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People choose to wear perfumes because they want to smell GOOD. Well, that may sound a bit complacent.

Why? It’s because you could actually wear perfume to smell the BEST!

Interesting isn’t it? Now, let me introduce you the kind of fragrances you need to boost your confidence and influence your personality.

These unique fragrances can only be found in the House of Creed. Here are some of the Creed’s collections that you should own now.

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Creed Aventus Millesime 120 ml Spray/ 4. Fl.oz. Review

Another success in the Aventus line was the introduction of the Millesime collection. These items are uniquely created to satisfy more people and captivate more hearts.

What makes Millesime special is the name itself. The French word “Millesime” means “good vintage”. It refers to the utilization of only the finest flowers, fruits, and spices unique in every harvest year. Aventus makes sure to achieve those seasonal scents that are familiar to most people’s smell.

It refers to the utilization of only the finest flowers, fruits, and spices unique in every harvest year. Aventus makes sure to achieve those seasonal scents that are familiar to most people’s smell.

In addition to the botanical essences included in every batch of Creed fragrances, Millesime has been made distinct with the filtration and maceration techniques. Time influences these scents making them even deep and long-lasting.

This vintage technique of infusion process carefully extracts the useful components from natural ingredients and obtains them to create the best blend of fragrance. The ancient methodology has been long used by Creed since 1760, which is the same decade the brand was born.

Creed Aventus Millesime Eau de Parfum is able to get this suave scent and elegance with the help of the brand’s unique and authentic idea in order to promote a lingering smell everyone is longing for.

The unified aroma consists of leather, sweet, fruity, smoky, and woody accords. These essences are a well-balanced combination of the notes offering a harmonious scent no one can deny.

It will definitely boost one’s confidence since the woody accord is very overwhelming. It also stimulates the emotions toward the environment and nature itself.

Millesime owes its sophisticated and brand new aroma from black currant, Italian bergamot, white Calvilla, and fruity scents of apple and pineapple as the top notes.

The heart notes are an infusion of pink roses blended with dry birch, patchouli, and jasmine. This Aventus perfume has a concluding base of musk, vanilla, and amber.

These noble essences are a successful masterpiece of Creed Aventus and the people behind this famous line.

Wear Millesime and impress your friends and colleagues all day.


  • Masculine woody accord
  • Ancient infusion technique
  • Lasts all day


  • Extravagant

Creed Aventus Millesime 4. Fl.oz. Review​ Verdict:

Creed Aventus Millesime is a unique item in the Aventus collection because it has been created through a unique age-old infusion technique to derive the finest scents from raw botanicals and other natural ingredients. It is full of satisfaction with its woody accord and a touch of fruity scents.

Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce Review

This Aventus authentic perfume is simply amazing. Each spray is like a series of magical fragrances that are very captivating and addictive.

The blend of natural scents captures every man’s taste. It is designed for men to attract every woman’s heart.

Because it absolutely lasts longer than you could ever imagine, wear this perfume every day and own the world. This perfume is every man’s dream, so spray it with confidence and embrace the new you with Creed Aventus. In addition to its impressive array of scents, this perfume also comes in a classy glass bottle. It looks sturdy and perfectly designed to be handy.

The bottle is adorned with a heraldic symbol of an equestrian which represents power and valor. Since Aventus has a very colorful history, it commemorates the success of a prominent French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte as illustrated by Jacques-Louis David in his painting “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”. In honor of Emperor Napoleon, this Aventus Creed edition remembers his great achievements in the battle.

More significantly, Aventus manages to uphold the legacy bestowed by the maker to his biological successors. The fame and glory of the family have to prevail whatever happens. The makers of Aventus have to handpick the first-rate essences and extracts to obtain this desired virile scent that will drive every woman crazy.

The focus of Aventus is more on the base notes to achieve a long-lasting fragrance. This perfume chose oakmoss and musk, vanilla, and ambergris.

The middle notes where the heart of the fragrance belongs includes Moroccan jasmine, dry birch, patchouli, and rose. They linger once the top notes are gone. These heart notes support the introduction of base notes.

