft massage feeling. This sensation will increase the circulation and will bring fresh blood to the surface. You will be left with visible results in 12 weeks.


  • Ideal for mature skin
  • Will demolish wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and eye puffiness
  • Easy to use
  • Works 50% better than the previous model


  • Might take 12 weeks for you to spot a change

DermaWand PRO Review - Newest Model​ Verdict:

For women older than the age of 40, this tool might deliver the results the fastest. Can be used if you want to improve circulation, any signs of aging, as well as if you want to make your pores appear smaller. However, be patient and make sure you give it enough time to spot a significant change.

Derma Wand and Derma Brilliance Systems Review

What is the Derma Brilliance System?

This is a combination of two incredibly designed systems – the Derma Wand and the Derma Brilliance.

The Derma Brilliance System kit includes the Derma Wand, the Derma Brilliance, an Instruction Guide, a Jewel Resurfacing Cream, the Pre-Face treatment, 2 Foam Heads, 1 Brush Head, and 1 Massage Head.

The Derma Brilliance is a sonic exfoliation system to visibly reduce the signs of aging. It’s also clinically proven to make the skin appear smoother and more luminous.

It’s lightweight and easy to use. It has 2 speed levels with an automatic timer. It’s also waterproof and cordless making it convenient to use in the shower or bath, and basically anywhere.

Product Highlights

This awesome duo kit intends to deliver an overall skin care treatment experience in the luxury of your own home. The Derma Brilliance system focuses on cleansing and exfoliating the skin while the Derma Wand tightens and lifts.

The Derma Brilliance wand paired with its soft cleansing brush head uses 5,000 sonic oscillations to give your skin the deepest clean.

There are also 2 Foam Heads for exfoliation as well as 1 Massage Head for tightening, lifting, and toning the skin.

It also includes their patented Jewel Resurfacing Cream which contains one full carat of micronized diamonds and 100 carats of micronized garnets so you could get the smoothest, most touchable skin.


  • 2 amazing products in 1 kit
  • Recommended for most people
  • Great value for the price


  • Only 1 skin care product included for each system

Derma Wand and Derma Brilliance Systems Review​ Verdict:

The Derma Wand, on the other hand, comes with the Pre-Face. It’s a unique blend of hydrating moisturizers specifically designed to be used with the Derma Wand to prepare the skin and enhance overall results.

Complete TV Kit Anti-Aging System Review

If you’re still young but want to fight the signs of aging early on, this may be the kit for you. The Derma Wand Complete TV Kit is probably the most popular kit as it is usually the one that’s featured on TV.

It includes the Derma Wand, a Beauty Guide, a cosmetic bag, the Pre-Face, the Hydra Infusion, the Skin Mist, and the Hydra Support.

Product Highlights

The Derma Wand Complete TV Kit aims to deal with early to mid-signs of aging. 

If you believe that prevention is better than cure, this is the system for you. It has 4 products that you can use together with the Derma Wand to restore your skin’s youthful appearance. Pores are minimized and texture becomes more even.


  • Includes 4 DermaVital Skin Care Line products


  • Only one skin lotion included
  • No cosmetic bag

Complete TV Kit Anti-Aging System Review​ Verdict:

Derma Wand Complete TV Kit will help your skin will be more supple and moisturized thanks to this kit.

Derma Wand Retail Kit with Pre-Face Review

Let’s start off this list with the basic one. Now, just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s not any good. Sometimes, we just got to go back to the basics. The Derma Wand Retail kit includes the Derma Wand, a Beauty Guide, and an exclusive Pre-Face treatment.

Product Highlights

First of all, despite which kit you choose, you’re always going to have the best part of it which is the Derma Wand itself. It will be totally up to you to choose which kit would suit you best and hopefully, the guide above helped a lot. To prepare your skin for the actual use of the device, start off with their Pre-Face treatment.

It’s a unique blend of ultra-hydrating moisturizers to really prep your skin. Using the Derma Wand requires your skin to be prepped and ready for the thermal energy therapy.

The Pre-Face allows the device to glide on smoothly across your face. The beauty guide included in this kit also helps you with the step-by-step procedure so that you can be sure to get the best results of the treatment.


  • Very affordable
  • Simple, fuss-free kit


  • Only one skin lotion included
  • No cosmetic bag

Derma Wand Retail Kit with Pre-Face Review​​ Verdict:

With this Retail Kit, you get to enjoy doing your very own radio frequency therapy at home without much to fuss about.

