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With the current popularity of microneedling, more and more people are turning to this innovative procedure to keep their skin tight and beautiful. The treatment is very safe, clean, and effective, no matter if you do it at home or at a professional spa or clinic. And just like other beauty treatments, it is crucial to follow a carefully planned regimen after getting a microneedling treatment.

This aftercare is extremely beneficial in maximizing the effects of the procedure as well as to greatly minimize the skin’s healing time and process.

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Gel UV Nail Lamp, SUNUV 48W UV LED...
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33 LEDs
MINGER 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Nail...
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24 LEDs
LuxeUp UV Nail Lamp Dryer 120W...
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36 LEDs
Nail Dryer UV Nail Lamp, OUTTOP 36W...
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18 LEDs

Top 5 Nail Lamps with UV LED Review

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SUNUV SUN2C UV LED Nail Lamp Review

Do you hate obsolete single UV lamps causing troubles!

SUNUV is a home for professional nail lamps with advanced and professionally designed UV+LED dual light source. All SUNUV nail lamps are applicable to curing almost all nail gels. They’re fashionable, durable, and ideal for both home and salon use.

Product Description:

This SUNUV SUN2C nail lamp gives you a quality manicure and pedicure as experts do. This product uses white LED light which is gentler than the traditional UV nail lamp.

The lamp measures 7.9 x 3.9 x 6.7 inches and the spectrum chip quantity of 24 pieces.

These UV LEDs have a narrow spectral wavelength of 365nm+405nm (nanometers) with the voltage of 110-240v 50/60Hz 1A.

The product package comes with 3 silicone pads and an AC adapter. The nail dryer generates 48 watts as its power consumption.


Customers would love the SUNUV experience with the following key features of SUN2 nail lamp:

  • 33-pieces high-quality LEDs. The trademarked UV LED 48-watt light beads have distinctive qualities. Your nails will be cured quickly and look shiny without having to wait longer for the smell to disappear. The well-constructed dryer uses its energy efficiently.
  • 4 timer settings. This smart and flexible design has 4 button operations. It’s very convenient to choose from any of the time controls. The lamp can be set to 10s, 30s, 60s, and 90s double power low heat mode. These 4 timer settings will help you choose the best time for your nail polish kind.
  • Auto-start. You don’t need a switch button to turn on the device. Just place your hand into the device and the sensor does the detection. Then, it will automatically turn on. Withdraw your hand out and the lamp will turn off. The smart sensor and the digital time display make it better and nicer to monitor your time.
  • Arched design. This unique design is responsible for the spacious inner of the device which is suitable for drying all fingernails and toenails. The detachable base or the removable bottom tray makes the dryer easy to use and clean.
  • Gentle white light. The lamp emits non-ultraviolet white daylight which is safe to use. It doesn’t cause hand blackening and eye irritation. White LED light is gentler than traditional purple UV lights, which means you can ensure that the gel nail polish color is protected as well as your nails, skin, and eyes.
  • Long lasting LEDs. The light beads extend to 50,000 hours without changing the bulbs.

Get the best treatment you have ever dreamed like from a well-known nail salon.

With SUN2 lamp, you can enjoy the comfortable and luxurious experience while doing your manicure at home.

Cure your pretty nails faster than others. SUNUV is ideal for all nail gels and suitable for first time DIYers and salon professional nail polish artists.

The upper cover pad of the dryer is difficult to scratch but fast to wipe off. If you accidentally smear the polish on the surface, it will be easy to clean it out. It can also be replaced easily with different vibrant colors.


  • Flexible drying with 4 timer options
  • Fast drying with 33 light beads at 48 watts
  • Comfortable and gentler white light


  • Takes one hand or foot at a time

SUNUV SUN2C UV LED Nail Lamp Review​ Verdict:

SUNUV SUN2C can meet all your needs with its 33 light LEDs and 48 watts power, but with gentler white light. One lamp is enough for fast and easy nailing giving you 4 timer options for your comfortable curing experience.


Product Description:

MINGER UV LED nail dryer is the start of your magical nail art revolution. The device is designed for two hands or feet curing. It measures 9.3 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches and is very lightweight.

The 48-watt dryer comes with UV shield gloves for protection while curing. With dual optical wavelength of 365 nm+405 nm UV LED light beads, this lamp can cure your nails faster than others.


Why MINGER is a good choice for nail art fans? Check out the following distinctive attributes you are looking for.

