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Both men and women who are struggling with severe hair loss should purchase a Capillus laser cap. One out of these two models will give you visible results.

CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy...
CapillusPlus Mobile Laser Therapy...
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Comes in two sizes (regular and extra large)
Comes in one size only
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CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy...
Our Rating:
Comes in two sizes (regular and extra large)
CapillusPlus Mobile Laser Therapy...
Our Rating:
Comes in one size only

Capillus Laser Cap Reviews

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CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth Review

Capillus is a company that will give you the right results without the use of unnecessary pills, shampoos, or conditioners.

This laser hair therapy cap is FDA approved and ideal at fighting any scalp conditions. When purchasing this tool you can say bye to expensive topical foams as well as any other surgical procedures since your solution is right here!

This model features 272 diodes, which is a lot more than its previous model which had 202. This means that it can cover a lot more ground over your head, and that is ideal for any hair type.

With your daily usage, you can expect to see improvements in 95% cases. This technology features laser light therapy, but it doesn’t use any LED lights which makes it very comfortable and safe.

High Performance

Its high performance will amaze everyone. It is battery powered and it should be worn 6 minutes per day for optimal results. This is the best Capillus model since it is a newer kind, and it also features more diodes than any other caps.

This laser will improve your texture and will leave your hair silky soft and shiny. Its high performance is ideal thanks to the LLT technology and is completely safe for your own use at home. There are no potential risks or side effects with the light therapy, which makes this cap ideal for everyone.

It is also available in 2 sizes: regular, and extra large. The regular cap is comparable to a size 7 hat, while the extra large suits size 8. These two work on head shapes that are around twenty-four inches long/wide.

Ideal For Every Hair Type

You won’t have to cut or trim your hair before placing it into this laser cap. The laser will emit the energy through every individual strand easily and will penetrate deep into your scalp beneath.

You can wear your hair straight during this process or tied up in a loose low ponytail, based on your preference. The best part regarding this tool is that you can use it, even if you’ve died your hair, bleached it, and you will still spot nice improvements and visible results.

Not only you but also women with curly, dark and frizzy hair can also enjoy its effect. You can enjoy the Capillus lasers since they are cool-to-the-touch at any given point, which means that your hair won’t fry, neither will your scalp or fingers once you touch the lasers.

How To Use It?

The laser should be used every day on its own or you can place a cap (which comes with your purchase) over it. You can also throw on any cap you like if you are headed out of the house and you need something a bit more appropriate.

It is really important to store it and charge properly. Although it might come charged, it is still important to optimize it and charge for full 24 hours before its first use since this way it will perform the best.

In the future, you should charge the tool every here and there, but mostly at times when the final and last light is blinking on the tool. Make sure that your device is always connected to the AC adapter before proceeding with your usage.

Also, make sure that you don’t hold the power button, but simply tap it once to turn it on. Luckily the tool will come with a six-month guarantee as well as a three-year warranty.


  • Shorter treatment sessions
  • More diodes than other caps
  • Comfortable on the head
  • Will give results
  • Easy to use at the comfort of your home
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes in 2 different size options


  • Quite expensive
  • You might experience some hair loss at the beginning, but you will spot the results later down the road

CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap Review​ Verdict:

Highly recommended and newer tool by Capillus which you and your friends can use. This laser cap is comfortable and ideal for every day.

The manufacturer claims that you will experience visible results in, approximately, 4 months or less. However, you will definitely get these results a lot faster because this cap features more diodes than any other of Capillus models.

The cap will prevent hair loss, hair thinning and will help if you have some scalp conditions such as alopecia. Unlike its other models, this one is special because it comes in two different sizes (regular and extra large), which makes it perfect if you are on a lookout for diversity.

Everyone with thin, short, long, colored, bleached or even curly, dark and frizzy hair will enjoy the cap since it can give results for everyone. It has been reported that it works in 95% of cases, which is quite a lot when compared to other companies and their products.

Although the product is quite expensive, it still might be worth it if you are on a lookout for some at-home and long-lasting solutions.


Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth Review

If hair loss runs in your family then you should purchase the Capillus 202 laser cap to prevent it from happening to you as well. This tool has been proven to work, and almost 95% of people have noticed significant improvements after using it.

Its laser therapy can help with severe hair loss, or even with hair thinning and will prevent the hair from breaking again in the future. You can say bye to receding hairlines as well as baldness once and for all, and all that at the comfort of your home!