Why Dermawand?

Women, as well as some men, all around the world have been putting in more effort to have more beautiful skin especially in the recent years. In this age of innovation and technology, skin rejuvenation has been easier and quicker.

The main problem seems to be, is that it’s getting more and more expensive. Not only that, procedures become more invasive when you want faster and obvious results. That means more money, more sessions at the skin clinic, and more recovery time.

That being said, it becomes more practical to choose at-home solutions when it comes to skin treatments. Sure, there are lots of creams and lotions you could use religiously at home, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Thankfully, there’s Derma Wand.

Derma what? And how does it work?

Derma Wand is an at-home device that helps in reversing the signs of aging, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Basically, it’s like you brought home your very own skin clinic and you are the dermatologist. How does it work, you ask?

Well, it uses high, alternating radio frequencies from the effects of thermal energy, stimulation and oxygenation. Both thermal and electrical energy are delivered to the skin upon contact which stimulates the skin’s collagen and cells.

It also produces an oxidized oxygen, also known as the Ozone, which kills bacteria in the skin. The technology used in the Derma Wand also improves skin color and is especially helpful for hormonal issues such as acne.

And did I mention it’s completely non-surgical?

Why choose Derma Wand?

For starters, Derma Wand was the brainchild of Christina Boves. Being in the skin care industry for almost 40 years, Christina knows her way around the different machines and treatments. She’s especially a fan of those radio frequency machines. She enjoyed the results so much to the point that she came up with the incredible idea to create a portable device that she could use at home. After consulting and working with an engineer, the Derma Wand was born.

Today, Derma Wand works wonders not just for its creator, but to more than 2 million people all over the world.

One of the best reasons why the Derma Wand is so great is because of its portability. The tool itself is fairly small and lightweight. You can easily carry it around even if you’re a frequent traveler. Because of this, you can have an instant face lift whenever and wherever you are. Another thing is that it’s totally non-invasive.

If you are afraid to go under the knife, but eager enough to get results, then the Derma Wand is for you. It may not work overnight, but with consistent use of the device combined with topical solutions, you’re surely in for a treat.

Derma Wand also carries a wide range of products called the DermaVital Skin Care Line, which caters to specific skin problems such as acne prone skin and aging skin. With this, you can easily target the issues you may have with your skin. Combining these products with the Derma Wand itself would enhance and speed up results.

Things to Consider

Before we dive into the different Derma Wand Kits and what each has to offer, let’s talk about what you should consider first before actually ordering one up for yourself.

Results and effects will obviously differ from person to person, so it’s important to take note of all these factors before making a decision.

Skin Type

With any kind of skin care or treatment, it’s of utmost importance to take into consideration your skin type. After all, it’s your skin. What works for your sister might not exactly work for you. Using the Derma Wand and its high-frequency therapy is normally safe, but make sure you are using the topical creams and lotions that are appropriate for your skin type. You must be certain about what type your skin is in order to avoid unwanted reactions or for the Derma Wand not to work properly for you.

Health Condition

Since the Derma Wand involves the use of static electricity, there may be some reactions to some health cases. For instance, a heart condition, particularly having a pacemaker installed, can result in issues when using this device. If you are pregnant, have nervous system problems or have epilepsy, this kind of treatment isn’t advisable for you too. To be absolutely sure, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor first before purchasing your own Derma Wand.

Allergy and Sensitivity

Just like with your skin type, your allergies should also be taken into consideration whenever dealing with skin treatments. Ingredients in the topical creams or the heat from the therapy may cause some irritation unless you know your skin can take it. See if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients or if your skin can take the heat from the device.

Although the heat from the wand is very minimal and tolerable, it could still be uncomfortable for someone with very sensitive skin. It may be wise to have a radio frequency treatment done professionally first before going ahead and getting one for yourself.

If you know for sure that your skin is normal and not at all sensitive, you should still be wary of factors such as scars and wounds. Using any type of high-frequency therapy on scars, whether healed or still undergoing the healing process, is not recommended. Be extra careful in avoiding open wounds. Hairy parts of the skin should also be avoided when using the Derma Wand.

