What is the Best Time to Do Sports?

Believe it or not, the time for physical activity varies according to the goals you want to achieve.

If you are looking for performance, there is no significant variation, just like for aerobic endurance, the time of day does not matter.

While for training, to achieve very high-intensity endurance and short duration. In flexibility, speed, strength and especially in power, you perform better in the evenings (18.00 hours) and at dusk because you reach a higher body temperature, which improves muscle performance and decreases the risk of injury.

If the objective is body composition:

  • To increase your muscle mass: train especially at first thing (before noon), or late in the afternoon for hormonal reasons.
  • To lose fat: it is better in the afternoon as the metabolism begins to decrease, and we manage to accelerate it. At 18.00 hours more calories are burned after training than in the morning.
  • Concerning the ambient temperature, when it gets colder, first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon, more calories can be burned.
Morning exercise

Advantages and disadvantages:

Training first thing in the morning: 

Forces you to go to bed earlier. It is harder to skip a workout because of unforeseen events, and it activates you for the rest of the day. And, above all, it generates more regularity.

Disadvantages: You need a more extended and progressive warm-up.

Train in the afternoon: 

If you work in the mornings and have no family occupations in the afternoons is the ideal time. You have more strength, and it is not easy to injure yourself. You are more awake and release the stress accumulated during the day.

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