  • 24 Pieces Light Beads. These UV LED lights are designed to last for 50,000 hours of continuous usage. They are perfectly spread inside the device to give off an even light source and to efficiently use its 48-watt power.
  • Easy timer options. The 30s and 60s timer controls are easy options to decide for fast curing. The ½ low heat mode lets you reduce the light from the LED bulbs for longer curing. These options are quick settings for any nail polish you wish to have.
  • Auto-start. The UV LED lamp has a smart sensor that automatically turns on when you put your hands in and turn off when you put back.
  • Fit Both Hands or Feet. The device is ideally designed to be occupied by both hands or feet. This is a real time saver! You can apply nail gel on both hands or feet and dry them out at once. No worries about consuming an extra time for each hand or foot.
  • UV Shield Nail Gloves. These gloves are for your skin protection. Although the lamp doesn’t cause blackening, wearing the gloves on both hands offers you a safe nail curing environment.
  • Heat Vents. These holes protect the device from being overheated when used for long hours.

MINGER quick dry solution offers curing speeds up to twice as fast as any standard nail lamp. It can dry out all types of nail gel polish such as UV nail gel, LED nail gel, nail builder gel, sculpture nail gel, rhinestone gems glue, etc.

It takes care of the skin and the eyes by not causing any harm or irritation. Compare with the ultraviolet light of traditional nail lamps, this light is close to white light which is much gentler.

It also comes with a detachable bottom part which makes it easy to be sanitized. Unlike another common lamp, this dryer can be used with both hands or feet making your nail art dry quicker.

It dries fast and causes no harm, pain, or blackening.

How to choose your curing time?

This curing lamp is activated by placing your hands into it.

It is typically advisable to select 30 seconds for the base and top coat, color gel, and carving gels. However, choose 60 seconds for a much thicker coat.

The timer will start counting after auto-mode start or by pressing the button. When the counting time is over, the device will switch off automatically.


  • Dimmable 24-piece 48-watt double light source
  • Fit both hands or feet for quick drying
  • Auto-sensor design and 3 timer settings


  • Fewer timer options

MINGER UV LED Lamp Review​​ Verdict:

MINGER UV LED Nail Lamp consists of 24 pieces 48-watt light beads. The device fits two hands or feet which makes curing fast. You can wear the UV shield gloves as protection. This automatic light sensor is useful for any gels and regular polish at 30 s, 60 s, and low heat mode timers.

LUXEUP UV LED Nail Lamp Review

Now, the solution to gain an extraordinarily unique and beautiful nails is here, using LuxeUp UV LED nail lamp.

Get shiny nails every day!

If you need the modern nail dryer device for your home or beauty salon, this lamp might simply be the one for you.

Scientifically designed to be user-friendly, convenient, and safe, the new LuxeUp nail dryer device is ready to amaze you and your friends.

Product Description

The ultimate nail lamp offers you the latest designs for curing nail art using acrylic, gel polish and more.

This 54-watt dryer contains 36 pieces, 365nm+405nm (nanometers) beads which cuts time by 50% compared to other brand dryers. It measures 9 x 8 x 4 inches.

If you purchase the dryer, you will get accessory items including a nail file, a cuticle pusher, and 10 pieces of gel remover wraps.

LuxeUp has just modernized the components of its new nail lamp with user-friendly functionalities, spacious inner, and incomparable display.


Introducing the outstanding features of LuxeUp nail dryer:

  • 4 Timer Settings. There are 3 preset timer buttons from 10s, 30s, and 60s for the easy select mode. And there is a constant light mode of 99 seconds of slow heat which allows careful and prolonged drying. The device is equipped with a large LCD screen display that always shows the curing time.
  • 36 LED Beads. These 36 dual source light units are systematically laid out inside the lamp. There is no space left unfilled so it assures an even LED effects for quick and effective nail curing.​
  • General usage. The dryer is appropriate for drying all types of gel polish including UV and LED nail gel, builder, sculpture nail gel, rhinestone gems glue, acrylic nail, shellac gel, powder nails, press on, and nail wraps. The device works fast and efficiently with any of these nail arts and polish.
  • Auto-start. This feature is activated by inserting your hand or foot in. The device smart sensor detects the motion and turns on right away. Without pressing any time setting buttons, the lamp sets the curing time to 99 seconds. It also turns off once you release your hand or foot. It’s a smart device that is absolutely convenient to use anywhere.
  • Durable and Long-lasting. The device can last for 50,000 hours, which is equal to more than 5 years of continuous use. This durable and smart device could be an ideal investment that is useful now and in the future. It’s really worth the money.
  • Heat Dissipation Vents. These outlets protect the device from overheating.