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Today, it has become very easy to copy products and sell it for the same, sometimes cheaper price. It’s nothing to be surprised at, but knowing how to choose a legitimate product can still be an issue for some. For starters, always check if it has an FDA approval. Having the seal of approval of the FDA means that the product has undergone various tests for safety standards. If you’re even wondering if the Derma Wand is FDA approved, let me just stop you right there. Yes, it is. So make sure to buy only from the Derma Wand website or Amazon.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Derma Wand offers different kits for specific skin conditions. If you prefer to purchase the device only, that’s good too. It basically depends on how much you’re willing to spend for a better-looking skin. Again, going to skin clinics and having numerous treatment sessions can eventually drain your bank account.

Now that you have the option to do this type of treatment at the very comforts of your own home and only purchase the device one time, you’re saving up a whole lot of cash and valuable time. 

How to use Dermawand – Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use the DermaWand effectively.

  • Start with a clean face. Wash your skin with your regular cleanser and pat it dry with a clean towel.
  • Moisturize your skin well. The DermaWand needs something to glide onto the skin so it doesn’t skip or focus on certain areas.
  • Plug in the DermaWand and start with the lowest setting, especially if it’s your first time using it.
  • Use circular motions to sweep the DermaWand over an area of skin. Work on areas until you’ve gone over everything.
  • You can use the DermaWand for 2 to 3 minutes per session.
  • Always use the lowest setting when dealing with the eye area. Start from the outside of the eye while slowly sweeping towards the nose.
  • After using the DermaWand for several weeks, you can reduce treatments to 3 or 4 times a week. See if there’s still some progress. Otherwise, increase your sessions or go back to daily treatments.

Instant Face Lift

Probably the most noticeable effect, when you use the DermaWand, is the instant facelift appearance. Sure, sometimes creams and lotions can produce the same results but it usually takes such a long time compared with the DermaWand.

The massage effect of the device tones and tightens the skin, making it appear more lifted. The enriched oxygen it gives off help breathe new life into your skin making it look healthier and younger. DermaWand also works to soften fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize large pores.

Does Dermawand really work?

All the kits mentioned above are great in their own ways. It all depends on what your needs are, so make sure to choose the one that suits you the best.

If you’re a beginner and simply want to try the device, the first DermaWand kit is the one we recommend. The second and third kits are great for aging skin. The last one is probably the most versatile. So if you’re looking for both skin care and skin treatment results, the DermaWand and DermaBrilliance kit is the way to go.

Our verdict for each product would be:

DermaWand Side Effects

Just like any other product, results and effects may vary. A person’s skin type, condition as well as his or her allergies and sensitivities all play a role when it comes to the results.

Here are some reported side effects when using the DermaWand.

Peeling and Dry Skin

The peeling of the skin occurs mainly due to direct damage such as sunburn or infection. Other times, it can be from an immune system disorder or other diseases. Some people experience peeling skin due to certain ingredients in the products they are using or whenever they undergo certain treatments such as exfoliation. Most of the time, people who are prone to peeling have a dry skin, to begin with. That means there’s not enough moisture to protect the skin from any damage, causing the skin to heal itself by way of peeling.

The DermaWand system doesn’t claim that your skin will peel after a certain amount of use. It’s simply a common side effect that some people experienced. If you know for a fact that you already have dry skin and you’re prone to peeling, make sure to prep your skin very well with a good moisturizer before using the DermaWand.

Redness and Sensitivity

The DermaWand, although using radio frequency technology, delivers very gentle, microcurrents only. It was designed to have a low-amplitude, making it safe for in-home use. That being said, if you have sensitive skin, using the DermaWand may result in some redness. If you have Rosacea, this type of treatment may not work well with you. Rosacea is a skin disease that causes persistent redness mostly in the center of the face, but can also appear in some parts of the body. Using the DermaWand while having Rosacea can aggravate the situation.

Summing it up

Based on the ratings, you can see that we favor the DermaWand and DermaBrilliance Systems over the rest of the kits. It has 2 amazing devices which target its own areas and issues. It’s versatile enough to be used by young people with normal skin to older ones with aging and saggy skin.

The topical product included in this kit isn’t much, but it does help to get the job done. After all, you can order separate creams for your specific problems or you can just use your personal ones. No matter what brand you use, it will still work well with both systems.

Do you like the DermaWand and DermaBrilliance System too?

Well, only you can answer that. Just remember that these systems may have a specific goal, but how it works vary. Consider what you need in your skin treatments and what would probably work best for your skin type. You know your skin better than any dermatologist would, so only you can decide.

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