The top notes or the head notes of Aventus are the ones that first catch the impressions of those who smelled it. The blackcurrant, bergamot, and pineapple scents are the opening notes and the most recognizable and usually the ones that disappear first.

Although they do not last, they give this lasting smell that would make you come back.


  • Authentic, high-quality
  • Masculine Scent
  • Lasts long


  • High-priced

Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum Spray for Men Review Verdict:

Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum Spray for Men is a masculine scent desired by men and captures every woman’s heart. Lure everybody with this enchanting fragrance that lasts longer than any other rock-bottom priced perfumes.

Creed Aventus by Creed Eau de Parfum Spray for Men 2.5 Oz / 75 ml Review

If you are looking for a very handy perfume but last longer than a regular eau de toilette, this Creed Aventus spray is something you could just slip in your briefcase.

It comes with a charming personality of a classic aroma, exotic style, and masculine power that will surely catch your emotion.

This 75ml-bottle resembles hard work and success of the House of Creed which has been passed to six generations already. It belongs to the Chypre family of perfumes. Launched in 2010, this arousing fragrance has made history for its awe-inspiring influence in the world of perfumers.

The demand for authentic fragrances began to grow in Europe and started to expand even more to other countries.

The remarkable scents created by the Creeds became totally sought-after and best-sellers anywhere in the world. It’s all because of the finest and sweetest fruity scents of bergamot, apple, blackcurrant, and pineapple as headnotes.

These handpicked scents create the pleasing top notes that will catch your smell.

As they vanished, the warm heart notes create a smoky and floral fragrance of jasmine and a touch of birch wood, patchouli, and juniper. The lingering musk, oakmoss, vanilla, and ambergris are the base notes for this Aventus item.

Creed Aventus offers a welcoming fragrance created for all occasions. Wear it every day or grab a bottle of it for a loved one. This luxury perfume is now available in a tiny bottle.

Just this minute glass of perfume is enough to bring you elegance and confidence you have never had before. It is ideal for your tiny bag for work and travel.

Enjoy the Creed scent anytime anywhere and feel like royalty.


  • Classic and virile personality
  • Minute bottle best for travel


  • Consumes fast
  • Still pricey

Creed Aventus by Creed Eau de Parfum Spray for Men 75 ml Review​ Verdict:

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum Spray for Men 2.5 oz is a travel size glass with a classic perfume created by Aventus. It is a rich history of essences in a small bottle inspired by continuous hard work by great men of the House of Creed.

About Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus is a world-famous brand in the fragrance industry. The House of Creed originated in England in 1760. The goal at first was to satisfy the demand for commissioned fragrances. Two decades later, James Creed innovated the earliest fragrance for King George III. The demand for customized fragrances became a culture for the royals and their court.

In 1854, the House of Creed finally moved to Paris, France for more opportunities and advancement. In 1970, Oliever Creed launched the Creed perfumes. And in 2010, Creed celebrated its 250 years in the industry for its achievements in providing authentic and unique fragrances. It is the same year when Aventus collection was released.

Creed Aventus continues to make a colorful history. The fragrances from the House of Creed will never be experienced when purchasing low-cost perfumes.

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Aventus means “success”. If you wear Creed Aventus every day, you will feel as if success is following you wherever you go. That gives you so much confidence to carry on.


If not because of this article, you wouldn’t have had any idea how perfume affects us personally and the people around us.

It works mysteriously. And for sure, you too want to experience that magic for just a bit of an investment.

All you need to do is pick the right scent to suit your taste.

Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum Spray continues to embrace the legacy of this renowned brand and to entice everyone with its unique charm and fragrance. Be captivated as you get a sniff of this lasting Avetus scents.

The Millesime is another successful item in the Aventus collection. It is created using an ancient infusion technique which has been used since the brand came to exist. Experience elegance and a boost in confidence with the woody and fruity blend of natural aroma by Millesime.

If portability matters to you, Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum Spray is so handy at 2.5 oz. It’s a small bottle full of inspiring stories of great achievements in the past few centuries by the Creeds. This minute glass is a symbol of success and ground-breaking scent brought to you by the House of Creed.

Get inspired by Creed Aventus and wear success every day!

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