6 Ways to Choose a Pair of Heels for a More Stylish Silhouette

Heels will always be that accessory that girls love, not only because they make us look taller and have incredible legs, but also because they are ideal for stylizing the figure; you know, they make you look much slimmer.

But even though many of us have a pair, two, five or maybe more, an important question always arises when wearing them: are there tips to help me wear heels the right way?

We have to admit, many of us suffer when walking, others because of the intense pain they cause us and sometimes because we don't know how to combine them with the right clothes. Fortunately, there are answers to that question. Discover here six tips for wearing your favorite high shoes.

1. Make sure they are your size

Did you know that our shoe size isn't always the same? It is very likely that if heels tire, the reason is that you use the wrong number. When you use flats the foot stays in a horizontal position and gets a little bigger, and when we use heels, it is in an inclined position and is reduced.

2. Always have a nude color pair

The heels of this color go well with any outfit, they are a basic in any wardrobe. They are beneficial for not getting out of style.

Did you know that our shoe size isn't always the same?

3. Visit an orthopedist

He will identify what type of foot you have and what shoes are right for you. For example, flat-footed girls need a pump with a built-in arch, so they do not feel pain.

4. Square heels are much better

The stiletto heels make the foot wobble; they are the culprits of most falls, so we do not recommend them much. But square heels help you improve your posture and have greater stability.

Square heels are much better

5. Thin soles are always synonymous with problems

They cause you to have immense pain on the soles of your feet, and it's all due to the pressure generated in that area. It is best to replace them with platforms or rubber soles that distribute the weight, this way you will avoid the pain, and you will be able to wear your heels for longer.

6. Try heels that have bracelets

Bracelets or straps help your ankles to be more secure and also generate more stability. It also helps the feet hurt less.

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