Approved by scientists, doctors and hair experts for daily usage. This US-based product features a lot of interesting features, such as:

6 Minutes Only

You can wear the cap 6 minutes a day and even then spot the results. As previously mentioned, visible results will appear with 95% of participants within 17 weeks, approximately. You can expect the process to look a lot like this:

0-3 months

This is the first stage in which you might not notice a lot of improvements. Some women even experience a lot of shedding, but this is actually an indicator that the tool is working.

This means that the new hairs are pushing out the old strains out of the follicle and that they are promoting new and healthy growth. Besides the falling out you might also experience some itching, which is also completely normal so don’t be alarmed if it does end up happening.

3-6 months

Your hair will stop with the shedding and will appear a lot fuller. Don’t stop with the use of the cap once you spot the improvements, and enjoy thicker strands.

12 months

You should look at your before and after pictures since they will be remarkable at this point. Make sure you track and picture your progress along the way just so you can see how far you’ve come with this tool.

Powerful Lasers

This model called the Capillus202 features 202 laser diodes, which are a lot more powerful than the lasers on the previous model, called Capillus82. Capillus82 has only 82 diodes, which automatically makes Capillus202 an innovative and prestige laser.

The tool itself comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. With your purchase, you will be getting a lithium-ion battery, a travel case, universal AC adapter, as well as an accessory pouch. This cap comes in one size only and it can fit every head shape.

How To Use It

Wear the tool underneath a sports cap every day for 6 minutes straight. You will get the right Capillus cap with your purchase, but you can also go for any other that you prefer.

The Capillus 202 hair laser cap is very practical, which means that you can even wear it outside the house. Some women even wear it to their gym, which is acceptable if you are going to do lightweight and easy workouts. The cap shouldn’t be worn to heavy weightlifting training, marathon runs, boxing etc. You need to wear the laser cap on dry hair since the product is not waterproof or water-resistant.

You can clean it by turning the product off and my disconnecting any other cables. Take a clean alcohol wipe or a damp cloth and wipe the inner surface of the laser dome.

Make sure your pressure is light so that you don’t damage the unit. Charging wise, you will get one lithium-ion battery with your purchase and you should charge it as explained in the instructions.


  • Ideal solution for bald spots
  • Can be used by those with alopecia
  • Comfortable on the head
  • You get a hat with your purchase
  • No one will notice that you are wearing it
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used 6 minutes every day
  • FDA approved
  • You can go to the gym with it


  • One size only
  • Might take 17+ weeks for you to spot a severe difference

Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap Review​ Verdict:

Looking for your new laser hair tool? Women worldwide are always on the lookout for the ultimate weapon which will prevent or slow down their hair loss. Not only them, but a lot of men as well are fighting with boldness or alopecia on an everyday basis.

If you or your husband need a long-lasting solution, you should look into this Capillus laser cap. It is practical, easy, and more affordable than other models by Capillus. It can be used on an everyday basis for 6 minutes straight. Regular usage will leave you with thicker hair and healthy strands, as well as with a lot of shine.

Everyone should spot a significant difference in 17 weeks, but don’t be alarmed if you initially experience some shedding or severe hair loss. This means that the product is working, you just need to give it time to push out the old strands and for your hair follicles to start providing healthy growth.

Is Your Hair Prone To Breakage?

Experiencing hair loss, shedding and thinning is a common thing for both men and women. This process can have an effect on your self-esteem which is why you should seek the right solution by purchasing the right set of products. Some might lose their hair due to genetics, others because of chemical processes (such as bleaching and coloring the hair a little too often), and others due to stress and some hormonal changes. If you can relate to any of above then this article is for you and will help you with your struggles.

Have You Tried LLT?

Laser therapy has been established in 1966 by a Hungarian physician, but it became a huge thing in the last decade. Scientists and doctors worldwide have been using it to treat chronic pain, headaches, and alopecia. LLT helps with reducing pain and inflammations, as well as with the healing of any wounds and nerves. For some women, it can also prevent gray hair or even darken them, while it can fight any unwanted scalp conditions.

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About the Capillus Brand

You can purchase the Capillus cap which can reverse the natural process of your hair follicle. With often usage, this tool will produce healthier and thicker hair, and every strain will come out of the follicle a lot shinier and healthier.

Capillus products are FDA approved, made in the USA, Miami, Florida, and are an ideal everyday solution for men and women. Their caps are very discreet and convenient, unlike the laser treatments or any other laser combs that you can purchase elsewhere.

The tool is easy to use, battery-operated, and ideal for almost everyone. Capillus products work thanks to their low-level light therapy, which has been around ever since the ’60s. The low light therapy has been known for providing visible results for those with alopecia, or any other similar conditions.

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