Casual Dinner Outfits

How to dress for an informal dinner? Here are a couple of simple yet stylish casual dinner outfits.

It should be easy; the critical thing is not to fall into the excess and to know how to combine the garments. Look in the wardrobe because for sure you have many basics to get the most out of them for the day and night styles.

What to wear for a casual dinner?

Jeans + Night Top

Jeans can become the perfect allies to dress up for an informal dinner. A garment as basic as jeans are combined with a beautiful night top, sequins, metallic form the perfect tandem to look cute in a casual dinner without the need to "break your head" thinking about the "what I wear."

Jean fashion

Jeans + Jersey

You have an informal dinner after work, but you do not have time to go home to change. You wear jeans and a knitted sweater, so all you have to do is change the accessories and you are ready. Put some sandals, maxi earrings and a clutch in a bag, and you will radically change your look. Of course, accompanied by sensual red lips.

T-shirts, blouses, and sweaters are also ideal. Smooth, printed, pleated, metallic and even tulle. The most sophisticated you can wear them with a simple cotton shirt and even with slippers, and get a perfect outfit.

Midi Skirt

Midi skirts have undoubtedly become the star of the season. A straight or flying piece that inspires the best day and night looks, so you can make the most of it for an informal dinner by changing the top garment. One of the options that best matches are a body, a tight piece and perfect to mark the waist.

Long midi dresses, especially shirts, have become basic options in our wardrobe. There are all kinds of cuts and trendy prints, but always comfortable and elegant, a perfect choice to dress in an informal dinner.

Midi Skirt

Little Black Dress

The little black dress is par excellence the most popular choice and the one that never fails. For an informal dinner bet by a simpler and discreet design, the options of our usual brands are immense. Knit models or with some mono detail, and combine it with more eye-catching accessories to raise the look.

The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is considered a must of our wardrobe, comfortable to wear and feels ideal. The jumpsuit is a safe choice for an informal dinner; a smooth and simple design can be a total success.

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