Breet Professional Mole Removal Pen Review

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available due to FDA regulation. Click the link below for top available Mole/Tattoo removal pens!

The Breet Spot Eraser Expert Mole Removal pen removes tattoos, dark spots, skin tags, warts, etc, easily and helps you get clear and smooth skin in just a matter of time.  This Spot Eraser Pro is designed with German technology that can help you get rid of different types of skin tags, freckle, spots, wart, mole, etc, instantly and efficiently without bleeding and pain. The removal pen is easy-to-use and it helps you enhance your skin tone and offers an incredible change in your skin and to your life. To compare it to similar as seen on TV Spot Eraser Pro devices, click the link.

This pen contains a power button, and if you want to switch off/on press the power button. The blue indicator on the device shows the leftover capacity.  If you do not use the device for ten minutes, then it will automatically switch off the power. To expose the fluorescent, you have to double click the ON and OFF button and it will turn on/off the light.  When you press on/off button, it helps you to regulate the gear from one to five. Click and grasp “OUT” to run, release “Out” into a secure state. You can charge the device using the charging cable, but, before that switch off the device.  The device contains five indicators show completely charged, and the device will automatically switch off if it is not used for some time and each indicator show twenty percent power. You should always remember that you should never charge the device while using it or during operation.

Needle Installation: The coarse needle should be installed directly and the fine needle should be installed using the needle assorted.  Also, before using the device, you should practice it on any animal skin to get used to it. You should never clean the tainted area with a powerful scrub or alkaline washing. You should also remove the needle from the pen after you finished using the removal pen, clean and sterilize, then dry it before storing it.


  • Steel +ABS needles
  • 3.7V 850mAh Battery
  • 5V/1A input current
  • Max 5W output power

The Package included:

  • One USB Charging Cable
  • One fine needle
  • One coarse needle
  • User Manual
  • One fine needle assorted
  • Certificate of Prerequisite


  • Spot Removal Pro Pen is made of German Technology and it can effectively and easily remove moles, dark spots, wart, freckle, tattoo on your skin
  • This skin tag remover is easy-to-use, and it can easily remove the dark pigment on the skin surface and skin tissue without hurting and bleeding.
  • Contains Built-in AB polymer lithium battery, and allows you to charge the device through USB cable.  Once it is completely charged, it works for five hours.
  • Five gears for various types of treatments
  • Fluorescent detection more useful and user-friendly.


  • The device gives you smooth, clear, and beautiful skin surface
  • The  antibody soaks up into your skin effectively and quickly
  • It helps you to prevent blemishes on the skin
  • Both men and women can use and it is for all age groups


  • The ‘out’ and ‘on’ buttons are too close

The Verdict

Overall, it is one of the best products that you can find at a very affordable price and it offers efficient results and makes your skin look smooth and soft. The recovery period will be around one to three months, so during that period, avoid eating spicy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have a scab itch, don’t scratch it with your hands and do not wash it with water, and keep it away from children.

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