This innovative dryer lamp can fit all 5 fingernails or toenails perfectly. So, you can expect them to dry up almost instantly using any gels.

The magnetic and detachable base of the lamp is actually designed when used for toenails.

Another stunning ability of the 405nm Infrared LED beads is to whiten the skin while drying the nails. The chamber is significantly designed so that the device LED light power will be efficiently used and won’t be wasted anytime during use.

The lamp doesn’t cause any problem or eye irritation. It is ultimately safe to use.


  • 3 timer options (10s,30s,60s) and 1 auto-mode timer setting(99s)
  • Universal use; works on all nail gels and polish types
  • 36 piece LED at 54 watts for fast drying


  • Limited to drying one hand/foot at a time

LUXEUP UV LED Nail Lamp Review​ Verdict:

LuxeUp UV LED nail lamp is ergonomically designed with 3 timer options and 1 99 second auto-mode curing time. It is equipped with 36 light beads at 54 watts of power. It cures all kinds of nail arts and polish.

OUTTOP UV LED Nail Lamp Review

About The Brand

OUTTOP is a highly respected brand devoted to improving its products based on technological advancement and achieve standard quality beauty products. The company aims to offer the best products and services at your fingertips.

Product Description

OUTTOP takes pride in offering this UV LED nail lamp/dryer for nail art lovers. The device consists of 18 pieces of strategically placed LEDs. It measures 210 x 120 x 80 mm with a maximum power consumption of 36 watts. The rated input is 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 1A.


This portable mini LED nail curing lamp features the following:

  • 3 Timer Settings. That includes 30 and 60 seconds timer options, and 99 seconds automatic timing with infrared sensing. The smart timer also closes automatically. For example, you may need 30 seconds for gel polish and 99 seconds for curing builders and hard gels. While curing in this mode, the light energy is being stimulated to enhance skin protection from any tingling sensation.
  • All-in-one-dryer. Professional and suitable to curing almost all nail gels including LED gel, UV gels, hard gels, builder, sculpture gel, gem glue, base coat, top coat, color gels, and acrylic. The combined design of UV and LED makes it possible. No need to be concerned about the brand.
  • Auto-Start. The device is activated by a sensor which makes it easy for new users to operate since you don’t really have to push any button to start it.
  • Safer Lights. These led lights are safe to use since their color is softer than the common purple lights. The safety and the protection this lamp gives your nails, skin, and eyes make your manicure or pedicure experience unforgettable.
  • Fast and Comfortable. Offers you a quick manicure and pedicure. It consumes less energy, so it is very efficient to use but also dries fast. You can save time and power at the same time.
  • Heat Vents. These tiny holes are designed to have a heat exhaust system and that to cool the device even when used for quite a long time, which keeps the machine from overheating and to maintain its efficiency.

How to Use

The device battery is not rechargeable, so it has to be plugged into a power source if you need to use it. Connect to the power cord.

Select the time you want depending on the gel polish type you have. Each kind of polish and gel has their own requirements.

After you apply your desired nail color and style, just place your hand in and the lights turn on. Wait until the timer counter is finished. Withdraw your hand and the lights turn off.


  • Multifunctional dryer
  • Adjustable in 2-timer settings, and 1 auto-sensing mode
  • Comfortable and safe


  • Limited to one hand at a time
  • No LCD display for the timer.

OUTTOP UV LED Nail Lamp Review​ Verdict:

OUTTOP UVLED Nail Lamp is a professional dryer for home and salon use. It has 18 LEDs and with the power of 36 watts. No worries about curing since the lamp is applicable to almost all kinds of nail polish products you desire.

CARTTIYA UV LED Nail Lamp Review

Product Description

Carttiya nail dryer/lamp is an attractive and fashionable device for hand and foot nail art.

The device is equipped with 12 UV LED light beads consuming only 12 watts of power and the output of 100-240 V 50/ 60 Hz 5 V/ 2 A. The dryer measures 222.5 x 156.5 x 79.5 mm, enough to fit a foot or a hand. It works on any kinds of gels such as UV, LED, and builder gels.


The following Carttiya features are evidence of its efficiency.

