Dardugo Spot Removal Pen Review

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available due to FDA regulation. Click the link below for top available Mole/Tattoo removal pens!

The Dardugo spot removal pen set is one of the best Sweep Spot pen set that efficiently removes Spots, Tattoos, Dark spots, and removes moles as well. 

This Plasma Dot mole removal pen set offers quick and efficient results as it uses the Plasma Micro DD (District Discharge) technology with high frequency and low temperature.  When the tip of the needle just touches the spots on the skin, it can immediately produce high-temperature plasma.  This thermal plasma effect can singe spots quickly and efficiently. To compare it to similar devices, check our as seen on tv Spot Eraser Pro review.

This spot removal pen set is easy-to-use and you can comfortably use it to remove bad spots, freckles, flat moles, and age spots using its plasma Microtechnology. The pen set offers three adjustable modes and offers different power outputs for different spot treatment. The lower-level is used to remove freckle and spot and higher-level is used to remove skin tags and moles.

You can use Dardugo Plasma Pen Set anywhere you want as it is a very lightweight device, portable, wireless and you can easily charge it with USB.  You can take the device wherever you go as it takes a small place to store in your travel bag.  To get a clear skin, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for unnecessary skin treatments; with this simple and efficient spot removal plasma dot removal pen set you can save a lot of money and time.


  • Quick and Efficient Results: This new and advanced technology Dardugo spot removal pen set offers quick and effective results instantly.
  • Three Modes: It offers three adjustable modes so that you can use the lower frequency to remove freckles and spots, and high frequency to remove flat moles as well as skin tags.
  • Easy-to-use:  This pen set is easy-to-use as it comes with the instructions and you can use it anywhere you want as it fits perfectly in your backpack. The spot removal pen is lightweight, portable, charges by USB and wireless.
  • Affordable: This pen set is very affordable and it helps you save money on high-cost skin treatments.

Package Includes:

  • One Spot Removal Pen
  • One USB Line
  • One Big Needle
  • One Manual
  • Five Small Needles


  • check
    The Spot Removal Pen uses an exclusive electric ion technology that helps you get minimal pain during treatment and prevents hurting the skin.
  • check
    Flexible and offers quick and efficient results with its PMDD technology
  • check
    Contains three adjustable modes and removes any  skin spot, freckles, skin tags, and flat moles


  • The instructions are not very clear

The Verdict

Overall, the Dardugo Pen is one of the efficient spot removal pen set as it produces the same effect with high-voltage frequency to actually singe your skin.  Though, it is not a pain-sensitive device, especially when you are using it on the facial or nose areas. If you able to hold some pain, then this device is a perfect choice as it works efficiently and quickly. Get this spot removal today and enjoy the spotless skin forever.

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