  • LCD Display Screen. This big digital screen shows the timer setting after clicking any of the three buttons you choose.
  • Portability and Durability. This magnetic body of the device is a friendly design that makes assembling easy. You can take it anywhere you desire. There’s no worry about charging since the device USB port is so flexible to be powered on by a computer, a power bank, a car charger or any power source of 5V/2A. The bottom protector film takes care of the base. The device is also sturdy that it can stay for 50,000 hours, which equals to 5 years of use.
  • Intelligent Infrared Induction. With a smart sensor that automatically lights on if the hand/foot is placed in and lights off if the hand/foot is out.
  • 12 UV LED lights. Introducing 12 well-organized dual source UV LED light beads. The bulbs are skin-safe and cause no serious and blackening effects. The systematic arrangement of the LEDs makes the gel polish curing fast.​

How to Use

Before using, always remember if the kind of device you have is compatible to your nail polish.

It’s good news that Carttiya LED light (365+410 nm) is very suitable to cure UV, LED, and builder gels.

To start, press the timer button twice.

The timer buttons are 30, 60, and 90 seconds. It has a smart sensor that detects your hand or foot to turn on. Also, it shuts automatically once you take your hand or foot out.

You might be amazed to know that Carttiya dryer is not hazardous to skin, eyes, and skin. It won’t cause any hurt or blackening of your complexion. The lamp dimension is sufficient enough for a hand or foot curing.

It’s easy to charge the device since it appears to be compatible charging with a power bank, car charger, or laptop.

Just a little precaution

The LEDs are quite sensitive when cleaning with acidic chemicals because they could damage the lights and might not work well anymore.


  • With Auto-Smart Sensor
  • Magnetic design
  • Easy to assemble and charge


  • Limited to be used with gels only

CARTTIYA UV LED Nail Lamp Review​ Verdict:

Carttiya UV LED Nail Lamp is a good gift for your fingernails. It is ideal for all kinds of gel polish. It has 12 light beads and consumes only 12 watts of your electric power. It’s an energy saver.

Introduction to UV LED Techonology

Before we talk about each UV LED nail lamp, let’s talk about the differences and similarities of UV and LED nail dryers first.

Ultraviolet or UV light is present in a wide band of UV wavelength which we call spectrum which operates between 100 and 400 nanometers. Because UV lamps give off broader wavelengths, that results in longer curing time. Most gel polishes are cured by UV.

On the other hand, the light-emitting diodes or LEDs operate on a narrower band of 400 to 410 nanometers and make the gel cure faster. LED lamps only cure LED specific gel brands and more expensive, but lasts longer than UV.

And here is the most significant difference:

You can use a UV lamp with a LED polish, but you cannot use a LED lamp with UV polish.

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In other words, we can use the UV nail lamp with a variety of nail gels and polishes while LED is limited, but with more other advantages.

So, with the advancement in technology, brands and nail art enthusiasts decided to make use of the positive properties of these two materials.

Nail Lamps Buyers Guide Summary

Start choosing the best UV LED nail lamp for you. Don’t wait until these things are real for you.

Show your creative manicure ideas and make them happen using any of these UV LED nail lamps.

OUTTOP is a good choice with 18 LED beads giving you 36 watts power. It is suitable for whole hand or foot curing. It also protects the skin, nails, and eyes, so it’s really safe.

Carttiya UVLED has an auto-mode smart sensor and 3 timer settings you have as options. It has 12 light beads and with a power-saving energy consumption of only 12 watts. It preserves the eyes and skin without causing harm and blackening. It has a flexible charging selection, too.

Cure your nails with SUNUV UV LED. It has 33 high quality 48-watt light beams for faster drying. The lamp has 4 timer settings and auto-sensing for easy operation.

LuxeUp is your all in one dryer curing lamp which gives you twice faster solution than other brands because it has 36 UV LED beads and 54 watts power. The ergonomic design for the timer setting makes it easy and convenient to use.

MINGER UV LED Nail Lamp consists of 24 pieces 48-watt light beads. The device fits two hands or feet which makes curing fast. You can wear the UV shield gloves as protection. This automatic light sensor is useful for any gels and regular polish 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and low heat mode timers.

What makes Carttiya stands out is the flexible charging options and the least power consumption. It has the best wattage for LED nail lamp. It’s a real energy saver.

When it comes to flexibility, I recommend SUNUV, the best UV nail lamp with 4 timer options which are very helpful to your operation and nail polish requirements.

If you value convenience and speed, MINGER is the best UV LED nail lamp for you since you can use both hands or feet with this spacious device.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and check the price of your favorite item. Have a refreshing manicure anytime, anywhere!

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